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Once there was a king on zee world, Thursday 19th January 2022

Once there was a king Thursday 19 January 2022  update: A veiled maid helps Sulakshna gets ready with her makeup and jewelry. Sulakshna gives her the keys of Gayatri’s room and asks her to keep it protected. She asks if she must put on some fragrance on her hair. She smokes the hair, and in that smoke she removes the veil. She was Raaj Mata, Yashoda replaces Raaj mata. Raaj Mata takes the keys along. Yashoda tells Sulakshna that Raaj Mata called her to the store for jewelry. Sulakshna cheers and hurries to the store. Raaj Mata says that the store is a bit conjested but there are coins for her. Sulakshna goes to see them, Raaj Mata locks her inside. She goes towards the door when Gayatri calls what hurry is she in. Sulakshna is shocked to see Gayatri there. Gayatri asks her to fulfil the duty of a Sotan.

Swarna says to Cheetah that he must not forget what she had told him, she dislikes wild animals. He must remain here as a pet. Cheetah says he will do for her, what she won’t even ask. Swarna throws his beddings for him and tells him to sleep aside.

Sulakshna asks Gayatri how she got out. Gayatri asks why there is sweat on her face, she shows her the ventilator. She says smoke will soon come from there. She says she is the Rani of Amirkot and might know that her face can’t bear smoke and heat. Raaj Mata and Yashoda brings hot boiled water container to create smoke in the room. Sulakshna says to Gayatri that she needs to leave. Gayatri holds her hand saying they must sit together for a while. Sulakshna was worried.

Cheetah corrects Swarna’s blanket, she turns to lay on his hand. He thinks this proud suits her face like a princess. She wakes up asking what he think, he would take advantage if she has fallen asleep. Cheetah says if he had to take this advantage, she won’t be able to sleep for a lifetime. He says that infact, Swarna was taking his name. Swarna says this is impossible. Cheetah says if he had a tape recorder, he could have recorded it for her. Swarna tells him to leave the room as it is morning already. Cheetah says he will meet her at night. Swarna says he knows what will happen at night. He leaves the room. Yashoda comes there, and finds Laksh sleeping on the couch outside. She wonders who left Swarna’s room if Laksh is here

Gayatri struggles with Sulakshna who tries to run outside. Gayatri says she had promised her that she will unveil herself. She grabs the mask on her face which comes in her hand. Jhumki runs away from the store crossing Raaj mata and Yashoda. Gayatri says they have got the mask they wanted. Gayatri says they have got the mask they wanted, now Rana ji must listen to them.

Raaj Mata and Gayatri come to Rana ji. Raaj Mata asks where he was all night long. Rana ji says he had gone out, but asks how Gayatri came out. Gayatri says she has brought the proof of her truthfulness. She says she took the mask off Sulakshna’s face, Sulakshna has died already. Rana ji says if Sulakshna has died who is standing behind her. Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa smiled at them. Sulakshna remembered Bari Rani maa standing with another mask which she wore.

Gayatri shouts and insists this isn’t Sulakshna. Rana ji holds her back. Raaj Mata says she trusts Gayatri. Bari Rani maa says that Raaj Mata loved Sulakshna, why this hatred then. Gayatri insists this isn’t Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa killed Sulakshna herself. Bari Rani maa says they can’t belief a mad person, they must call a doctor. Rana ji asks Gayatri to take control of herself. A maid announces that doctor has come, the doctors take Gayatri. Rana ji also leaves the room. Bari Rani maa and Sulakshna smiles.

Gayatri insists the nurses why they have held her here. Everyone come to the room. The doctor says that her mental condition her worsened, they have no other option but to give electric shocks to her. Rana ji is shocked. Gayatri insists, and struggles against them. Bari Rani maa says that sometimes one has to take difficult decisions in life, he must not lose faith, everything will get better. Raaj mata says she can get upset and may lose her life. Rana ji says she is already upset. Gayatri is shocked to hear this. Rana ji says to doctor they must do anything to get Gayatri well. Gayatri calls Rana ji as doctors prepare for the shock. Raaj Mata says if he can’t see Rani is pain why she is giving her this much pain. Rana ji says he is responsible for this pain, had she not brought her out of the room, this wouldn’t have happened. Raaj Mata says what if he has to regret what he is doing. Rana ji asks if he should accept Bari Rani maa is his enemy.

Gayatri takes hold of a knife, Rana ji asks to hold herself but Gayatri says she had already told him she isn’t mad. She says there is no time left now, she goes to drag Sulakshna. She says that she will bring her true face to everyone now. Rana ji says what she is doing isn’t right. Gayatri says he left her with no choice. She asks Rana ji if he believes his eyes, now he should see what truth it. She point the knife at Sulakshna’s face and make a mark. Sulakshna fell on the ground, Rana ji asks if she has gone crazy. Rana ji picks Sulakshna up, she had kept a hand on her face. He asks her to show it to him and is shocked to see the cut on wax mask. Everyone else is shocked too. Rana ji asks what is this, he picks the knife and says it doesn’t has blood on it. He grabs the mask off Jhumki’s face.Rana ji removes the mask off Jhumki’s face. Everyone is shocked. He holds her neck and asks who she is. Gayatri goes to losen his grip saying she will die. Rana ji says he won’t lose her, she played with his emotions about Sulakshna. Gayatri asks him to lose her, she is just a card in the game, and answers are not asked by the players but captains. Jhumki cries and says she is a drama girl, no one sent her here. She had heard that he loved his first wife, she came here to take an advantage of this. She cries that she had got blinded in the love of money. Gayatri says she is lying. Raaj Mata says a drama girl can’t do such a big planning, someone is behind it. Bari Rani maa asks her to admit she wants to call her the betrayer. Raaj Mata asks Bari Rani maa to stop it, she was about to get Gayatri electric shocks, she could have died. Bari Rani maa asks why she wants her to prove her an enemy of Gayatri and Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says she can also accuse Raaj Mata that she gave false medicines to Gayatri. She accepts that she was wrong and thought of this drama girl as Sulakshna and brought her here. She questions Rana ji, if he accepted her as Sulakshna only on her words. She says if he can be betrayed, can’t she be betrayed at all. Cheetah heard this all, he thinks there is always a drama in this palace.

Gayatri says she found the veil in her room, they had not told anyone about the blast. How she knew about it then. Rana ji takes Jumki to the hall, throws her on the floor and gets a gun pointing at her. Everyone gather there. Jhumki cries no. Rana ji says if this woman can’t tell him the truth, its better she dies. Jhumki cries and asks Bari Rani maa to save her. Bari Rani maa says a lot of accusations came on her because of Jhumki, she won’t save her. Jhumki asks Kunwar ji who says he would have killed her by himself. Gayatri pleads Rana ji not to kill her. Rana ji says he won’t kill her, but he will give her so much pain that she will tell the truth. Jumki agrees to tell him and says his own Bari Rani maa brought her to the palace. Rana ji looks at Gayatri. Jhumki says Bari Rani maa put her in greed of money, made the mask of Sulakshna, taught her the ways of Sulakshna. Gayatri isn’t mad, she was saying the truth. This all is the planning of Bari rani maa. Rana ji asks Bari Rani maa? Bari Rani maa claps, she says wow Rana ji. She begins crying, saying this is what he is paying of her motherhood and love. He doubted her on the words of a dancer only. Had she taken the name of his mother, he would have killed her by now. But on her name, he didn’t feel anger because she is a step grandmother not the real. Gayatri joins hands at her that her game has ended now. Bari Rani maa says if Rana ji suspects her loyalty, she will prove her loyalty to him. She cries loud and goes out of the palace, smiling.

She goes out with the oil can, crying loud. She empties the oil can on herself. Rana ji runs out. Bari Rani maa says her death would be the proof that she only wanted love from her family and she couldn’t even get that. Rana ji and Gayatri are shocked watching Bari Rani maa. Kunwar ji and Kokilla are shocked. Bari Raani maa lighst a matchstick and throws it on the ground, she gets into fire. Rana ji and everyone run there and asks for water. Rana ji tries to put the fire off with his coat. Bari Rani maa cries. Gayatri goes to help Rana ji but Raaj Mata stops her. Rana ji puts the fire off. He calls for the doctor and holds Bari rani maa in his arms to the palace.

The doctors put on oxygen mask on Bari Rani maa. Gayatri looks at Rana ji who stood upset. The doctor says the bruises aren’t deep. Kokilla is happy. The doctor says it will take time to recover in such an age. Rana ji goes to keep a hand on Bari Rani maa’s head, and caresses her. Gayatri keeps a hand on his shoulder.

Jhumki pleads the guards to leave her, she is innocent. Rana ji and Gayatri goes to her. Rana ji stops the guards and tells them to lock Jhumki in the dark jail, she will spend the rest of her life there. Jhumki says that the real culprit is Bari Rani maa. Rana ji says Bari Rani maa is a devi who just testified herself. Jhumki says she is doing a drama. Rana ji stops her at once and tells them to take her from here. The doctor comes there and says Bari Rani maa won’t be able to walk for few days because of burning her feet.

Gayatri comes to Bari Rani maa’s room who was speaking in her sleep. She removes the mask, keeps a hand on her head and asks if she is fine. Bari Rani maa opens her eyes wide and clutches Gayatri’s neck.

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