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My heart knows on zee world, Tuesday 22nd February 2022

My heart knows Tuesday 22 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with the guest lady telling Aao Saheb that she is seeing these arrangements for the first time. Aao Saheb says it was Kalyani’s wish, Atharv made the arrangements following all customs and have bend down infront of Kalyani’s stubbornness. Guest lady asks if Malhar has no objection with the marriage. Aao Saheb says it was not marriage, Malhar acted with her. Atul is happy for Kalyani’s marriage and tells Sarthak that he will not be upset today and says I hope Malhar don’t do anything wrong. Sarthak says Malhar is not at home, he left early morning. Some ladies come there. Aao Saheb tells that Kalyani wants to play sindoor khel with the ladies and says Pandit ji says it is auspicious if they stay here. She thinks what Kalyani thought that she can elope with their help and thinks the game will be hers. Sarthak sees the veiled ladies asking someone (Anupriya) to stand carefully. The guest lady asks about Kalyani. Kalyani comes there and thinks of Malhar’s words. Atul compliments his daughter and asks her to do Mata darshan.

Sampada tells Kalyani that she won’t let this marriage happen until she is alive. She asks why the marriage is happening now, it was scheduled for the night. Kalyani pretends to talk to Billu and tells her that she will not marry Atharv. She asks her to act to fight with her when she stands up. Kalyani stands up and asks her not to keep blaming her and threatening her taking Billu’s name. Sampada says you are doing wrong and will be cursed. Aao Saheb asks her to leave the house if she don’t want to attend the marriage. She says Atharv is excitedly marrying Kalyani and Kalyani is very mature to marry him. The groom comes to the venue and dances. Kalyani thinks Malhar got into Atharv’s character fully and thinks sehra might fall down. Sarthak tells that he has no objection with Atharv as Kalyani has accepted him. He hugs him thinking Malhar is in the Sehra and tells him that Atharv’s men is around and tells that Anupriya is here with the ladies. Atharv sits in the mandap. Sarthak tells him that Atharv might be thinking that we will not find Anupriya. He asks her not to tell Kalyani else she will be more worried. Kalyani tells him that he shall not dance so excitedly and says if someone comes to know then..Aao Saheb tells her that she has entire life to talk to Atharv. She thinks if Malhar gets married to her then Moksh’s custody will go to Sampada. Aao Saheb asks Atul to take care of Sarpanch when he comes. Sarthak looks at her.


Kalyani tells Atharv thinking him to be Malhar that Sampada will snatch Moksh’s custody from him if he marries her. She asks God to help her and stop this marriage drama. Sarthak comes to the ladies and gives them wet tissues and asks them to give to everyone. He thinks once sindoor is removed from the face, I can identify Anupriya. Atharv and Kalyani exchange garland. Atul does their ghatbandhan. Kalyani thinks why Malhar is not taking her words seriously. Pandit ji asks them to take the rounds. They start the rounds. Kalyani asks him why he is not saying anything. Atharv moves the Sehra and recalls making Malhar unconscious. Kalyani asks him why is he silent. Pandit ji says three rounds are left now. Just then a lady falls down. Sarthak sprinkles water on her face and she is someone else. Atharv finally speaks up and tells Kalyani that Maai is not there. He shows his face shocking her. Atharv asks what do you think that Constable and you will win. Atul asks what happened? Pandit ji asks them to tie the ghatbandhan fast and says 2 mins remaining for the shubh mahurat to end. Atharv says if we take the rounds now then mahurat will end and says they shall do sindoor rasam first and then take the remaining rounds. Atul tells Pandit ji that he agrees with Atharv. Atharv is about to fill Kalyani’s maang with sindoor when Sarthak shouts and asks him to stop.


Atharv’s goon hits Sarthak. Kalyani says kaka. Atul says I will attend Sarthak. Atharv asks Kalyani to marry him if she wants Anupriya and Malhar fine. Kalyani prays to Durga Maa to save her. Anupriya is tied behind the Goddess and frees her hand. the bengali woman playing the shank. Maa shera wali plays….Anupriya is tied behind the Durga Maa idol. Atharv is about to fill Kalyani’s maang with sindoor. Anupriya frees her hand and sees sindoor in Atharv’s hand. She thinks how to stop the marriage and tries to take the sword from the Goddess idol’s hand. She finally gets it and throws on Atharv’s hand. Everyone is shocked and looks at the idol, Anupriya is still behind the idol. Sarthak thinks how can the idol throw the sword. He asks Kalyani to run away and says Durga Maa don’t want this marriage to happen. Atharv asks her not to run and says Maai will feel bad. Anupriya frees her other hand. Kalyani runs out. Atharv runs behind her. Kalyani throws the stuff on him and asks him not to come near her. She threatens to put kerosene oil on him. Aao Saheb asks why she is acting mad? Atul says you was happy to marry him for my happiness. Atharv asks why she is showing madness. Kalyani asks do you want to see my madness and pours kerosene oil around her, and sets the fire. Everyone is shocked. Kalyani asks Devimaa to save Anupriya as well, like she saved her. Atharv’s goon beat Sarthak. Anupriya frees her other hand. Sarthak sees her and runs to her. He says you was tied here. Anupriya asks her about Kalyani. Sarthak says she ran. Anupriya says Atharv will not let Kalyani go easily. Atul asks Atharv to save her. Atharv says your daughter should have thought before setting the fire. Atul is shocked. Kalyani thinks Atharv must have done something with Malhar ji. Sampada tries to make Malhar to gain consciousness and says if you don’t get up then Atharv will marry Kalyani.

Atharv tells Kalyani that he will marry her taking rounds around this fire and fill her maang with sindoor. Kalyani says even Devi maa is with me and will not let this marriage happen. Atharv takes sindoor in his hand and says once this fire is set off, I will fill your maang with sindoor. Anupriya comes there holding trishul and says you will marry if you are left alive. Kalyani shouts Aai and asks if she is fine. Anupriya says yes and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She comes infront of Atharv and keeps trishul on his neck. Atharv says you know really well, how dangerous I am. Anupriya asks him to be silent and says if you utter a word then I will put you on fire. She says you want to marry Kalyani forcibly, I will see how you forces her. Atul asks Anupriya why she went to Kashi if she is so worried about Kalyani. Anupriya says she will save her now. Kalyani feels drowsy. Atharv says evil will win in this kalyug. He snatches trishul and is about to stab Anupriya. Malhar comes and holds the trishul with his hand. Everyone is shocked.


Malhar says Maa ka sher is her rakshak also not only vahan. He pushes Atharv. Atul asks Malhar not to interfere. Malhar says nobody shall interfere, not even you. He asks Anupriya if she is fine. Anupriya asks him to see Kalyani first. Malhar jumps in the fire and holds Kalyani just as she falls down. Kalyani asks if Aai is fine? Malhar says yes. Kalyani faints. Atharv says I will marry Kalyani now and asks Pallavi to read the mantras. Atul says marriage can’t happen when she is unconsciousness. Atharv’s goons come and hold Sarthak. Atharv says he will fill sindoor in Kalyani’s forehead today. Malhar asks him to come there and says I will tell you today and says Kalyani was never yours. He fills her maang with his blood and gets up holding her in his arms. Anupriya and Sarthak are happy. Atharv jumps in the fire and says you can’t snatch my bride. Malhar says I have snatched already and asks him to stop it if he can. He says who is Bapat’s father, Malhar Rane….Atharv breaks kerosene oil bottle and says I will witness this fire and completes the rounds and marriage with kalyani. Malhar hits him with his forehead and makes him fall down. Atharv says I will give this fire to your forehead.


Atharv asks goons to hold Malhar. He goes inside the room and sits on bed. Anupriya goes to room and sees him sitting smiling on the bed. Malhar hits goons holding Kalyani in his hand and takes rounds unintentionally. Anupriya asks Atharv what is all this? Atharv says there is so much drama and asks her to make ginger tea. He says I want to rest now. He asks her to sit and says your daughter is married now, now we can go to kashi yatra. Sampada comes and says why you both, we there. She says even burden is off my head now. The goons continue to attack Malhar and he continues to beat them.


Anupriya says what you are saying? Atharv says I have to make you understand all. He says it all happened. A fb is shown, Sampada comes infront of Atharv’s car. Atharv asks her to die infront of Malhar’s car and scolds her for wearing short clothes. Sampada says she is wearing these clothes to make Kalyani jealous and says if it is proved that they have relation then the baby’s custody will come to her. Atharv says they are very clever, we have to do something big. He says that’s why I sent goons to hotel who caught them together. He says then I asked Kalyani’s hand in marriage and was sure that Atul will not refuse. He says he made Malhar helpless and made him marry Kalyani.


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