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My heart knows on zee world, Thursday 2nd December 2021

My heart knows Thursday 2 December 2021 update: The Episode starts with Anupriya threatening the examiner to make the video viral in which he refused to let Kalyani write the exam as she carried baby to examination hall. Kalyani comes there. Examiner asks Anupriya to delete the video and lets Kalyani come inside. Kalyani says you got affected because of me. Examiner asks her to write the exam and gives paper. He says you have just 45 mins time and asks Anupriya to delete the video. Aao Saheb calls Pallavi and tells that even now she feels hungry. Pallavi says I am searching Maayi to serve you food. Aao saheb says Anupriya told me that she is going to temple. Pallavi says aarti plate is at home. Workers come and give them Prasad. Pallavi asks where is Maayi? Gowde kaku tells that she was not in the temple. Pallavi tries to provoke Aao Saheb against Anupriya.

Aao Saheb asks her to give her food in 5 mins. She thinks why did Anupriya lie. Kalyani thinks she forgot to write writing pad and handles baby. She sees Anupriya not having extra pen and throws extra pen towards her. Anupriya picks it and writes the exam. Kalyani takes out bottle and feeds the baby while writing her exam. Anupriya sees how kalyani is struggling. Baby holds her pen. Kalyani asks him to leave her pen and says please. Malhar reaches home and calls Aparna. He asks if Kalyani got baby have polio dose before going. He thinks where did Aai go? Kalyani takes out the handkerchief and the answer chits falls on the ground. Examiner asks Kalyani if she brought chits. Kalyani says no. Examiner asks Anupriya to make video. Kalyani says I didn’t know how these chits came to me. She says she didn’t copy. Examiner asks her to come to Principal’s office else he has to call security. He asks another examiner to handle the class. Anupriya is about to go behind Kalyani, but the other examiner stops her. Examiner complains to Principal about Kalyani hiding chits in baby’s items. Malhar comes there and shouts at her. He says I came to give you writing pad. Kalyani says I didn’t know how these chits came in Billu’s handkerchief. Malhar takes the baby and asks how dare you to use my baby for cheating. Principal says we didn’t know that she is your wife. Malhar asks them to punish her. Kalyani says this is not my handwriting and writes on the paper, but Malhar doesn’t see it and blames her. Anupriya gives her answer paper and comes to Principal’s office. She tells that Kalyani can’t cheat and asks Principal to check the hand writing. Malhar comes home. Aparna acts and asks about the baby. She says she went out for 5 mins and Kalyani took baby with her. Malhar says he got a call that Kalyani is caught cheating. Aparna recalls keeping chits in Billu’s handkerchief.

Malhar shows the chit to Aparna and says it is your hand writing. Aparna says it is not her hand writing. Malhar says I know your hand writing. Aparna apologizes and tells that she wants Kalyani to stay at home and handle the baby. Malhar says again lie and tells that you are worried that Kalyani and I may get close. He laughs and says I have hatred for Kalyani, just as I have hatred for Sampada. Kalyani comes home and tells that she wants to tell him that Principal let her write the exam, as he was sure that the handwriting is not hers. Malhar recalls telling Principal about the truth by calling him. Kalyani asks Aparna to know about the syllabus before making chits else you will caught like this time. She tells that you will not believe me if I tell you that the handkerchief was of Aparna, and says I will not try to make you believe. She says I didn’t cheat and that’s enough for me. She takes baby from his hand. Anupriya comes home. Aao Saheb asks why did you lie to me. Pallavi says workers told us everything. Anupriya gives her sweets box and says she didn’t go to the nearest temple, but instead she went to Khandoba’s temple to do mannat for saree order completion. Aao Saheb looks at Pallavi. Anupriya gives sweet box as Prasad. Vivek brings money. Aao Saheb asks him. He says yes. Pallavi says Godaveri’s baba will handle everything and takes bag from his hand, says she will keep it safely inside. Anupriya says financial matters was handled by Aao Saheb only in this house, so this time too she will handle the financial matters. Vivek says because of Aao Saheb, this house is gone to Malhar. Anupriya says no, this money will be with Aao Saheb only and handed over the bag to her. Aao Saheb takes him and goes to her room.Vivek bringing money. Pallavi says Vivek will handle everything and takes money bag from his hand. Anypriya says Aao Saheb has handled all financial matters till now so she will handle it now also. She takes money bag from her and gives to Aao Saheb. Pallavi thinks to steal the money in the night. Kalyani brings tea for Malhar. Malhar asks her to keep it. Kalyani says she didn’t do any cheating. Malhar asks her to do a work rather than saying same thing. Malhar says if you would have been worried about baby then would have searched pandit for baby’s naamkaran. Kalyani asks what is it? Malhar says it is the ceremony to name the baby. Kalyani says she kept his name Pillu. Malhar says what he will be called Pillu Malhar Rane. Kalyani laughs. Malhar asks her to make the arrangements and says he will call Pandit. Kalyani says what we will name him? Malhar says I will think and asks if her namesake mum taught her home breaking just. Kalyani cleans the house and wipes the floor. Aparna comes and makes the place dirty with her muddy slippers. Kalyani gets upset. Aparna threatens her not to show her eyes and says I can make Kalyani believe that Malhar is in my control. She asks Kalyani to make the place clean fast. She sees Malhar and starts acting. Kalyani cleans the floor again and goes. She brings the broom and cleans the walls. She throws fake lizard on Aparna. Aparna shouts and runs. Malhar comes just then. Aparna says she will clean the house and do the remaining work. Malhar sees the artificial lizard and smiles. Kalyani searches for the lizard later. Malhar asks her if she is searching this and gives real lizard to her. She shouts. Malhar gives her artificial lizard and asks what she wants to prove that Aayi don’t want to do work. He says I want you to do all the work and asks her not to disturb him while he searches his baby’s name. Malhar talks to the Constable

. Kalyani sees weird names and swallows the papers, thinking she won’t let him keep these names for baby. Malhar turns and sees her eating paper. Kalyani says I won’t let you keep these names. Malhar asks her to open her mouth and takes out the paper. He asks if she is stupid and tells that it is criminals names. Kalyani comes out and collides with Pallavi. Chloroform bottle falls down. Kalyani picks it and asks Aao Saheb to question her. Pallavi says her son’s teacher asked for it, to make the frog unconscious. Anupriya and Kalyani have an argument. Pallavi comes to Aao Saheb’s room and sprays chloroform on Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb. Both of them wake up and ask what she is doing there? Pallavi acts as if she is walking in sleep. Anupriya thinks it is good that she changed the chloroform with water. She thinks Vivek and Pallavi are not trustable. Anupriya calls Kalyani in the night itself. Kalyani goes out of room to meet her and gets emotional. Song plays…..

Anupriya doesn’t tell her anything and looks at her smilingly. Kalyani also smiles. They sit on the stairs. Anupriya thanks Kalyani and asks how did you like her act, when she scolded her infront of Aao Saheb. Kalyani says you are pro, expert. She says we have to act to be angry with each other. She says if Aao Saheb or Malhar came to know that we are united and are a team then it will be problematic. She says we have to act so that we can keep an eye on Pallavi and Aparna. Anupriya feels bad for her. Kalyani says I can face any trouble and asks her to keep loving her always, and says I can’t bear anything, but not your anger. She rests her head on Anupriya’s shoulder. Anupriya also cries. Kalyani says I love you Aai. Anupriya says Me too.


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