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My heart knows on zee world, Tuesday 2nd November 2021

My heart knows Tuesday 2 November 2021 updates: Kalyani sees Anu’s burnt hand and asks who did it. Anu says when did she say someone poured hot oil on her hand. Kalyani applies ointment on her hand and says she always insulted her, but she took care of her selflessly. Anu asks her to show her sympathy on her family and not her. Kalyani thinks she has to gain Anu’s trust and knows what to do.Kalyani goes to Neha’s house and tries to convince her parents to get Neha married to Atharva. Father says how can they when they don’t know about boy properly. Kalyani says he is tall and handsome with fit body, etc. Father asks what about family. Kalyani says he is from Aao Saheb’s family. Father excitedly asks if he is from Bapat Gaon’s Ahilya Deshmukh’s family, then he is fine with this alliance. Kalyani congratulates Neha.Kalyani returns home and sees Aao Saheb asking pandit to find a good wedding muharath. Aao Saheb sees Kalyani says here the girl came in and dorns bridal veil on her. Kalyani excitedly asks if she is really getting married, she can wear beautiful clothes and jewelry and take selfies, can go on foreign trip, she is lucky to marry at 17 years. Pandit says he cannot get a juvenile girl married and leaves. Aparna yells. Kalyani confronts and says she fixed Atharva’s alliance with her girlfriend. Pallavi yells who dare she is to fix her brother’s alliance. Kalyani says Neha is famous jeweler’s daughter. Pallavi gets excited and says jeweler has many branches. Kalyani says they are coming tonight to meet Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb yells how dare she is to fix alliance being a 17 year old. Kalyani asks just her her marriage is fixed. Aao Saheb angrily walks into her room. Anu thinks how this girl is so intelligent in such a tender age. After sometime, Pallavi gives ras malai to Kalyani and thanks her for fixing Atharva’s alliance in a rich family. Anu is busy stitching clothes when her devar enters and asks to sign papers. Kalyani passes by and asks to read and sign then. Anu says she does not know English. Kalyani reads it and asks Anu if she has any land in her name. Anu says her parents gifted her a land during her wedding. Kalyani says she has to get yearly rent for that land and Chachaji and bua/aunt are taking that money making her sign consent agreement. Aparna yells they deserve it for taking care of Anu till now. Anu says she would have used that money for Kalyani and other children’s education. Kalyani tears papers and warns Aparna that nobody can dare to snatch Anu’s right. Aao Saheb takes Anu out and says she is so worried about children’s education and did not sign consent papers, throws children’s books on burning stones laid for black topping and asks her to save them before man sprinkles water on them. Anu walks on burning stones and picks books. Aparna enters and splashes water on Anu. Kalyani throws plastic sheet on Anu to protect her and splashes water back on Aparna. Aparna runs away. Anu says she is illiterate and values education, she wants to save money for Kalyani and other children’s education. Kalyani asks why is she born in this cruel age and takes oath to teach Anu.Kalyani teaches English to Anu and showing alphabets says A for Anupriya, B for bad against which she has to fight, C for can which Anupriya can. Anu says she does not to learn at this age. Kalyani punishes herself with ruler saying she will punish herself if Anu does not learn. Anu says it is not possible for her. Kalyani raises stick to beat herself. Anu say A for apple. Kalyani excitedly asks to repeat. Anu says enough for today, she has to go and sleep with Sampada as Malhar has gone out of station. Kalyani says she will sleep with Sampada, Anus should sleep early, else she will be sleepy during Neha and Atharva’s engagement.Kalyani goes to sleep with Sampada and sings serial’s title song for Sampada’s baby. Baby kicks. Sampada excitedly says it is first time. Kalyani excitedly says she will sing more, her bonding will be strong with this baby. Sampada falls asleep. Someone throws letter on Kalyani. Kalyani reads letter that he is waiting for her since long and wants to meet her. She runs out and asks who is it. A blanket wearing man walks behind her, but when she turns, she does not find anyone. She shouts who is the coward, come in front of her. Next morning, Kalyani informs whole incidence to family and practices karate move. Anu says who must be eyeing on Kalyani. Kalyani says she knows karate and will chop off romeo. Phone rings. Malhar asks to give him number. Phone rings again from different number. Malhar asks to switch on phone. Kalyani does and yells to dare come in front of her, she will trash him with her karate moves. Telecom operator speaks. Family relaxes. Kalyani returns to her room. Anu gets her traditional dress and says people are eyeing on her due too her clothes, she should wear proper ones. Kalyani says she will not change for people’s wrong thinking. Anu requests to wear them for her sake. Kalyani picks scissors. Anu gets tensed. Kalyani cuts price tag and says she will definitely wear it for her. Pallavi walks in and says gives sari to Anu saying Neha’s family sent saris to servants. Kalyani asks how dare she is to call Anu as servant, she should wear it instead. Pallavi yells. Kalyani says Anu deserves the respect Pallavi and Aparna gets. Anu stops her. Kalyani takes oath to get Anu the respect she deserves and change family’s behavior towards her.Atharava and Neha’s engagement ceremony starts. Aao Saheb tells Neha that she will be part of family after accepting pooja thali. She asks Pallavi to exchange thali. Pallavi excitedly comes forward and starts scratch due to sudden itching attack. Kalyani reminisces sprinkling itching powder on Pallavi’s sari and asks her to and take a bathe. Pallavi leaves scratching. Lady asks Anu to exchange thali. Anu does while Aparna and Aao Saheb stand fuming. Kalyani asks Anu to apply kumkum on her forehead. Aparna yells Anu cannot. Kalyani says though Anu’s husband does not stay with her, it is not Anu’s mistake, so Anu can apply Seeta maa’s sindoor. She applies sindoor on her forehead and then applies it on Anu’s. Aparna and Aao Saheb stand fuming.


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