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My heart knows on zee world, Wednesday 9th March 2022

My heart knows Wednesday 9 March 2022 update: The Episode starts with Malhar telling Kalyani that she gets 200 out of 100, 100 for the right answers and the other 100 for accepting the stone heart man like him. Kalyani gets happy and dances. Malhar smiles. Song plays….pehla nasha pehla ghumaan…..She comes out of her imagination. Malhar gets a call and he hears that Atharv is not eating food. He says I will come.
Kalyani thinks what happened to her and why she is dreaming about singing song when Malhar is around. He comes to room and sees kajal applied to Moksh’s face. He asks who’s son is this? Where is Moksh? Kalyani says he is our son and tells that Aai asked her to apply black tika on his face, so she applied black tikas on his face to ward off the evil eye. She tells that she wants to make his face black with kajal so that nobody’s bad eye falls on her. Malhar asks her to clean his face. She says no. he says else I will apply tika on your face and make it black. Kalyani asks him to tell directly that he don’t want anyone to see her with bad sight. Malhar says yes and tells that she is very beautiful in all Aurangabad. Kalyani hears the song and looks at him. Malhar flap his finger. Kalyani asks if he means what he said. He says what did I say? He gets the tissue paper and wipes kajal from his face.

Anupriya tells Aparna that she shall think of her happiness and shall not leave a chance to complete your family when Vaman wants to unite with you. Kalyani comes there. Aparna goes. Kalyani hits her head on the wall. Anupriya asks what happened and says you will get hurt. Kalyani says both mother and daughter will get mad. She asks why are you talking to Aparna and taking enmity with Aao Saheb. Anupriya says every human is not good fully or not bad fully. She says everyone has Ravan and Ram in him/her. She says Aparna has lived her life alone and who can understand this better than me. Kalyani says what are you saying? Anupriya says whatever had happened with Aparna was because of Atul. Kalyani says you have no Ravan, but Ram and Meena Kumari. She says we shall support her and Aparna shall not be punished for Atul’s wrong doings. Malhar wipes the kajal from Moksh’s face and says your Aai is very childish. He says when you grow young then you will be more mature than her. He says don’t know when she will become matured. Moksh laughs. Kalyani hears them and asks what are they talking?

Malhar says Moksh was scared of his make up and asks her to promise not to do it again. Kalyani promises and threatens politely to break his teeth if it was there. She plays with him and asks him to think many times before making fun of him. She tickles him and asks what your baba was saying that I am not mature? She thinks how to look mature and thinks she don’t even look mature. She thinks Aai is mature and what she does, she is always serious, talks less and wear boring colors clothes. She says if malhar likes boring people then she will become for Malhar. She ties her hairs and tells Moksh that she is looking some what mature. Malhar comes there talking on phone saying Atharv escaped. Kalyani asks what happened? Malhar tells her that Atharv escaped from Police custody. They come to Sampada. Malhar asks her about Atharv. Sampada says I don’t know about Atharv and don’t want to see his face after whatever she has done with her. Malhar gets Mugdha’s call and she tells that she is outside their house.

Malhar meets Mugdha and says I will catch Atharv, don’t worry. I will search him. Mugdha says actually I can’t give statement against Atharv. Malhar asks what, if he threatened you. Mugdha says no, infact I made him escaped from hospital. Malhar asks what are you saying? He tried to kill you and you made him escaped. Mugdha says he didn’t go anywhere, he is in my car. Malhar opens the car door and finds him missing. Mugdha says I left him here. Malhar says then where did he go? Anupriya shouts Kalyani’s name. Everyone goes inside.

They see Atharv resting on the bed and drinking milk from Moksh’s bottle. Malhar asks him to leave the bottle. Mugdha tells that something happened to Atharv and he became childish after the accident. She tells that she went to hospital to vent out her anger and came to know from the doctor that he has become 5 years old kid. She says she knows how it feels to be mentally retarded and can’t punish 5 years old boy and that’s why made him escape from police custody. Mugdha telling that she will be happy to punish Atharv, but not when he is in this state. She says Doctor told me that he will be fine soon and then I will get him punished and help you. Atharv runs to Kalyani and calls her Aai, asks her to save him. Kalyani asks him to go away from her. Malhar takes him to doctor. Mugdha also goes. Pallavi shows the pic and tells that their Aai used to tie hairs like Kalyani did and they have a small brother who died at the age of 2. Kalyani frees her hairs and thinks to go away with maturity. Mugdha and Malhar bring Atharv back. She says Doctor confirmed that his mind has become of 5 years old child. Atharv sings song. Pallavi says he used to sing the same song in childhood. She says I am your sister. Atharv goes to Kalyani and asks her to take him to their house. Kalyani asks him to go. Mugdha tells that she would have taken him home, but he addressing Kalyani as his mother. She says she will come and meet him often. Malhar asks him to come and have chocolate with him. Atharv says if Aai comes then he will also come with her. Atul asks what he is going to do. Malhar says I will not do anything wrong and asks them to trust him.

They take him somewhere. Kalyani tells him that they will play a game and asks him to keep hand on his eyes and count till 100. Atharv says he knows counting till 10. Kalyani tells Malhar that when she was 5, she knew counting till 100. Malhar asks her not to be mother india and ask him to count slowly till 10. He pours the kerosene oil. Atharv keeps hand on his eyes and starts countdown. Kalyani says if everything will be fine. Malhar says he is afraid of fire and will tell the truth. He fires fire arrow near him on the kerosene oil. Atharv opens his eyes and sees fire around him. He calls Aai and tells that he will jump out of fire. He jumps out, but the fire catches his leg. Malhar sets off the fire from his leg. Pallavi and Aao Saheb come there. Pallavi gets worried for Atharv.

Aao Saheb says it is good that we came here, else Malhar would have killed him. Kalyani says we tried to figure out if he is acting. Pallavi says my brother is not lying, he was afraid of fire when he was 10. Aao Saheb asks Malhar if he wants to go to jail by harassing him. Malhar tells Kalyani that he don’t trust Atharv. Pallavi applies ointment to Atharv’s leg and tells Sampada that it is test of her love. Sampada closes the door and tells Atharv that he can fool everyone, but not her. She asks how dare you to leave me. Atharv pushes her. He then calls Aai and says bad aunty is beating me. Anupriya and Sarthak watch him and she says if he is really mentally ill.

Anupriya says whenever she thinks everything is good in her daughter’s life then something happens. She says she has kept puja for Kalyani and Malhar. Aao Saheb says you didn’t ask me? Anupriya says just as you don’t need my opinion regarding your daughter’s life, likewise even I don’t want. Vaman comes there. Aao Saheb asks him why did he come here? Kalyani says he is your damad and asks how you are taking to him. Malhar tells that he called baba there and got him a job in police department and all the accusations from him is dismissed as he helped them catch the child trafficking racket. Aparna gets happy. Aao Saheb takes her with her. Kalyani assures Vaman that she will unite him with Aparna. He asks her to call him Mama as he is Madhuri’s brother. Kalyani calls him Mama.

Anupriya tells Kalyani about the importance of Mangal gauri fast. Kalyani says if there is no entertainment. Anupriya says ladies play games with each other all night. Kalyani says men shall also keep fast. Anupriya says just as ladies become mother and men don’t. She asks her to keep fast. Kalyani says she will keep the fast and pray that Atharv’s truth shall come out.


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