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Once there was a king on zee world, Friday 14th January 2022

Once there was a king Friday 14th January 2022  update: At Seth ji’s place next morning, Gayatri wakes up and goes downstairsl looking for Rana ji. Rana ji enters the house, she goes to scold him why he left like that, he was angry and just left without caring for her. Rana ji shuts her up by keeping a finger on her mouth, he puts the bangle in her saying she is his wife.

 Gayatri jerks her hand away saying she didn’t need a gift. Rana ji says he hasn’t given her a gift but all her rights and in return he wants to apologize, he didn’t understand her. He always compared her with Surakshna but he has known her price now, she is precious. Gayatri says that when she united with him, a stone turned to diamond. Rana ji says he doesn’t know how much time he will take to love her as Surakshna was his first love, but he will try. He can’t forget the memories, but can create memories together, Gayatri. Gayatri holds his arm back and says he can take his time, Gayatri will wait for him. They both know what true love is. She hugs Rana ji, who hugs her back.

The lady in veil comes to hand a bundle of money to a grinder, he says what she wants will happen.

At the event, the elder Bhabi says that today Parvati Goddess pooja is done. Gayatri says Parvati is a symbol of strength, she is a symbol of truth and loyalty towards her husband. Maa says that she always stood with her husband Shiv to show him the right path. Bhabis say that today wives worn a Pagri to their husbands and there is a competition. Gayatri is reluctant but Rana ji agrees to go with everyone. On the stool, Gayatri is annoyed at Rana ji why he said yes for the competition, she doesn’t know how to put on a Pagri. She has never worn it herself. Rana ji says she never wear a Dhoti as well, but she helped him with it well. Gayatri is angry, Rana ji bucks her up as she was rough with him. Rana ji laughs. Seth ji wins the competition, Gayatri was still struggling with the Pagri. Everyone leaves, while some children takes round and entraps Gayatri and Rana ji in the Pagri cloth. Rana ji holds Gayatri, both smiling at each other.


The girls come to take Gayatri along them. Rana ji follows in the hall as Gayatri perform on a song. Bhabis watch her dance curtly. Rana ji shuts his eyes and watches Gayatri appearing from behind the curtain. Gayatri danced with him. The veiled lady was still in the crowd. Both save a candle from going out together.

Rana ji says to Gayatri that he had taken his vows at the time of their wedding. He says that this isn’t a story in which those vows and promises will be left unfulfilled. Gayatri cheers. Rana ji takes a promise that this Karwachot will begin a new era in their lives, he will stay true to this promise Gayatri.

The veiled lady watch the moon with a sieve in the forest. The grinder come and says that this will be Gayatri’s last Karwachot as she wished. The veiled lady burns the sieve with a candle.

At the palace, Raaj Mata asks Kokilla to call Swarnlekha for aarti. Kokilla says Swarna was unwell and was missing her parents so they sent her home. Raaj Mata asks they did it without her permission. Kunwar ji says she is their daughter in law before, they took the decision for her. Raaj Mata asks if they are saying that she doesn’t know about the absence of a member of their family. Kunwar ji says their daughter in law is no important person in her royal government. Kokilla stops the argument and says that they must celebrate it with unity. They complete the aarti.

The next morning, Gayatri comes downstairs in palace. Raaj Mata apologizes Gayatri that she never kept a Karwachot and Swarna is also celebrating in her parent’s house so she forgot to get the Sargi ready. Gayatri says she had already asked the servant for it. They go to dining table and finds Rana ji preparing for Sargi. Gayatri is shocked. Rana ji says to Gayatri that she might have forgotten to remind her mother in law, but he didn’t forget to ask about if from his mother in law. It is her first karwachot, he wants it to be the best. Kokilla envies Gayatri, Kunwar ji was curt. Gayatri says to Rana ji that she will eat by himself, he takes her order and takes the seat.

Rana ji was in corridor, Gayatri comes there and asks to talk to him. He asks her to come inside the room. Gayatri was angry, she complains how anyone can touch her things in the palace, she never bear it in her parent’s house even. Rana ji kneels down. Gayatri asks what he is doing. He says he is the culprit, she can give her any punishment. He says that he had made a promise with her, from today everything that is his is hers too. He shows her the decorated dressing table, and says this room will also be shared. Gayatri holds the stick from his hand and prevents it from standing, she says he has to get punished for not telling her before about it, so he must stay out of the room until she decorates it according to herself. Rana ji takes the order and goes out, Gayatri shuts the door but both smile at each other. Rana ji leaves. The veiled lady was standing there nearby.

Laksh opens the trunck, Swarna gets up. He says that he has got her meal, and shouts at her to eat. She denies. He says he had forgotten, how she can eat today as she is fasting for his long life today. He says she is so great, after so much she has remembered this day. He must first get her fast broken and goes to get water. He pours water in the glass when Swarna knocks his head with a stick. She cries and runs out of the room.

Gayatri decorates the room, Rana ji knocks at the door and asks if he can come inside now. Gayatri calls him in and asks how their room looks. Rana ji says she has changed everything, where he will find his things. Gayatri says he has shared the room with her, she will get him whatever he wants, not from the room only but for anything in life. She forbids him from sitting on the left side of the bed, she says that since childhood she can’t sleep until she watches moon from window. Rana ji says she just promised him anything in life, he wants to sit on the left side. Gayatri struggles with Rana ji, Rana ji drags her on the bed and says alright, she can watch the moon from window and he will only watch her. Gayatri leaves saying he can see the moon only when she has prayed the moon of Karwachot.

Swarna was in the corridor afraid that if Kunwar ji or Kokilla watch her here, she won’t be able to run. She cries for help. Raaj Mata was standing on the other side of corridor instructing her servants to set the henna and bangles, she doesn’t want anything less in Gayatri’s Karwachot. Swarna runs towards her, but Laksh drags her inside shutting her mouth. Raaj Mata wonders Swarna’s voice was this, but the servants say she is in her parent’s house. Raaj Mata says she must just be suspecting about it. Laksh ties and locks Swarna again in the trunk.

Gayatri got the henna done, Kokilla chose the bangles. Gayatri asks for red, glass bangles. Kokilla says that Gayatri must have forgotten that she isn’t a daughter of a businessman but a Rani now.

Cheap bangles doesn’t suit a Rani. Gayatri says a wife doesn’t decorate herself with diamonds or expensive jewelry but the love her their husband. Raaj Mata and Rana ji also heard this. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that she liked that Rana ji cared about Gayatri’s first Karwachot here. She wants him to give some gift to her as well, before moon sighting because that is a must for Karwachot.

Gayatri sat in her room being irritated by her hair. Rana ji comes to sit beside her, she points at him and he tucks her hair behind her ear. He says there is another ritual in Karwachot, about giving a gift. What she wants now. Gayatri says if she can fast for him, can’t he select a gift for her. She heads towards the wardrobe, he opens it and takes all the sarees out for her to choose. He says that before the moon sighting if she wants anything, he can get her in time. He gets Gayatri that she wants him to know about what is in her heart, then get this to her as well. She says yes. He calls her stubborn. She asks him to think about something, and poses not to car while smiling.

Gayatri set her thaal. Kokilla asks when will the moon sight. Rana ji gets her a laddoo and tells her to eat without telling anyone. Gayatri says she has fast for his long life, it will be a sin to eat something between and leaves. She run through the corridor but Rana ji comes from the front and stops her way. He touches her cheek, she wonders something is there. He brings about rose for her. Gayatri takes them but throw them away angrily. He let go of some fireflies from his hand, she smiles with them but is angry with Rana ji again.

Rana ji comes to her, he says that flowers wilt. He wanted to give her a feeling, it will remain with her always. He knocks Gayatri on the wall, holds her getting intimate with each other. The veiled lady watched this.

Rana ji and Gayatri share some intimate moments together. Rana ji kisses Gayatri’s forehead. Rana ji asks why tears in Gayatri’s eyes, Gayatri says these are the tears of happiness. Someone announces that moon has been sighted, Gayatri runs towards the roof. Rana ji follows her.

All the couples pray, Gayatri comes to pick up her thaal. Rana ji stops her, he says that before she watches her moon he wants to give her something, that isn’t a gift but a right. She isn’t just the Rani of Amirkot but his wife too, from today there will be no one between her and her right, not even he himself. He takes the sindoor and puts it in Gayatri’s head. Raaj Mata watches this happily. Gayatri smiles happily. Raaj Mata lovingly see the couple. Rana ji wipes Gayatri’s tear. Gayatri turns and prays through the sieve. She thinks that she only wants to be his bride till she dies, every year she keeps the fast and he breaks it like this. She looks at the laughing Rana ji through the sieve and complete the ritual. He holds the water pot and was about to drink from it, Gayatri gets upset. Both Raaj mata and Rana ji smiles, he was about to make Gayatri drink from the pot when Bari Rani Maa calls him from the door. They all turn to face her. Kokilla and Kunwar ji are happy to see her. Gayatri and Rana ji awaits a lady arriving from the dark, they are shocked to see Sulakshna coming towards them.

Rana ji drops the water pot, thinking about Sulakshna, her death. Gayatri drops the thaal of Pooja. Sulakshna comes inside crossing Bari Raani Maa. Rana ji goes towards her in shock, looks at her from top to bottom disbelievingly and calls Sulakshna. He says she isn’t Sulakshna, she had… Kunwar ji calls that this is Sulakshna, his wife. Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, she has died. Raaj Mata seconds Rana ji, she says that this girl can’t be Sulakshna. Rana ji himself had seen her fell into the depth, Bari Raani maa says he saw her fell down, not dying and asks Rana ji if he had seen her deadbody and had he found her body. How he can believe that she is dead, if he has to believe he must believe his love. Raaj Mata asks if Sulakshna was alive where she was, and why she returned today when Rana ji gave Gayatri all the rights. Bari Raani maa says that Sulakshna has lost her memory. Raaj Mata says that the truth is being hidden beautifully behind the curtain of silence. Bari Raani maa asks if Raaj Mata suspects her to bring anyone, any stranger to the palace. Raaj Mata says she can’t suspect her, but this is for sure not Sulakshna. Bari Raani maa says she is also a mother, if she thinks she will joke with her Indravadhan. She asks Rana ji if he suspects her too. Bari Raani maa says that a few days from now a lady came to her and told her that she saw Sulakshna, she went by herself to that place and found Sulakshna.

Rana ji says this can’t be Sulakshna, there can be two people of same face in the world. Bari Rani maa says there can be, she would also not have believed had she not seen this mark on her arm. She turns her arm to show Rana ji the mark. Rana ji looks at the silent Sulakshna. Bari Rani Maa says this is none other than Sulakshna, his wife. Kunwar ji and Kokilla exchange victorious looks.

Sulakshna feels headache and faints on Rana ji’s chest. Bari Rani maa tells Rana ji to take Sulakshna inside, she is weak right now. Gayatri watches Rana ji taking Sulakshna inside on his arms. Gayatri loses hold of herself, Raaj Mata tells herself to take control on herself. Bari Raani maa says no one can win fate, Rana ji was always Sulakshna’s and never hers. She says she knows Rana ji well, Sulakshna is his first love and now they will get one again. She looks at Kokilla and she brings water to Gayatri. Bari Rani maa asks Gayatri to break her fast, Gayatri set the pot aside saying she won’t break her fast, until Rana ji doesn’t get it opened for her. She goes inside.

Bari Raani maa and Raaj Mata are in confrontation. Raaj Mata asks how she can do this to her grand father. Bari Raani maa says that had she cared about Rana ji, she wouldn’t have ruined three lives. She brought Gayatri and only she will be responsible for what Gayatri will suffer. And when Gayatri will fall, will Seth Govind fulfil his promise.

Bari raani maa goes inside, Raaj Mata says she has worked hard to bring Rana ji and Gayatri together. It is really important to know how Sulakshna got alive again.Sulakshna opens her eyes and sits up on bed. Rana ji was in the room, he asks how she feels. She says she is fine, Rana ji gets her water. Sulakshna says Bari Rani maa told her that why she is, who he is. She apologizes that her memory isn’t vivid. Rana ji says this drama isn’t needed here, they both know that she isn’t his Sulakshna. She can cheat Bari rani maa but not him, had she been Sulakshna not his eyes but his heartbeat would have recognized her. He shouts who she is?

Gayatri sits with her idol that if her love is true, Rana ji will come by himself to break her fast.

He throws the water glass in Sulakshna’s hand with a jerk saying she can’t be his Sulakshna. He heads to leave, a maid comes to hold the glass and their head bangs. Sulakshna says to the maid to bang her head again else they will get horns. Rana ji recalls such an event with Sulakshna in the past. He wonders if he is mistaken, is she really his Sulakshna.

Kokilla and Kunwar ji were in forest. She says that he brought her in the forest at such an important time. Kunwar ji says they have got time to solve the issue of Sulakshna when Rana ji is still lost in Gayatri’s matter. He heads to change, as they can’t go inside the slums like this.

Rana ji comes to hold Sulakshna’s hand and makes her sit on the bed. The veiled lady bolts the door from inside.

Two girls were fighting together. Kokilla and Kunwar ji stood in male costumes, but Kunwar ji never held his eyes away from the girls who were wrestling. A shirtless boy lay on the bed nearby, he sprays water on his face as Kunwar ji and Kokilla watch him. Kokilla asks who he is. Kunwar ji says that they have come to meet him here. Kokila asks what is in him. Kunwar ji says she will know everything soon. The boy wraps himself in a cloth and flirts with the girls, kisses them both and comes towards them. Kokilla goes to the girls and asks what he said to them that they stopped wrestling. One of the girls bring a bowl, she says when there is one bowl and two thirsty what must they do. Kokilla says they must divide. The girl calls the boy as Cheetah. Kokilla and Kunwar ji head towards Cheetah.

Rana ji brings bandage for Sulakshna’s hand. She says she doesn’t remember anything, still she believes that he is her husband. He remembers anything, still he doesn’t believe she is his wife. They are both stuck in this game of fates. She says that Bari Rani maa says they both loved each other, she doesn’t remember anything. He remembers it all, he must ask his heart who she is. She will accept any of his heart’s decision. Rana ji remembers about Gayatri. He must ask himself who his wife is. Rana ji thinks that Gayatri must not have opened her fast, he says right now he has to reach somewhere else.

Kunwar ji asks Cheetah if he will work for them. Cheetah says he will be busy with the girls. Kunwar ji throws a bag full of money to him. He says money before work is given only be two kind of people, those who are crazy themselves or those who wants a crazy work. Kunwar ji throws another bag, he tells him that Cheetah needs to hunt, he has to give an heir to a girl. Kunwar ji says he will get more money after work is complete.

Rana ji goes to open the door but it was locked from outside. He asks to open the door. He is curt and tries to go out from window. Gayatri was still waiting for Rana ji, she watches the time. The clock was about to struck 12. Rana ji arrives in the room with the tray of food. She looks at him, he smiles and comes inside the room and sits with Gayatri on the floor. She was upset. He offers her water, he insists to drink it then she can fight with him. He tells her to eat, if she won’t eat he also will not. She looks at him, he says he had said to her that from now on nothing is his or hers, its their, even hunger as well. It’s a fight of a long time, she won’t be able to fight it hungry. He apologizes for not turning to her once when he was taking her inside. He says that his heart doesn’t accept her to be Rani Sulakshna, though she seems to be. Rana ji holds Gayatri’s hand, he says he can’t answer any of her questions right now. He doesn’t know why fate brought him at a point where at one side there is his past, and on the other is his future. He doesn’t know how but he believes he will make it all right. If she believes his trust. Gayatri says she is with him. Both smiles, Rana ji offers her water and she drinks from it, with teary red eyes. Sulakshna watches them from the corridor and is shocked. Gayatri holds Rana ji’s hand and makes him take a sip of water. Sulakhsna breaks a vase in the corridor. Both go to her.Rana ji and Gayatri in the room, she breaks a vase in the corridor while running away. Rana ji runs behind her, she was going out of the palace. Rana ji stops Sulakshna, she turns and asks what right he has to stop her. She complains to Bari rani maa that she had told her she is Rani Sulakshna, and her Rana ji loved her so much and is upset in her memories. She says that in reality, her husband is busy with his own life and has no time to miss her at all. She heads to leave, but Gayatri holds her hand to stop her. Gayatri says that not Rana ji but she will answer her questions. Rana ji is worried about what she is about to say. Gayatri looks at Rana ji and says that she isn’t Rana ji’s but his friend’s wife. Raaj Mata is upset. Gayatri says that it isn’t Rana ji’s mistake but hers. Her husband is in a lot of problem and can’t come here, she had taken a vow that today she will only break her fast with his own hands. Rana ji had promised her husband to take care of her, so he broke her fast. Sulkashna removes Gayatri’s hand from hers, she says that she shouldn’t have done this. Her husband isn’t here doesn’t mean she will eat from anyone else’s hand. Gayatri asks to apologize and says she was unaware of the rituals, it was her first Karwachot. Sulakshna says that she could have asked someone else, there could be a crack between her and Rana ji. Gayatri joins hands, she says that she will never become a reason of problem between Rana ji and her, she will leave the palace if there is a lot of problem. She says that she and Rana ji must be tired, she must take rest. Bari rani maa smiles victoriously. Gayatri leaves the hall.

In the room, Gayatri watches her photos with Rana ji on the wall. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder, it was Bari Raani maa. Gayatri wipes her tears before turning around. Bari rani maa says that today her respect has increased in front of Bari Rani maa. Gayatri has the ability to favor the truth, she has that ability. Bari Raani maa says that she wish she could do anything, but right now Sulakshna is mentally so weak that a little tension can be fatal for her.

In the room, Sulakshna apologizes Rana ji for suspecting him. She says Bari Rani maa had told her how much he loved her, but she has no memories of his love. And loss of memories make one lost. She says that with the passage of time, her memory will return to her. Rana ji thinks that this lie can’t go on for a long time, he must tell her the truth. He won’t let Gayatri leave the palace. Rana ji was about to leave the bed, Sulakshna holds his hand and says that a Rajput doesn’t have to be afraid but she is afraid to live alone in this palace. Rana ji drapes her with the quilt and tells her to sleep, he is here. He goes to the window himself. Gayatri’s words with Sulakshna echo in his mind.

In the room, Gayatri was still crying thinking about the bed side argument with Rana ji. She looks at the bed and is upset. She looks at the moon and thinks about Rana ji’s words and lay on the bed watching moon. She fell asleep like that.

In the morning, Kokilla is happy with her deal with Cheetah. They ask Laksh about Swarna, he says he hasn’t gone to her. Kunwar ji asks didn’t he go to break her fast. He says no, why he should go. Kunwar ji pushes him out of the chair and asks him to go and feed her something else he will treat him dreadfully. Swarna wasn’t in the trunk, Laksh calls her. Swarna comes to hold his neck with a rope and drags him. She runs out of the store room by throwing him forward.

Gayatri packs her bag in the room and keeps hers and Rana ji’s wedding photos with her as well. Rana ji comes to hold her hand and asks what she is doing here. Gayatri says she is leaving this room. He asks if she is leaving the room or him. He holds Gayatri with her arms and says he had asked her for some time, doesn’t she trust him. Gayatri watches Sulakshna and Bari Rani Maa approaching and instead of holding his face, she joins her hands saying she is thankful for him to give a place in the palace, she is used to live in difficulties. Bari Rani maa tells Sulakshna that this is her room. Gayatri heads to leave with her bag, Rana ji stops Gayatri. He goes to her, but Bari Rani maa interferes saying she has to say something to him. She says that she feels that he and Sulakshna should spend sometime together, it will help her get her memory back so why not he takes Sulakshna for some vacation. Sulakshna requests him to agree. Rana ji looks at Gayatri. Rana ji says she has requested him for his Rani he can’t deny, but he won’t go alone. Gayatri will also come for picnic with them. Gayatri leaves the room. Sulakshna asks Rana ji if he is soft for this woman, more that what is needed. Rana ji asks if this is a complain, Bari Rani maa qualifies this is a direction of a wife.Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that this is time for the test of her love. She had promised to wait for a lifetime for Rana ji, but Rana ji has asked her for days only. Gayatri says that Rana ji can’t either divide his love or rights. Raaj Mata says that Gayatri can atleast fight for her right.

Kokilla wipes Laksh’s bruise. Kunwar ji says this is good that everyone in the palace has gone on picnic. They must be returning and they don’t have much time for find her. Kokilla is worried what if Swarna tells the truth to everyone. Laksh says he will find and punish her severely.

Rana ji stood by the lake they had come on a picnic for. Sulkshna comes to him and says Bari rani maa told her that this is the place they had first met, she tries to remember a tree. Rana ji says the tree got destroyed in a storm. Sulakshna asks Rana ji what happened at their first meeting, was he quiet like this or she was shyer. Gayatri calls them for food, Rana ji asks Gayatri to sit with them for lunch and offers her a chair as well. Sulakshna asks Gayatri to tell her something about Rana ji as she has lost her memory. Gayatri says it isn’t easy to understand Rana ji, he seems to be rude, tough and stubborn. She also thought him to be tough and angry at the beginning but from inside he is lovable and kindhearted. Sulakshna says that this way Rana ji himself couldn’t have praised himself. She asks Gayatri about her husband. Gayatri says she has told her about Rana ji, this means she has also told her about her husband. She takes a leave. Rana ji stands up for her.

Gayatri comes at the bank of the river. Rana ji watches her standing alone. Sulakshna asks him to begin the food. Rana ji takes a leave from her and goes to Gayatri. Gayatri asks why he brought her here, to see when Rana ji and Sulakshna met. Rana ji says he wanted to show her that there is no cover between them, if she liked it if he had left her in the palace. Gayatri says she dislikes being here. Rana ji says that she knows him well, not Rana ji but Indravadhan. He says that she knows he only wants a partner and not a number of Raani’s. Sulakshna heads towards them. Gayatri says that right now he has two wives, she has never seen such a ritual in her house. Right now, either she is his second wife right now or Sulakshna is, he must decide. Sulakshna reaches nearer and asks to go as it is quite late. Gayatri says it is really late, they must go.

At night, Bari Raani maa brings Rana ji a letter from British govt. Bari Raani maa asks him to read by himself. He is curt that Wilkinsons want crown on Sulakshna’s head as she has returned. He asks who they to take the decisions of his life are. Bari Rani maa says he has to take the decision himself but the truth is that Sulakshna is not his first wife but also the Rani of Amirkot. She says it must be a difficult decision but not every decision is easy in life. Gayatri head this converstation. G

Gayatri was walking with her suitcase in the corridor. Rana ji asks her to stop. She keeps her suitcase down, both run and hug each other. Gayatri cries, Rana ji is hurt too. She asks Rana ji to let her go. She hugs him again. Sulakshna watches this. She goes through the corridor and reach a room where a man sat with mortar and pestle. She tells the man to remove her earrings they are really itchy. The man says this isn’t time yet, she tells him to remove it. She shouts at him to remove it, he stares at her. She asks if he really loves Rani Sulakshna? The man looks closely and removes a mask off the face. He hands the mask to her. She smiles watching the mask of Sulakshna’s face. She throws the mask away and says Rani Sulakshna has left while Rimjhim is here. She tells the man not to give her any lectures any more, as the veiled lady in enough for her to give lessons. The veiled lady come there and asks if she wants beaten up by stick as well? She says that tomorrow there is going to be a drama, she will get the crown and become a Rani. Rimjhim says if she becomes Rani tomorrow, can she wander freely or still this old man will be there behind her. She cheers.


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