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Once there was a king on zee world, Friday 24th December 2021

Once there was a king Friday 24 December 2021 update: Raja Mata is worried that if Rana ji doesn’t return and Seth Govind comes to know that he isnt ready for marriage, the palace will never be able to get rid of its debts. A servant announces that Seth Govind is here, Raaj Mata is worried what she will reply to him. Yashoda says those who are dared to be questioned have to answer. She isnt questionable. Raaj Mata and Yashoda come downstairs to meet Seth ji. Seth Govind comes and tells Raaj Mata that the date of marriage after five days has been fixed, they have come with shagun. He asks Raaj mata to call Rana ji downstairs, so that he can meet him and asks how he feels about the wedding. Kunwar and Kokilla hear this, Kokilla says this isnt right for them that this marriage happen so soon. Kunwar says those who runs fast have to fell down. Seth ji notices the worry on Raaj Mata’s face, he asks what happened. Yashoda tries to speak but Seth Govind says she must not interfere. Raaj Mata begins to say that Rana jis is… Rana ji calls that he is ready for the wedding. Raaj Mata gets happy while Kokilla and Kunwar are disturbed. Seth ji gives the shagun to him. Seth ji tells him that wedding will take place five days from now. Rana ji is lost, Seth ji asks if he has a problem with this date. Rana ji looks at Raaj Mata, then says he has no problem, people choose for their wedding dates but it seems this date chose him. His first marriage also took place on the same date. Seth ji offers to change the date. Rana ji says he has no problem with the date, when fate has planned so, one is liable. This relation is not between two people but two families. It has the advantage to both families. Seth ji notices his piercing stare at Raaj Mata.
At Seth Govind’s house, the photographer takes photos of Gayatri. Bhabis are curt that Raaj Mata sent a British photographer for Gayatri. The elder Bhabi says she also wants to get photographed. The younger one says curtly that only Gayatri is a princess. Gayatri poses for photos. Her friends arrive with their kids. They ask if she has become a princess, and asks how this all happened. Gayatri says she doesn’t know how it happened, but she knows he has accepted her from his heart. She wrote a letter, and in reply he sent Raaj Mata with the proposal. Gayatri’s friends say this is the real love story. They ask what Gayatri spoke to Rana ji about. Gayatri says she didn’t speak to him, he told her Bauji that he is ready to marry her. She says they had selected each other the day they looked at each other, and remembers the river bank’s incidence.
Rana ji was restless in his room with his drink. He looks at Surakshna’s photos on wall, thought about Raaj Mata’s warning that his refusal will punish the subjects of Amirkot. He throws the glass in his hand on the mirror and breaks it. There, Gayatri was happy.
Kokilla says to Kunwar ji that she is unable to believe that Rana ji is marrying. She thought Rana ji will never come out of Surakshna’s thoughts and will never have a heir. Kunwar tells Kokilla not to speak a lot about what is happening and what has to. Kokilla wishes that the blast he got done at Rana ji’s arrival must have killed Rana ji. Kunwar tells her to be silent about anything. He tells Kokilla that he himself was there, he would have died himself if that blast was done by him. Kokilla wonders who else the enemy of Rana ji is. Someone heard the conversation from outside the window.
Rana ji watched the photos remembering Surakshna. He says that people wants to remove her memories from this palace. They don’t know they can remove these photos off the walls but not his heart. He says that no other picture can reside in these eyes, when they are shut they watch you and when open they only wait for you Surakshna. He removes the photos off the walls. Outside the palace, he throws them all on the floor, then burns them. Raaj Mata runs out shouting what he is doing. Rana ji asks can’t she see he is killing his memories that she has murdered. He says today not only these photos and memories are being burnt, but a relation is also burning. She has burnt this relation of a mother and a son, from today he isn’t her son and for him she isnt a mother. She is only Raaj Mata and he is Rana ji here.Everyone discuss about the royal life. Bhabis are fearful if Gayatri will be able to learn the British traditional living style. Gayatri says that Rana ji likes her the way she is. Bhabis say that one has to change after marriage, and will have to make up too. Her friends say to Bhabis that nowadays such soaps are available in market that can turn a buffalo into cow. They say they will just get one for them and asks Gayatri to change.
Rana ji was practicing sword fight, Raaj Mata comes there. Rana ji stops, Raaj Mata asks why he stopped. Rana ji says one has to accept defeat when a mother is in front. Raaj Mata tells him that she took a few photos of his liability, if he watches them he will know her decision isnt that bad. Rana ji gives a jerk to the photos and say they are just pieces of paper and nothing else. She has done a trade of his heart. Raaj Mata shouts at Rana ji, he shouts back reminding that she is talking to Rana of Amirkot. He says in a trade only profit is seen, he doesn’t care which family this girl belongs to, she was desperate about wanting to become a princess. Raaj Mata holds the photo and says no one can stop her from becoming his princess now. Rana ji says he knows that his thought have no values in her heart, just like this photo in his heart. He tears Gayatri’s photo without seeing it and leaves.
Rana ji drives rashly and stops by a temple thinking about Surakshna’s words that she likes this temple and whenever he is restless he must go there. Inside the temple gayatri prayed with her friends and said that she wanted to thank God for fulfilling all her dreams. Outside the temple a guy gives Gayatri bangles as she is the princess to be. Gayatri says she will pay for them, as it isn’t suitable to take something from someone. She then heads to climb down the stairs backwards. Her friends forbids her but she says she owed for them. Rana ji was climbing the steps of temple as Gayatri came down, soon her foot slips and the colour in her thaatl gets into Rana ji’s eyes and face. She gets involved with her friends and doesn’t notice Rana ji there. Rana ji takes a tissue out of his coat and discovers a bangle. He thinks about Surakshna who said that when she isnt with him she leaves her memories with him so that he can never go away from her, he takes a promise from him on that. Rana ji presses the bangle and says that now he isnt liable anymore to even remember her as he couldn’t keep his promise. Rana ji and Gayatri comes across once again when Gayatri was about to slip, she holds the bangle. Both look into each other, Gayatri is shocked and thinks may be Rana ji came to meet her. Rana ji remembers that he had asked Gayatri who is she, and Kaka had said that she is his daughter. Rana ji asks Gayatri what she is doing here. Gayatri is confused, she says her father forbid her to go out of the house but her childhood friends insisted and she had to come. She asks what he is doing here? Rana ji says he doesn’t know when he reached here, these days he happens to be somewhere else and his mind is wandering somewhere else. Gayatri says this happens with her as well. Rana ji says that when there is a lot going on in mind, one can’t concentrate on anything. Gayatri says one can’t even share thoughts with others. Rana ji asks why not? Gayatri says she isnt that shameless. Rana ji turns to leave, they get stuck with the bangle. Gayatri says sorry about it. Rana ji tells her to keep it, he says he thinks that she is same as him and will take better care of it. Gayatri looks smilingly at him going upstairs. He turns back to look at her, then moves on.
At night, in the palace Yashoda guides the servants about the preparations of wedding. Raaj Mata comes to the hall. Yashoda informs her that all preparations have been done, everything is ready. Raaj Mata says all preparations have been done, but only one thing remains. According to traditons, one of the family members must welcome the guests. She asks about Kunwar ji.
Kunwar ji said to a man Dilawar that he called him here only because this time he wants to cut out the roots of all his problems and that problem is named as Rana Indravarshan. Dilawar says if he would want to, he might take his own life. Raaj Mata comes towards Kunwar’s room. Kunwar ji tells the man that if he is unable to take the life of Rana ji he will take his life. The man says he knows all the rules. Kunwar gives him the payment and says he would want the dress of servant of palace. Raaj Mata reaches the room.


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