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My heart knows on zee world, Tuesday 1st February 2022

My heart knows Tuesday 1 February  2022 update: The Episode starts with Aao Saheb telling Atul that she did a big mistake by not identifying Malhar’s true nature, and says I was flown in emotions thinking about him and his kid. I didn’t know that Malhar whom I loved like my grand son is a devil. She tells that Malhar has ruined our lived and snatched my Wada from me and kept us like a Servants. She says your Appa is not in this world because of you. Sarthak asks Aao Saheb to tell in which circumstances, Malhar married kalyani. Atul shouts and says I don’t want to listen and says I will kill Malhar, and presses his neck. Kalyani asks Atul to leave him and asks Sarthak to help him. Sarthak asks Atul to leave Malhar and says everyone is blaming him, but nobody is seeing his condition. He says this family specially Sampada has done injustice with Malhar. Atul says I don’t accept this marriage.



Anupriya tells Atul that even she was against this marriage, but whatever happened is for good. Kalyani couldn’t get better husband than Malhar. Atul pushes her on floor and says when she will not have sindoor then the husband will not be there. He tries to wipe her sindoor. Kalyani stops holding his hand and says why don’t you understand. She says Malhar is really nice and I am really happy with him. She says you are blaming Aai and tells that you and Madhuri are guilty of her. She tells that Aai also loved her facing her humiliation, and tells that his family members kicked her out of house, but Aai helped her. She says do you want to know whom I love first and tells that she loves her Aai first and not you or Madhuri. Atul cries. Kalyani and Anupriya cries. Atul sits and cries, says you have ruined your life. Kalyani says I am very happy with him and says Malhar ji, my Billu are happy me like a family. She asks him to accept their family and says you didn’t meet your grand son and says he is very cute and she feels very happy to be called as his Aai. She goes to get Moksh from inside.


Atul cries badly. Kalyani brings Moksh to Atul and says he is Billu and he understands me fully. She says she has special raabta with him and when he is with her, she forgets all the pain and troubles, and says I love him very much. Atul tells Anupriya that this is not my Kalyani and says what are you saying? He says you have changed a lot and says you are modern, progressive girl. He says you are happy becoming a mother. Kalyani says a person have to change with circumstances. Atul says this is not your words and blames Malhar. He says you have snatched my daughter’s dreams. Her says you have cut her feathers and ruined her identity. He says you will understand my pain if your son’s dreams are snatched from him. Kalyani asks what happened to you Papa. Atul keeps Malhar’s hand on Moksh’s head and asks him to swear on his son that he didn’t ruin Kalyani’s life.


Kalyani says they are my family now. Atul says this marriage is done to take revenge from me and asks her to ask him if he loves her. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar turns his face. Atul says if no, then you will not stay with him and will come with me. He asks her to ask Malhar. Kalyani looks at Malhar with hopeful eyes and thinks he shall lie and stop her. Malhar says you had already done many sacrifices for Moksh and me, and I have always doubted on you and given you pain. He asks her to forgive her and says you don’t have to bear any more hatred of mine. He takes Moksh from her and asks her to go with her Baba. Anupriya asks what are you doing? Atul says I know that he don’t love you and says I will not let you become second Anupriya. Kalyani asks Malhar if she is a cloth which he is throwing when he wants and asks him to react and tell something. She tells that she don’t care if he gives her hatred or love, but she knows that he is her family. She says you and Billu are my family. Malhar says your father is right, you have the right to fly high. Anupriya says you have taken responsibility of her education. Malhar says Kalyani shall go with her baba.


Kalyani says I need my Billu. Atul asks her to come with him and says I will make you see the dreams again and says I will not let you ruin your life being with Malhar. Kalyani cries as Atul drags her to take her. Malhar cries. Moksh looks at her. Kalyani holds Moksh’s hand, but Atul tries to take her inside. Rabba song plays….Kalyani holds the iron door and gets her hand injured. Malhar sees her injured hand and cries. He feels apologetic and thinks he can’t bear anymore accusations.


Moksh cries in room. Malhar says baba is with you and says we both are habituated to Kalyani, but circumstances change with time and humans shall change too. Sarthak scolds Malhar for not hearing Kalyani and letting her go. Malhar says just like you didn’t tell me about my mum’s death thinking about me, I let Kalyani go as I thought that it will be better for her to free from this relation. He says she is happy. Sarthak says she was very happy to separate from her son. He says you can’t take decisions of her life and says I was wrong then, and now you are wrong. He asks him to trust atleast Kalyani’s tears. Malhar says I don’t want to be selfish, we shall let her go, Moksh shall get habituated to live without her. Kalyani asking Atul to understand that Moksh needs her. She hears Moksh crying and tells Atul that he gets silent only in her lap. Atul stops her. Anupriya says when Kalyani is happy with her marriage then what we can do. Atul scolds her and tells that I have come to make my daughter’s life better. Kalyani says neither you nor Malhar have the right to take decision of me. She is about to go out and sees Aao Saheb standing infront of her. Aao Saheb tells her that Atul is right and now Sampada will take care of Moksh. Kalyani says malhar ji…and Sampada not to touch her son. Aao Saheb tells that that malhar is getting arrested for Rao Saheb’s death. Kalyani runs out and tells Police that Malhar is innocent. Inspector tells that they got orders from high authorities. Aao Saheb says she will not let him come out. Sarthak says you can’t arrest him without the orders. Malhar says I don’t need anyone and asks Kalyani to take Moksh. He then realizes. Aparna takes Moksh. Sampada tells that Moksh shall get habitual to live without Kalyani and Moksh. Kalyani shouts at her, and tells that Malhar is innocent and tells that he didn’t force him to commit suicide. Inspector says Rao Saheb didn’t leave any suicide note. Kalyani says she saw notice note in the room and runs to room. She asks Anupriya to search in the room. Sampada asks Inspector to take the criminal with him. Kalyani searches for the letter. Aao Saheb says she will not not let Kalyani make fun of Rao Saheb’s death. Kalyani gets the letter. Aao Saheb tries to snatch it. Kalyani gets it back and gives to Inspector. Vivek tells that Appa’s body is taken for last rites. Aao Saheb asks inspector not to open the letter until his last rites is done. Kalyani thinks now Malhar don’t have to go to jail.


Appa’s last rites is done. Malhar cries and tells Sarthak that he didn’t want this to happen. Aao Saheb asks Inspector, can I read the letter. She reads the letter that Malhar threatened to beat him until he die, and that’s why he is giving himself easy death. Kalyani says Malhar ji didn’t do anything, I was there. Atul slaps Kalyani and says it is proved. He tells that he doesn’t want to listen to her. He blames Malhar for Appa’s death. He takes the firewood and tells that he will not leave Malhar. Sarthak says I was there, and Malhar was innocent. Anupriya says Malhar never threatened to kill Appa. Aao Saheb asks her not to insult the dead person and asks what do you mean that the dead person lied.


Kalyani reads the letter and is shocked. She says same thing is written. Aao Saheb thanks Kalyani and says I will get justice now. She thanks Aao Saheb to proving Malhar’s crime. Kalyani says this suicide note is fake and tells that she is always on Malhar’s side. Inspector takes the suicide note. Malhar tells Kalyani that he had a doubt that she will take revenge from him some day, but didn’t know that she will do this way. Sarthak tries to talk. Malhar says I am talking to my wife. Atul calls him as criminal and holds his collar. Malhar looks angrily at him. Kalyani says how can you think that I will take revenge. Malhar says everyone knows that the content in the letter is fake and says if I am proved guilty today is just because of you. He says I was fool to trust you, and asks why did she do this. He asks if she did this as her family members matter to her a lot or if because he separated her from Moksh. Anupriya says why Kalyani will do this? Malhar says you both have broken my trust once and now again. Kalyani says I will not say anything, he thinks I am a betrayal and tells that he will not believe me if I say anything. Malhar says I left you and freed you from Moksh and my responsibilities, and says when this relation didn’t mean anything then why it is there. He holds her hand and tells that he will break their marriage.


Anupriya tries to stop Malhar. Atul holds her hand. Malhar takes reverse round with Kalyani around the pyre fire. Pandit ji says you can’t do any marriage rituals around the pyre and asks Aao Saheb to stop him. Malhar leaves Kalyani and goes with Inspector. Kalyani sits in shock. Anupriya hugs her. Kalyani cries.



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