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My heart knows on zee world, Wednesday 9th February 2022

My heart knows Wednesday 9 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to kitchen. Sampada asks what are you doing here? Kalyani says I don’t want to fight and asks her to let her help her, and says Billu eats khichdi made by her. Sampada says what do you think that I can’t made it. She shows grinder and also khichdi. She says she will grind it and asks her to go. Kalyani goes. Sampada is about to grind khichdi when Aparna calls her. Sampada goes, later she comes back and switches on the grinder and the khichdi spills on her face. She shouts. Malhar comes there and asks why are you shouting. Sampada tells that kalyani made her khichdi fell down on her face. Malhar says why Kalyani will do this and from her room. Kalyani comes there. Sampada asks how dare you and is about to slap her. Malhar holds her hand and warns her for accusing Kalyani. Sampada is shocked. Kalyani says whatever Sampada said is right. Malhar asks what and why did you do? Sampada says Kalyani brought khichdi for Moksh, but when she saw me making khichdi, she spoiled all my hardwork. Kalyani takes a spoonful of khichdi and makes Sampada eat. Sampada says it is spicy and drinks water. Kalyani says that’s why I did this, and says you wanted my son to eat spicy khichdi. Sampada says I am not Servant like you and says she has atleast worked hard for her son, and asks Malhar if he couldn’t see. Anupriya asks what is this bill, and says it is written that you have ordered khichdi from the hotel. Malhar gets angry and asks Sampada to clean the kitchen slab. Sampada shouts saying she is not his Servant. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani calms him down. He goes. Kalyani asks Sampada to let her help her for Billu for few more days. Sampada goes upset.

Atharv talks to the lawyer and asks him to do something so that Sampada returns to him. Sampada comes to him and hugs from behind. Atharv asks if this is the time to romance. He looks at khichdi on her face and clothes. He says you are looking like a beggar. Sampada cries. He says he loves her whoever she is. Sampada says she wants her son back. Atharv asks her to do as he says.

Malhar is making Billu eat khichdi. Kalyani comes to the window and asks him not to get angry on Sampada, and says truth is that she has to stay with Billu now. Malhar asks her not to favor Sampada. Atharv comes there and asks if their lovey dovey talks are over, and asks Kalyani how dare she to take ration for Moksh from his side of house. He holds Kalyani’s hand and is dragging her with him. Malhar stops him and asks how dare you to touch her. Atharv asks do you want to hit me and asks him to beat him. He says I will see how you hide between two wives pillu. Kalyani asks Atharv not to beat Malhar and says you have made your body with protein and says if you hit malhar ji then he can’t get up from bed for 4 days. Malhar asks what is she saying? Kalyani says she is emotional now. She then asks Sampada to come out, and asks how she liked her acting. She tells Malhar that they want to provoke himn and wanted to show his aggressive side to court, so that Sampada gets Moksh’s custody. She asks Sampada to take care of Billu and stay with Malhar for him. Sampada and Atharv go.

Atul talks to Madhuri’s pics and tells that he took a wrong decision to give Kalyani’s custody to Anupriya, who has ruined her life. Aao Saheb comes there. Atul tells her that kalyani is not bad, and says Malhar and Anupriya poisoned her heart. Aao Saheb says my blood can’t be wrong and says it can be purified. He says your daughter has to go away from Malhar and Moksh, and says although their relation is broken, if she stays near them then they will have unnamed relation. She says we have to separate Anupriya and Kalyani from eachother as their relation is deep.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and asks her to scold her for no reasons. Anupriya asks are you mad? Kalyani asks her to scold her hardly so that her soul gets shaken up. Anupriya asks when she will get off her childishness and scolds her. Kalyani says now she will get digestion as Malhar used to scold her after dinner. She gets teary eyes and cries missing him.

Sampada is trying to make Moksh sleep and thinks how can anyone cry so much, and thinks she was not stubborn like him. She sings Kalyani’s song to make him asleep, but Moksh is still crying. Malhar plays Kalyani’s song on his mobile. Moksh becomes quiet and peaceful. Sampada says she is singing like a crow. Malhar says we, father and son likes crow sound woman rather than clever woman. Sampada gets angry. Malhar comes near her and takes Pillow. He sleeps on the floor beside the cradle. He finds Kalyani’s head phone and smiles. A fb is shown, Malhar plays old song in the tape recorder. Kalyani thinks if he hears sad songs then how he will become romantic. Fb ends. Malhar gets emotional remembering her and smiles.with Malhar smiling thinking about Kalyani and recalling listening to old songs, and Kalyani saying how he will become suitable for love if he hears such sad songs. Fb ends. He comes out of the room and hears Kalyani listening to the same sad song which he used to hear. Kalyani is teary eyes and sad. Pallavi and Aparna ask her to stop playing the song and don’t disturb their sleep. She stops the song on her mobile and looks at Malhar who is standing. Malhar keeps her head phone and is leaving. Kalyani runs to him. He comes back to her. They look at each other. Anupriya wakes up and sees them standing together. Malhar tries to speak, Kalyani also tries to speak. He goes to his room. Kalyani is sad.

Next morning, Anupriya supervises the workers in the factory. Kalyani comes and asks her to come with her. She calls her boring. Anupriya goes to get water. She thinks what to do so that my Aai stop working like robot. She thinks to make workers go, so that Anupriya takes some free time. She appreciates her idea. The workers make excuse and leave. Kalyani gives them kurkure packets. Anupriya sees and asks Kalyani why did she make workers go. Kalyani says today is Sunday and they shall take off. She peeps in Malhar’s room and sees Moksh missing. She hears Aparna calling Sampada and hides. Aparna gives widow saree to Sampada and tells that Malhar went out and will not come back. as Aao Saheb has got his jeep brakes failed. Kalyani gets shocked on hearing this and runs out. She sees malhar leaving in his jeep and runs behind, but he doesn’t hear her. Kalyani takes someone’s bicycle and rides behind his jeep. Malhar tries to stop the jeep and then sees Kalyani in the front mirror of his jeep. She shouts asking him to look infront. Just then a car comes from front and Malhar is about to hit the car. Atharv tells Sampada that he called some nannies to office and asks her to select nanny for Moksh. He asks if Malhar will let you keep nanny. Sampada says how can he take decision of Moksh as he will come to me.

Malhar stops the jeep and says sorry to the car driver. Kalyani gets happy seeing Malhar safe and thanks God. She realizes her cycle brakes failed and gets shocked. Malhar asks her to be careful and tries to stop the cycle. Kalyani falls on Malhar on the road. Song plays…Hazaron me kisi ko…Malhar gets up. Kalyani asks if he is fine? Malhar says first you hit me with cycle and then asking. Kalyani says cycle was not in control and says your jeep brakes are. Malhar asks what happened to it? Just then she gets Anupriya’s call. Sampada tells the court officer that malhar is not at home, and she has to take Moksh for vaccination, but now she can’t take baby now. A fb is shown, Sampada telling Atharv that Aparna and she made Kalyani believed that Malhar’s car brakes are failed. She tells that she called court officer and will tell that Kalyani and Malhar are together and ignored her son’s vaccination. Fb ends. Atharv says Kalyani must be with Malhar. Aparna says he might have called Kalyani to Police station to romance with her. Atul scolds her. Malhar comes home.

Sampada says you would have thought about baby and tells that she knows that he was with Kalyani and likes to spend time with her. She blames him for romancing with Kalyani leaving child unattended and ruining his life. She sees shadow and shouts calling Kalyani to come inside. A ward boy comes inside. Sampada asks Malhar, who is he? Malhar asks are you done with your nonsense? I care more for Moksh than you and says he called the compounder to give vaccination to Moksh. Kalyani comes there with Anupriya and says they went to market to get books. Just then Nannies come there and call Sampada, and says you wanted nanny to take care of your son. Atharv says I called you all in office. Malhar says now nannies will handle my son. Kalyani says how can you take decision without Malhar’s knowledge. She tells the court officer that Sampada has taken help from Atharv and is in his contact. Court officer tells Sampada that she told that Malhar is cheating on her, but the matter is something else. He asks her to end relation with Atharv else baby’s custody will go to Malhar. He goes.

Atharv gets angry on the nannies and asks why did you come home. They tell that they got the message to come home. Anupriya and Kalyani come there and ask them to go. Anupriya says I messaged them to come home. Kalyani says Aai had heard Sampada and you wanted to trap me and called nannies to office for interview. She says it was a bad planning and asks Sampada if she thinks she can only tricks others. She asks her to keep proving that she is a good mother in court. Atharv thinks to separate Moksh from Malhar.


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