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Never say goodbye on star life, Monday 14th February 2022

Never say goodbye Monday 14 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Vividha coming outside her house. Atharv holds her. She asks him not to touch her. He takes to her sweetly, and says fine, I will leave your hand if you say. She says you are not doing a favor on me. He says I know its useless to talk to me. She thinks how does he know if I did not say him. He says I know as your eyes say everything. She says fine, then you would be knowing I get irritated talking to you. He says wrong, you like talking to me. She asks him to be in his area, else her Papa will dislike. He says let him see, why did you get food if you don’t care. She says don’t joke, you did not see how much Sujata was having trouble while cooking on that stove, I did that for Sujata.

He says you mean you have sent so much food for Maa, you don’t know her diet or you have sent it for me, anyways salt was high in the dish. She says what, I m so sorry. He smiles and holds her hand, pulling her close. He says if you have sent even salt instead the dish, it would also have such taste. He asks her to forgive him. She says leave my hand, guests are coming tomorrow, if Papa sees, he will be angry. He says no, he will be glad seeing his would be son in law loves his daughter so much, infact I will tell him. He calls out Sasur ji…. She shuts his mouth with her hand and they have an eyelock. Kuch to hai……………….plays………… She smiles seeing him.

She moves her hand away. He smiles. She says please, leave my hand. He asks her to please forgive him. She asks Sujata to see what he is doing. He turns and leaves her. He falls down. She laughs and runs from there. He smiles and says Vividha went on her father or her father went on her.

Guddi applies oil to Dadi’s hair and does the Champi. Dadi asks Vividha to apply oil. Vividha sees her hand and smiles recalling Atharv. Dadi asks her what happened, and tease her. Guddi says Vividha is blushing, whats the matter. Vividha says you say anything, don’t say all this, we have to prepare for tomorrow. She smiles and runs away.

Atharv says who is coming that Vividha is so happy, whats the matter, I have to find out. He looks at the moon and sleeps. Its morning, Kailash asks the servants to shift some furniture and clean the house well. He tells Uma that he does not want Sujata and Atharv’s any sign here. She nods. He calls out Vividha. She says Vividha is cooking food. He says he is very special for Vividha, she will forget Atharv in two days now.

Sujata prays. Atharv comes and lies down on the bed. She asks him to sleep early at night and wake up early in morning. She asks him to get up. Uncle says milk is supplied at all homes and boiled too, get up. Pandit comes. Sujata greets him. Kailash says pandit ji, I m waiting since long. Sujata asks Atharv to get up, pandit Sharm has come. He says what shall I do. She says you sleep like this, someone else will take away Vividha. He gets up by the shock. Sujata says pandit Sharma gets good proposals from rich families, maybe he got a proposal for Vividha. Uncle says maybe. Atharv says many guys are coming to marry Vividha, Sasur ji made Vividha’s marriage like a job application, shall I talk to him. Sujata and uncle stop him. Atharv says shall I just see her relation getting fixed, you have seen she was happy.

Sujata says yes, she was not ready for marriage and today she looked happy, we have to find out the matter. He asks how. She asks him to convince Vividha, and I will convince Uma, then we don’t care what others think. They join hands and smile. Everyone is busy in arrangements. Vividha makes Uma taste the sweets. Kailash saks Uma to go out and do the work, don’t forget things, its sign of old age. Guddi asks Vividha how will Atharv feel, he does not know who is coming. Vividha says leave it. Sujata sees Uma and thinks to ask her. She goes to Uma and asks is anyone coming. Uma says yes, some guests are coming. She gets pain in her hand. Sujata asks about her pain.

Uma says its small wound, will heal on his own. Sujata gives her the food plate, and says Vividha got food for me yesterday, remember when Vividha took glass while drinking lassi, you never returned it empty, how would I return the plate empty, I added an ointment, you apply it to your wound. Uma says thanks, keep this plate. Sujata asks how can I keep plate from bahu’s house, I will give to Kailash. Uma stops her and asks why are you encouraging Vividha. Sujata says no, Vividha is your daughter and has heart like you, remember in her childhood, she got a wounded pigeon and missed school for 4 days to take care of the pigeon.

Uma laughs and says yes, then that pigeon got fine and broke things by flying inside home. Sujata says I have seen you since many years, and all those multiple wounds. Uma says its small wound, stay away from my house. Sujata asks why are we forgetting our old relation because of children, we will see what happened with them, why should we get difference in our relation. She gives her the plate. Sujata recalls Kailash throwing the bangle, and says the man who can throw bangle and hit me, he can beat his wife too, I wish what I m thinking is wrong, Uma has much patience. Atharv seeing Vividha happily doing the welcome decorations for her friend/relative. Atharv talks to payal and says I don’t have any value. Dadi sees Atharv and stares at him. She praises him. Atharv sees her looking at him with the binoculars and smiles. Dadi says Haye, he will just kill me, he is too good. Atharv goes. She asks where did he go, and looks around. He gets on the balcony by the ladder and asks her to see him now. She asks why are you here. He says I have come to help you in seeing me better. She asks him is he not ashamed to see the girls. He says I came here to see you Indumati ji, my heart gets ache to call you Dadi. He praises her. Dadi gets shy. Atharv says you look better than Vividha. She asks him to go, we should not talk like this. He asks then how should we talk, you were seeing me, I know. She giggles.

She says my Guddi kept a name for you, hottie. He says really, you are a hottie, you are too hot like a sun. she asks him to go, we should not talk like this, I will go. He says this happens, come here. He says when there is chemistry, its seen. They both flirt with each other. He says just you have heart in this house, everyone else is useless. She says I feel something hearing your talk. He says it happens to me too. He asks about the party or some occasion. She says no party, Badri is coming to our house. He asks is he your relative. She says no, he is Kailash’s best friend, his son is also coming, he is Vividha’s life. Kailash asks Dadi to come fast, they are reaching. Dadi asks Atharv to go now, don’t try to trap me, its dangerous to talk to you. She goes. Atharv gets down the ladder and says Vividha’s Jaan….

Sujata asks Atharv what was happening, if Kailash sees this then…. Uncle jokes that Atharv was flirting with Dadi, it seems he does not want to make Kailash his Sasur, but his son. Sujata asks are you not ashamed to talk to Dadi like this. Atharv says I did this to know about the guest, would I ask Kailash then. Uncle jokes about Dadi. Sujata says don’t joke, I m really tensed, Vividha can…..

Badri comes with his son…. Kailash and his family welcome them. Vividha hugs Badri and asks how is he. Badri says I m fine, what about you. She says I m good. Badri’s son gets down the car. Vividha and her family smile seeing him. Badri greets Dadi. Atharv looks on. Sujata says the guy is good lookwise.

Vividha says finally you came, you made me wait a lot, I missed you a lot. Badri says he was also dying to meet you. Kailash says its their childhood relation. Uma says I always say that Vividha is part of Badri’s family. Vividha says yes. Guddi says yes, Vividha can’t see anyone than him. Vividha says yes, after all he is my Chintu Bhaiya. Atharv gets relieved. Atharv and Sujata smile. Atharv says he is Bhaiya, Bachgaye Saiyyan.

Chintu calls her Viv, and meets everyone. Vividha says you got very stylish. Chinty greets Uma saying hello. Badri makes him touch Uma’s feet. Chintu bends and takes his blessings. They all smile seeing his low pants. Badri says Kailash, this haveli is good, but why is stable. Kailash says this is Kaala teeka for the haveli, so that haveli does not catch bad sight. They laugh. Badri says you won’t change.

Atharv looks on and says I will get baraat here. Kailash tells Badri that he went to Delhi and made his business, he got many bungalows, I m proud of you. Badri asks why are you saying my biodata to me so loudly. Atharv says he is making us hear this Maa. Uncle says Kailash always do so.

Badri says Ajmer changed so much in all those years. Guddi says yes, its like Mumbai now. Dadi asks them to buy Chintu his size of pant. Atharv looks on and says its good Chintu is brother, joker, else I would have taken off his pant. Chintu praises the city and looks at Vividha. He reminds how they used to drive cycle in childhood. She says yes, you taught me cycle riding. Badri tells Kailash that you also had progress, you made a big house. Kailash says thanks to Lord, I always had dream to get a big house, this haveli is biggest house of Ajmer.

Chintu stares at Vividha. Kailash says this is nothing infront of your bungalow. Vividha goes to get jalebis. Uma asks Chintu to have food. Chintu says I feel like coming home, there is everything, but not that its here. He looks at Vividha. Sujata asks Atharv why is he standing here and hearing them. Atharv says I don’t think Chintu is brother type. Sujata sees Chintu and says he looks like joker, I wish to make a proper pant for him. Atharv says its fashion. Sujata says thank God my son does not have such fashion addiction. Sujata asks him to make bills and goes. Chintu makes a spoon fall. Vividha helps him. He stares at her when she bends to pick the spoon.

Atharv gets angry seeing this. Chintu praises Ajmer’s girls. Kailash says values are got by parents, children do what they see parents doing. Dadi says no, Badri did not wear such short pant. Badri laughs. Atharv says I don’t think this joker’s behavior right. Chintu asks Vividha to take him to lake. Guddi says we will go, it got more beautiful. They all decide to go in evening. Vividha sees Atharv outside. He smiles and waves her. She goes to the window and shuts it. Kailash asks what happened, why did you shut window. Vividha says nothing, a big mosquito was there. Atharv says mosquito, fine, if I can’t come inside, you will come outside.


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