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Once there was a king on zee world, Monday 17th January 2022

Once there was a king Monday 17 January 2022  update: Sulakshna asks Gayatri to dance. Rana ji says Gayatri is their respect, if she wants her to dance in public. Bari Raani maa sides Rana ji. Sulakshna says Gayatri doesn’t belong to Raaj family. Rana ji asks if she has losted also along with losing her memory. Sulakshna says he has got lost somewhere, she had heard the stories of their love but she has to fight for her right of a wife here. If he has to do this all, he must send her back and live with this other lady. Gayatri goes to dance, and begins the song. Rana ji angrily takes the seat, Sulakshna also sits with him. Rana ji was so enraged he clutched his fist.

Raaj Mata called someone to open the door. Yashoda came looking for Raaj Mata, thinking there is going to be a disaster here. She picks up a pearl that Raaj Mata threw, Raaj Mata calls from inside. Yashoda says it is locked, Raaj Mata asks her to break the lock. Yashoda assures to open.

Gayatri performed, Sulakshna enjoyed. Rana ji was angry.

Yashoda breaks open the lock, Raaj Mata asks what happened in the party. Yashoda says everything ended. Rana ji heads towards Gayatri, she danced around him. He holds her when she drops herself in front of him at the end. Sulakshna disliked it. Rana ji holds Gayatri to stand, he takes her to Sulakshna and says the love stories she had heard were with some other Sulakshna, she isn’t that Sulakshna. That Sulakshna used to ache watching someone else’s pain. Bari Raani maa tells Rana ji not to speak about family matters in front of others. Rana ji says Sulakshna started it all, it will end in front of other. Rana ji says that a call girl and a Jogan both dance, but Jogan dances to change the gatherings to temples. Everyone witnessed this here. He says lets go, Rani Gayatri Devi, nods at her and takes her inside.

In the room, Rana ji says to Gayatri that this is why he didn’t want her to be a maid of Sulakshna. This isn’t the Sulakshna he knew. Gayatri says she doesn’t know both Sulakshna, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, what your owns do. Sulakshna comes there clapping, she says she is spreading hatred for her in Rana ji’s heart. Rana ji tells Sulakshna to stop it. Gayatri tells Rana ji to let her speak. Gayatri asks what she didn’t fulfil, she abide by all her orders. Sulakshna says none of her wish was fulfilled still. Gayatri says the problem is in her wishes. She says she considered her as first wife of Rana ji, but she only considered her Sotan. She says to Sulakshna that if she carries fire in her chest, she will burn. Sulakhsna asks if she is backing up from her promise, Gayatri says she is Seth Govind’s daughter, never turns from her promises. Rana ji can take his promises himself. Gayatri leaves. Sulakshna says a Raja promised her, she hopes a husband doesn’t break them, she will wait for him right at ten.

In the room, Sulakshna gets all the preperations done by Gayatri, she tells her to spread the flowers on bed. Give her a massage and open her hair. She tells Gayatri that she will do the breakfast late tomorrow. Rana ji comes inside. Gayatri leaves asking if this is his decision. Rana ji angrily says this is his decision. Gayatri turns to say she had told him one heart must break tonight, she knows now whose heart it is. Rana ji shuts the door.

Rana ji turns around, outside Gayatri drops the flower plate and runs through the corridor. Rana ji shuts his eyes tight. Gayatri sits beside a wall and cry. Sulakshna says she knew that Rana ji can’t choose a simple girl leaving her alone. Rana ji goes to light candles, then get intimate with Sulakshna and says this is enough of her to fell in his eyes. She asks what he is saying. He jerks her hand away saying this isn’t love. Sulakshna asks what is it that isn’t there in her. Rana ji says Gayatri’s feeling isn’t leaving him even in a thousand nights. Sulakshna says Gayatri isn’t here even. He says a flowers aroma remains there in the air for a long time. She holds him saying she will get him tonight. Rana ji says he can’t disrespect a woman, but she left him with no choice. He drags Sulakshna out of the room, comes to Gayatri and hugs her.Rana ji comes out of the room and hugs Gayatri. Gayatri smiles. Sulakshna cries that he can’t do this to her, he loves her and she is his first love only. What is she? A low graded girl. Rana ji stops Sulakshna saying his wife’s disrespect is his disrespect. Raaj Mata comes there and asks what happened. Rana ji says he can’t suffer more, he tried to give Sulakshna her right but she isn’t that Sulakshna now, whom he loved. She has fallen to floor now. He says that she has changed so much that loving and respect her apart, he can’t even tolerate her. He has decided that there is no place for her in his life from today. Sulakshna asks how he can do this. Bari rani maa says to Rana ji that she did this all to him, he didn’t want to give him any pain. She must leave the palace now. Sulakshna asks where she will go. Bari Rani maa cries saying they will go where they came from. Rana ji stops the crying Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani maa cries apologizing Rana ji. Rana ji says it has only be his mistake. He says Amirkot has been an example in justice and today no injustice will be done, both will get what they want. He knows Sulakshna wants to be a Rani, and Gayatri wants to be wife. One needs throne and the other love. He has decided that Sulakshna will get the throne, while he will go in Gayatri’s share. Tomorrow morning, Rana Indravadhan and Gayatri will leave the palace forever. Everyone is shocked at this decision.

Rana ji comes to Gayatri in the room, he says he has got the tickets and they are going to Darjeling from tomorrow’s train. Raaj Mata and the ladies stood in white dresses behind them. Rana ji asks why they are wearing white clothes, they are worn when someone dies. Raaj Mata says if a Raja leaves the subjects it’s like a father has died in a house.

Jhumki taunts Bari Rani maa saying she bid huge about sending away Gayatri. Now she is going with Rana ji and will return with heir. Bari rani maa says she hasn’t lost yet, she will turn the game.

Raaj Mata apologizes Rana ji saying she made his life difficult. Rana ji says she isn’t to be blamed, he couldn’t have got a life partner like Gayatri otherwise. He says today he wants to give Gayatri every right of a wife, that isn’t possible here. Here, Gayatri will daily be reminded that she is a second wife. He says Amirkot has her, but Gayatri only has a husband. She must let her go with her husband.

Jhumki asks Bari Rani maa what plan she has now. Bari Rani maa says that she must now get used to wear white dress, uptil now she was playing his wife and now she must get used to be his widow. She says tomorrow is Diwali, a bomb blast must take place tomorrow.

At night, someone plants a bomb in Rana ji’s car.

The next morning, Gayatri says to Rana ji that today is Diwali, she won’t leave with him without lighting a candle in temple. They head towards temple, light the candle together. Rana ji smiles, both pray. Gayatri thinks about her promise with Rana ji that she had once made, that they will light a candle together on Diwali. She thinks that she fulfilled her promise but life has brought them at such a turn now. Raaj Mata comes and says that it is strange, on Diwali Raam and Seeta came back home and they are leaving home today. She says to Rana ji that he is doing right, he has a right to live his life. He says that a queen had deprived him of his rights, a mother is allowing him now. She tells him not to worry, she will take care of Amirkot, and he must go to fulfil responsibilities of a husband. She says that she brought him up as Raja, and bidding him as a son. She hugs Rana ji. Bari Rani maa comes behind thinking that Raaj Mata must prevent her tears till Rana ji’s dead body comes here and Bari rani maa rules the palace.

Swarna was in the car, Cheetah comes to the driving seat. Swarna asks about Kunwar ji and Kokilla. Cheetah says they left, and asked him to come with her else she won’t be able to get an heir.

While sitting in the car, Gayatri says to Rana ji that she hasn’t tell her parents that she is leaving forever. Rana ji says train will leave in ten minutes. Bari Rani maa says they will leave the world in only two minutes. Rana ji leaves. Gayatri says to Rana ji in the car that he took a wrong decision, if someone loses his place. Rana ji says she had wanted him to take a decision. Gayatri says she wanted him to decide between her and Sulakshna, not to leave the palace. Rana ji stops the car, and asks Gayatri to fight with him first. She says she isn’t fighting him and if he thinks so, he must ride in his car alone. She leaves the car. Rana ji comes behind her and holds her. He tells her softly, I love you. She is annoyed that he again spoke a bad word in English. He smiles, and says he loves her more than anything. she smiles now. He kiss her forehead. He says that he knows people will call him names for leaving Amirkot. Gayatri says she won’t leave them for this. Rana ji says he accepts anything for her love, no one can separate them, nor even death. Gayatri hugs him, and asks if he loves her. She asks him to take her back home. She says he is hers as much as he is to the subject of Amirkot. She asks him to go back home. They come towards the car hand in hand. The bomb was about to blast in a few seconds and it does.


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