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Never say goodbye on star life, Wednesday 9th February 2022

Never say goodbye Wednesday 9 February 2022 updates:The Episode starts with Vividha calling Sujata and informing everything about Atharv’s arrest. She asks her to come soon. Sujata cries. Atharv is taken to police station. The people see him and gossip that Atharv is planting opium. Sujata comes there and begs inspector to leave Atharv, what is his crime. Inspector says Atharv is doing drug farming, shall we reward him for this, this is small lockup of police station, we will send him to jail. She cries and says you can’t send my son to jail. Atharv asks her to go home. She says I will get help, I don’t have money, but I have these gold bangles, leave my son. Atharv asks what are you doing, these bangles are of your bahu. Vividha comes and looks on. He sees her. Inspector pushes Atharv and Sujata.

Sujata gets hurt. Atharv says we will pay money to lawyer, not police inspector. He asks Vividha to take Sujata home. The police drags Atharv to the lockup. Sujata says don’t arrest him, his career will get spoiled. Atharv is put in lockup. He asks Sujata not to cry or worry.

Inspector asks Sujata to arrange bail, its drugs case, bail would not charge less than 10 lakhs. Vividha and Sujata look on. Sujata cries. Vividha holds her. They look at Atharv.


Sujata goes home and tries to arrange money to get Atharv’s bail. She requests someone to help Atharv. She does not get any help and gets worried. Even uncle tries to get help for Atharv and talks to people over phone. Sujata talks to lawyer too and does not get any help. She cries. Uncle says no one will help, they won’t listen to us. She recalls Kailash’s words. She says he did everything, he knew all this and told all that. Uncle asks who. She says Kailash.


Vividha reaches home and tells everything to Kailash. He asks what did you say. She says I want 10 lakhs to bail out Atharv, he is innocent, its urgent, Sujata is in bad state, we have to help her, police has beaten Atharv a lot, I know he is innocent and did not do anything, someone is trapping him in drugs case. He says Atharv is innocent, how do you know this. She says he is Sujata’s son, when police was arresting him, I was present there, Atharv did not know whats happening, save him, he did not do anything. He asks were you there. She says yes, I went there to tell him that what he did today should not happen again. He says fine, I will see tomorrow.


She says no, we will go now itself. Uma gets worried. Kailash says we will see tomorrow, don’t worry, go and sleep now. She says but I m worried for Atharv, what shall I do. He looks at her. She says I mean Atharv is innocent, everyone is worried for him. Uma cries. Vividha says Sujata….. Kailash says enough Vividha, we will see. She asks for what are we waiting. He gets angry.


Sujata comes there. Uma stops Vividha. Kailash asks them to go inside. He thinks he was waiting for this. Vividha and everyone leave. Sujata says you told me that you will get me on my knees and make me apologize. She thinks of Atharv. She gets on her knees and apologizes to him. She asks her to save Atharv. Uma asks Vividha why was she arguing with Kailash. Vividha says Papa will get Atharv out of jail, Sujata has come and Kailash will help her. Kailash tells Sujata that he will help Atharv. Vividha hears this and says now Papa will help Sujata, and free Atharv.


She gets glad. Kailash starts taunting Sujata. Sujata says I m ready to do anything you say, for Lord’s sake, just get my son freed, I will be thankful. He says I don’t do favors, I do deal based on conditions. You will get 10 lakhs bail done and the drugs case will be dismissed, but its price will be costly. She says I m ready to do anything. He says Atharv will come out of jail but you will lose your haveli. She gets shocked.


Kailash telling Sujata to name the haveli to him, and then leave the city along with her son. He asks her not to come back to this city. Sujata cries. Vividha tries to hear their conversation. She says I m not able to hear anything, Papa would be helping Sujata and not letting any of us know about his good deed. Kailash asks Sujata to think well and sign on the papers, she has to leave the haveli to get her son.



Sujata recalls her house and cries. She thinks of Atharv’s words. Ankit asks why is Papa helping a loafer. Vividha and Guddi defend Atharv and scold Ankit. Kailash comes there. Vividha asks him will you help Atharv and free him from the jail. He smiles and looks at Uma. He nods to Vividha. She gets glad and hugs him thankfully.


Kailash thinks I m making him free of jail and your life as well. She thanks him. He says everything will be done tomorrow. Kailash asks her not to worry, everything will be fine, I m seeing this matter well. He smiles and goes. Vividha lights a diya and prays for Atharv. She asks Lord why is Atharv in jail when he is innocent. Kailash and Uma hear her. Vividha says Papa will help him tomorrow, Atharv has to stay in jail to tonight, Sujata is also worried, make everything like before. She goes. Kailash looks at Uma and says my daughter is praying about Atharv’s safety infront of my Lord. He goes to blow off the diya and Uma stops him from doing the abshagun. He goes.


She gets hurt by the diya, while she stopped him, and cries. Guddi sees Vividha worried and asks the reason of her worry. Vividha is restless. She says I don’t know, I m worried. Guddi asks are you afraid for Atharv, as if you want to see whether he is fine or not, did you fall in love with him. Vividha asks are you mad, stop nonsense. Guddi says whats wrong to love him. Vividha says worrying for someone is humanity, not love, go and sleep now. Jaana na dil se door……………..plays…………… Atharv is in lockup. Vividha recalls about Atharv and his words. She cries and looks at the moon. Atharv too thinks of her. She thinks why am I getting tears, whats happening to me.


Its morning, Sujata goes to see Atharv and cries seeing him wounded and beaten up. She hugs Atharv and asks how did they beat her son. She holds him and makes him sit. Atharv asks her not to cry, he did not get much hurt, nothing happened. Uncle comes and gets shocked seeing Atharv’s state. She hugs Atharv and cries.


Uma tells Vividha that Kailash did what he could, now Sujata will see what to do. She asks Vividha to have food. Vividha says no, I just want to confirm whether they are fine, if I find out, I will thank Papa and inform him too, Papa should know whats happening there, I will go to Sujata’s house. Uma tries to stop her, and Vividha goes. Uma worries and holds her burnt hand.


Sujata and uncle take wounded Atharv. The people gossip about Atharv and taunt that he is fatherless, mother alone can’t manage everything. Sujata cries. They make him sit in the car. Inspector warns Sujata not to in this city and not have enmity with Kailash. He asks her to explain her son too. Sujata sits in the car and they leave.  Kailash talking to inspector and telling Atharv is very rigid, he will not listen easily. Inspector says he have beaten him a lot, he will take many days to get his bones fine. Kailash ends call and says I had to do much planning to get rid of that guy. He gets shocked seeing Vividha there.



He asks Vividha why did she come. She says I want permission to meet Sujata and Atharv. He gets shocked and looks at Uma. Vividha says I m worried for them, they are not answering my call. He smiles and asks her to come with him.


Sujata and uncle take Atharv to hospital. Doctor checks Atharv and gives the prescription. Sujata thanks him. She asks uncle did he keep all the luggage. Uncle says yes. She asks did you talk to someone for keeping care of cows. He says yes. She says I m leaving other children for my son, will the cows forgive me. He says yes, once you settle there, you can get cows there, I understand your state, but we have no option, you have to leave, come.


Sujata cries seeing Atharv and thinks I m taking Atharv in semi conscious state, because else he would have not agreed to leave from here. She asks Atharv to try to sleep and sings a lullaby for him.


Vividha takes Vividha to house temple and says your heart is very sensitive, which worries for other’s pain, I m tried to help the best I could, everyone pointed on our family because of Atharv, he challenged to marry you. He came here and wanted to show you called him, I know its not your mistake. Uma and Guddi look on. Kailash says Atharv was arrested, people know you were with Atharv at the time of his arrest, if you go to meet him at his home, what will people go, you won’t go alone, my name and respect will go along, your younger sister, family and your own respect will be at stake, this can affect Guddi’s future. He asks are you understanding what I want to say, I trust your understanding, you decide. She says you have helped Atharv a lot. He asks will you agree to me. She says for sure. He blesses her. Kailash says Bharadwaj’s family went that day by getting annoyed with Atharv, he got ready again and are coming. She gets shocked.


He says Bharadwaj will come to meet you today, I have requested them for your sake, because that family is very good valued, the guy is very nice, so I begged them for your sake, they agreed to come again. I did my Dharm of being a father, I pray for you in my every prayer, that you get a rich house and good family, its my responsibility to worry for your future, you will get its fruit toda, will you meet them, will you agree to me. She nods. He smiles and says I expected this from you.


Uma takes Vividha. Vividha recalls Atharv. Kailash says now Atharv’s shadow will not be around you, I did such arrangements. Sujata is on the way and thinks Atharv can’t see Vividha because of me, I m sorry, why is Lord showing this day today, I have got pain in life, why did Lord give same pain to my son. Atharv wakes up. She asks him to sleep. He asks where are we going, home is left behind. She says sleep, I will wake you up. He asks the same again. Uncle says we will reach home, take rest. He checks Vividha’s 17 missed calls and says why are you not receiving her call, where are we going, what are you both hiding from me.


Uma asks Vividha to get ready fast. Vividha recalls Atharv. Dadi says Vividha has grown up, that its her marriage time now, we don’t know how time passes. She thinks whats happening, why am I worried, why am I thinking so much. They hear the door bell. Dadi says I think Bharadwajs have come and goes. Guddi asks Uma are you sure this is happening right, we can regret later. Uma scolds Guddi and says whatever Kailash will do will be right. She goes.


Guddi asks Vividha is everything fine, tell me truth, you are thinking about Atharv. Vividha says don’t know what happened to me, I m not able to understand myself, I wanted to see Atharv and Sujata once. Guddi asks are you okay with this relation, tell me truth. Vividha says yes, I trust Papa a lot, when he has checked that guy and his family, there is nothing to think, Papa always thinks for our good.



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