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Never say goodbye on star life, Monday 7th February 2022

Never say goodbye Monday 7 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Kailash praising Vividha. Rajendra says fine, I will help you, but for my son’s promotion, and for Vividha, she is a great girl, I know she is better than you. He taunts Kailash and asks him to broaden his house walls, as the guy’s family is very rich, maybe Bharadwaj also likes to do proposals in rich families. He leaves. Kailash says he is taunting me with my own words, it was bitter, but true. Uma looks on. Kailash says I will break Vividha with Atharv and then Vividha will be getting related to Bharadwaj’s son.

Sujata asks Atharv did Vividha slap that guy. He says yes. She says she can do anything with your support. He says if I m not there then, courage should be within, if she depends on anyone, she will lose courage when that person goes away. She asks does your college teach you to talk such big things. He smiles. She says its Vividha’s first Ghanghor with us, I was making clothes for her. He says she won’t wear this. She asks why. He says I don’t know she is with me or not. She says she will be with you, we have seen it in her eyes. He says yes, some day she will be mine, but the waiting can get long. She says you keep waiting, but I will go and give this to Uma tomorrow. He asks her to go and smiles.


Uma, Dadi and Guddi see the sarees and suits for Ghanghor. Kailash talks to Dubey. He then selects a dress for Vividha. He says she will look beautiful when she wears this in Ghanghor function, she should look good, the family is coming to see her, they should like her instantly, don’t tell her, I will tell her. Vividha comes and likes other dress. She says I will wear the dress which Papa likes. He says fine, we will buy both, wear the dress tomorrow by your choice, you can wear my choice of dress later. She asks won’t you feel bad. He says I can’t feel your choice bad. She thanks him. Vividha tells Kailash that some people think you have caged me. He asks who. She says Atharv. He fumes. She talks about Atharv and he gets angry.


He asks where did you meet me. She says I did not meet him, he met me in market, I wanted to tell him that he behaved wrong with you. He says I told you, I will handle this matter my way, I have explained you a lot, no need to meet any loafer on the road, you met him in market, he has kept the challenge and entire Ajmer city knows, what will people say, good family guys don’t stop and talk to guys on the road, but come home silently, you should not forget good values, this should not happen again, I will see what I have to, fine. She nods. He goes. She thinks of Atharv’s words. Uma looks on worried.


Kailash is sleeping. Uma goes to her room silently at night. Kailash makes her fall and gets angry on her. He switches on the lights and scares her. He asks are you mute, blind or deaf, did you get paralysis…… He says today, Vividha met Atharv again in the middle of the market, if you can’t stop her or explain her, why are you here, shall I see business outside home, and shall I also manage children at home, its mother’s duty to explain daughters, if you fail to do your responsibility, see what I do then. She cries.


He threatens her and says this is not good for Vividha and you, however Atharv tries, Vividha is my blood, I will not let this happen. He hurts Uma. Next day, Ghanghor preparations are done. Vividha applies mehendi. Dadi asks the girl to apply thin mehendi design to her. Guddi teases Dadi and says Dadi found a new Dada ji for us, that’s Ranveer. She asks the girl to make V for Varun on her hand. Dadi argues. Vividha thinks Kailash got annoyed with Atharv’s name, I could not tell complete thing. Kailash talks to Dubey on phone. She asks him to have breakfast. He says I m in hurry, I will have food at office. She thinks I have to tell Papa that I slapped that guy, if he knows from somewhere else, he will feel bad. The girl asks Vividha to apply mehendi. Vividha says I have work, I will apply mehendi later. The girl says I heard your hand is working a lot these days, you slapped a guy in the market, by Atharv’s saying. Uma and everyone get shocked. Vividha gets tensed. Uma takes Vividha with her. Dadi and Guddi also go along. Uma asks Vividha whats going on, what was that girl saying. Vividha says I was going to tell you, when I went to market then… she tells everything. Uma holds her head. Guddi says you slapped that guy. Dadi says great, you are my blood. Guddi says I can’t believe this. Vividha says Atharv was saying so, I got courage and I …… Uma says you know what you did. Guddi says she taught lesson to a loafer, fantastic. Uma scolds Vividha and asks did your Papa teach you this, he has given you some values, you know Atharv wants to marry you, don’t you understand its serious matter, you won’t go the way Atharv goes, don’t talk to him, don’t see him, if you try to talk to him, then you can’t think what I will do to you, Kailash dislikes your talking to Atharv. Vividha cries. Uma asks her not to tell this to her Papa. Uma asking Vividha and Guddi not to tell anything to Kailash. She sends her. Dadi asks Uma why did she spoil Vividha’s mood. Uma says its better to remove thorn on time. Vividha talks to her friends. Her friend tells about imp lecture, they can get 3 day attendance. Vividha says I know, but I have work at home. Her friend says you don’t seem to have interest for giving exams. Uma looks on and asks Vividha are you annoyed with me, I scolded you a lot.

Vividha says no, you said right, who else will tell me then. Uma asks her to go college, your attendance is very less, I know, its because you are very responsible and do work at home. Vividha says I will manage. Uma says I did not know when my worry got into scolding, and your sorrow turned into annoyance, I have some right to scold you. Vividha hugs her and says I m not annoyed.

Uma says this is for our good. Vividha says I will go to college now. Uma asks will you go without applying mehendi. Vividha says I don’t want to get late. Uma applies some mehendi and says its shagun on ghanghor. She blesses Vividha to get a loving husband and all her wishes turn true. Vividha goes. Uma asks Vividha to come to temple directly from college. Vividha reaches college. She runs and her slipper gets off. She hears Atharv’s words and says no, its not him, maybe I m hearing him. She sees Atharv giving a lecture to the students. She gets shocked.


She recalls Uma’s words and turns to go. Atharv says you….. She stops and looks at him. He asks her to sit down. She says I…. He says please, sit down. She takes her seat in the class. Atharv tells about the imp of market research to make a company successful. Vividha holds a book and hides face. Her friends tell her that he is Atharv, he is topper in all subjects, he came here as guest lecturer, your prayer got answered, he came here when its Ghanghor here. Vividha says stop it, I have to leave from here. Atharv looks at the girls gossiping and throws a chalk at Vividha. He asks shall I ask something if your gossip is over. He asks whats needed to form a company. Vividha says research. He says wrong. She says company’s name. He says wrong. She says technology. He says absolutely wrong, a dream is needed to form a company, such a dream which does not let you sleep, that dream should be your life’s target, just dream is your company’s body and soul. She looks at him. He tells Vividha that those who don’t have any own dreams live life according to others, then one day they realize they have nothing of their own, do you want to live such life, I m asking you. She looks on teary eyed.


The class ends. Vividha rushes out. Atharv follows her while colliding with her friend. Everyone look on. He says I m calling you out, can’t you hear. She says I can hear you and understand too, what were you saying.


She says I m not your company or project, that you want to change, I don’t need to change, I don’t dream and I don’t have ‘being independent’ board, I m coward, foolish and immature, I m such, you go to hell if you don’t like this, but you have no right to talk to me in high tone, I m not your property, your name is not written on me. He holds her hand and sees the mehendi. Music plays……….. He writes A in the mehendi circle. She cries and looks at him. Jaana na dil se door……………plays……….. He says I have written my name on your hand, not its effect will be seen. They have an eyelock.


She asks what does this mean. He says the name written on your heart is on your hand too, now you can’t just say, but also show that you have become mine. She runs from there. The water pipe breaks by her and she falls down. Atharv shouts Vividha and runs to her. She gets hurt and holds her foot. They both get under the water fountain. He asks are you fine. She says move off your hand, I m fine. He asks do I have so much fire in me, if I touch you, will you melt. They have an eyelock. Jaana na dil se door……………plays……………


He holds her foot. She asks why don’t you understand, you can’t make me part of your life forcibly, this can’t happen and will never happen. He says it already happened, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, I told you three things to prove my love, did it get true or not, I knew it, leave about forcing, if I was sure that you did not like me, I would have not come after you, its easy to wake up sleeping person, not the one who is acting to be sleepy, I like you and I have admit it, you like me and didn’t admit, maybe because your Papa does not like me, you are not hearing your heart, the day you hear your heart, this difference will end. She smiles. He nods and asks her to keep smiling, it increases blood flow. She recalls Kailash’s words. She runs from there. He looks on and shouts Vividha. He smiles and stands in the water.  Guddi and Uma reaching the temple. Guddi says this is my temple look. Uma asks her to call Vividha. Sujata greets Uma and asks where is Vividha, she comes for puja, I have seen you since many years, you always have a smile on your face and talk to others well, I can see you are keeping someone’s anger on your face. Guddi goes to call Vividha. Uma says things changed, realize it. Sujata says I m happy for this change, Vividha is best suitable for Atharv.


Sujata gives some shagun for Vividha and says I made this by my hands, Vividha did not become my bahu yet, but I have made this dress for her, I got these bangles for her, you give this to her, I wish she likes this. Uma gets shocked and looks on. she says relations are not made by force, relations are decided and then kept, Atharv and Vividha’s relation can’t be fixed. Sujata says its your perception, Atharv and Vividha’s relation was fixed before their meet, someone can see it and someone can’t. Atharv comes home and asks Sujata to hear what happened today, its something special, Vividha smiled for the first time. He looks for Sujata.


Sujata asks Uma whats less in Atharv, tell me. Uma says its not about Atharv, the son who keeps his mum’s name with him, he would love Vividha a lot, I know you gave good values, but…. Sujata says is this because we are poor. Uma says no, Atharv has many big dreams, he will become rich one day. Sujata asks then what is the reason, do you think Vividha does not love Atharv, a mother can understand child’s heart, why don’t you accept this relation, is it because of Atharv’s dad. Uma says Kailash does not want this relation to happen, he takes the final decision. Sujata says its not time to think about Kailash, you should think of Vividha’s happiness. Uma says Vividha’s happiness is with Kailash’s happiness, I got Vividha from Kailash. Sujata smiles and says I understand, just tell me are you okay with this proposal. Uma says you can’t expect me to agree, when Kailash is not agreeing, end this matter here, even Lord can’t get this relation made, ask Atharv to focus on his work and stop thinking about Vividha, else later we both may have to regret.


Uma says Atharv is playing with such fire that would burn the house, stop him within time, we will end this matter here. Vividha comes to temple. Guddi says Maa is asking about you. Vividha goes to Uma and asks her not to ask anything else, I m angry now. She sees the dupatta Sujata made and likes it. She wears it, while Uma asks her to listen. Sujata smiles. Uma looks at Sujata.


The lady asks them to come for the puja. Few ladies stop Sujata and taunt her. Sujata says I have to do puja. Dubey’s wife asks Sujata does her husband know she is keeping fast for him, does he really exist or you have illusion. She taunts Sujata and asks does your son Atharv know his father’s name or….. Sujata shouts enough and scolds her. She says its not your concern whether my husband exists or not, whether I m married or not, what do you have to do with him, I keep fast for him, I can’t hear anything against him, learn to stay in limits, if there is so such filth in heart, stop this acting to keep fasts, its useless. She goes. Dubey’s wife gets angry and says see what I do now.


Atharv asks uncle where is Maa. Uncle says I dropped her to temple, its ghanghor today. Atharv gets shocked and rushes. Uncle says my tongue slipped. Atharv says I explained Sujata so much, if we are dead for him, he is dead for us, I won’t let my mum be hungry for such man. He goes. Dubey’s mum asks the ladies to make pairings, Sujata would know this, life can be lived without husband, but this puja can’t be done alone.


Uma asks Sujata with whom will she do puja, come with me. Dubey’s wife joins Uma. Vividha looks on. Atharv reaches the temple and runs upstairs. Dubey’s wife says I think Sujata’s fate has to be alone. Atharv hears the taunts and gets angry seeing Sujata’s tears. He calls out Maa. Sujata sees him and worries. He asks Sujata to come along, why are you listening all this.


Dubey’s wife says yes, listen to Atharv, why to do puja when there is no one with you. Atharv takes Sujata. Sujata asks Atharv to leave her, she has to do puja. Vividha stops Atharv. Vividha goes to Sujata and says puja happens by love, not by husband’s presence, who are you all to stop Sujata from doing puja, who gave you right to point finger at her love, you can see she has no husband, can’t you see there is love, no one has right to stop any woman for praying for her husband’s long life, a daughter will do puja with her Maa, world can think anything. Sujata gets glad.


The lady says yes, why not, would be bahu will do puja with would be saas. Vividha says Papa is right, there are many small mindset people in this city, I don’t need to explain my relation with Sujata, humanity is needed to understand relations, this understanding does not come by wearing clothes and jewelry. Dubey’s wife says why to waste our time, Vividha has big heart. Atharv says I don’t know to appreciate you or not, my mum won’t keep puja, if that man was in my mum’s life, their mouths would have been shut, one who is not in life, keeping fast for him is madness, not love. Vividha stops Atharv and says its madness to regard true love as madness. Atharv leaves Sujata’s hand. Vividha says you are doing madness Atharv, you have bet on me, without knowing my wish, you decided I m part of your life, this is not called love, its rigidity. He looks at her.


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