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Once there was a king on zee world, Sunday 26th December 2021

Once there was a king Sunday 26 December 2021 update: Kokilla blows the aarti candle herself, then creates an issue that this isn’t good omen. Raaj Mata says it isnt a bad omen, it was just a blow of wind. She asks her to light a candle again. Laksh’s wife lights it again. Raaj Mata asks Kokilla to do the aarti and distribute the sweet and be careful that there is no bad omen again.
Laksh’s wife says to Gayatri that no one must have offered her water. Gayatri laughs. She forbids her saying it is against the traditions of royal palace’s life. They both laugh then. She asks Gayatri to come to her whenever she needs a friend. Gayatri asks for Kunwar Laksh saying she didn’t meet him, she replies that she herself didn’t meet her husband till now.
Pandit ji was worried and says to Raaj Mata that on the day of engagement there was a bad omen. Raaj Mata asks him either to find a solution or keep quiet. She then comes to Gayatri and tells Laksh’s wife to teach Gayatri all the rules and traditions of royal palace as they seem to be good friends.
Seth ji takes a leave, Raaj Mata asks why he didn’t eat something. Seth ji says that according to their traditions they can’t even drink water from daughter’s house. Rana ji comes drunk over there, he says to Seth ji that everything here is his, isnt it. He says that even he (Rana ji) is also his. Raaj Mata takes Seth ji inside to talk about marriage and stares at Rana ji.
Gayatri thinks that since no one is around she must go out as Rana ji wanted to say something to her. Outside the palace, the killer was breaking the leg of a statue on the roof to drop it on Rana ji. Rana ji asks Gayatri why she lied to him. Gayatri says she was afraid. Rana ji tells her that this marriage will take place but…. Gayatri watches the statue coming down and pulls the sleeve of Gayatri. Both roll on each other but the statue breaks behind them. Rana ji is hurt at forehead, Gayatri tries to touch it but he jerks her hand curtly.
Everyone comes out, Kokilla asks who broke the statue, then stares at Kunwar and gets her reply. She qualifies that they must take care of the palace. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji if he is alright. Gayatri is worried why Rana ji held her hand so firmly, is he angry at her for that little lie. Raaj Mata apologizes Seth ji for all what has happened, she asks them to forgive everything that happened today and announces that tomorrow there will be Haldi of Gayatri at Govind Seth’s house. Gayatri keeps on looking at Rana ji who didn’t look at her. Kunwar curtly looks into the direction of statue on the roof. Rana ji tells everyone to go inside, he will just come in. Rana ji moves behind to look at the statue, he thinks there is someome who threw this statue down.
Kunwar ji says to the killer that he has broken promise with him, he asks if he himself will do the honours or shall he. The killer takes the knife and cuts his finger himself. Kunwar tells him to plan something else tomorrow else cutting of neck if more painful than cutting the finger. Kokilla who shut closed eye asks Kunwar if it is done. He says she must come here now, she says that couldn’t he get it done without the spill of the blood. She tells Kunwar that she will now do something about stopping the wedding. Kunwar asks how will she do this? She says she will do it with bad omen plan. Kunwar ji says that if something could happen with good or bad omen he must be there on the seat of Rana ji. Kunwar leaves but Kokilla says that the politics of men and women differ.There was celebration, Kokilla says that as she will mix this acid in the haldi Gayatri will have such a burning that she will forget Rana ji. Raaj Mata goes to put on Haldi to Gayatri.
Kunwar ji prepares for a deep dug hole in ground where one of his men fell down and die. He orders his men to cover it.
The guests arrive at Seth ji’s house.
Kunwar comes to the place where Rana ji’s pooja was going on. He awaits the killer to attempt the murder. Rana ji gives the royal jewellery to the princess to be of Amarkot. She announces that the dress has been designed by the special designer and is only 1 lac 25 thousand.
Pandit ji tells Rana ji about a ritual that the groom has to get annoyed and the family members come to make him up. Rana ji leaves.
In the function, Kokilla thinks that Gayatri will burn herself completely once she puts on this haldi.
Rana ji moves towards the depth of the stream, Kunwar Laksh and Kunwar follows him and awaits his step on the hole.
As Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri to put haldi on her Kokilla awaits the drama to be played. Raaj Mata takes haldi on her hand and wonders why her hand is burning. Kokilla asks Raaj Mata why she stopped?
People calls Rana ji to stop and don’t move forward. Laksh stops him but Kunwar tells him not to stop. Rana ji moves towards the hole.
Raaj Mata says that Raaj Mata wants Kokilla to put on haldi to Gayatri first.
Rana ji still moves towards the hole. Suddenly Kunwar Laksh steps on the hole and shouts, Rana ji and Kunwar holds him back.
Raaj Mata asks Kokilla to put on the turmeric. Kokilla says that she didn’t get it what she said. Bhabi’s repeats Raaj Mata’s words. Kokilla is unconfident and her hands shiver as she holds the turmeric bowl.
Rana ji helps Kunwar Laksh out of the hole.
Kokilla drops the bowl of turmeric and shouts in pain as it had fell on her feet and burnt it. Everyone was worried, Raaj mata asks why such shouts?
Rana ji asks Kunwar why is he so worried, what is there in the hole they must also see. As the men removes the cover, there were sharp arms under it. Rana ji says to Kunwar that he has failed again. Kunwar asks what does he mean? Rana ji says that his protection is also a responsibility of Kunwar, he has failed again. Seth ji says this is God’s blessings that he is saved, he says that firstly the bomb, then the statue and now this hole; who can be involved in all this. Rana ji moves and calls Kunwar Chandarwadhan… what he thinks about it. Kunwar ji says may be British are after him, Rana ji says that he will soon pay for all what he has done by losing his own life. The guards get hold of Kunwar’s allotted killer. Rana ji tells them that he told the guards to keep an eye on everyone, the guard tells Rana ji that only he was a new man in the palace, he accepts that he planned it all yesterday but didn’t reveal the name.



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