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My heart knows on zee world, Sunday 27th February 2022

My heart knows Sunday 27 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani if she will do anything by doing this and tells that Moksh will be the one who gets hurt the most. Kalyani blames herself for Sampada’s decision to keep Moksh in baby day care. She punishes herself. Malhar tries to stop her and gets hurt himself. Kalyani says sorry and calls herself stupid. Malhar shouts and asks who said that you are stupid. He says no and says I am habitual to bear the pain, but don’t increase my pain by hurting yourself. He says I can’t see you in pain. Kalyani says I am sorry and looks at him. Pehli nazar se….plays….Malhar is sitting on the chair. Anupriya and Kalyani come near him. Anupriya signs Kalyani. Kalyani gives her ointment. Anupriya asks Malhar to apply it on his hand. Malhar applies ointment and goes after thanking her. Anupriya gives the ointment to Kalyani. Kalyani says if I had given him then he wouldn’t have taken it. She thanks her and asks her to get the number of the baby day care where Sampada is going to leave Moksh. Anupriya goes.


Atharv finds Constable keeping wine bottles in the factory. He catches him. Malhar makes a heroic entry. Atharv asks do you want to trap me? Malhar says I trapped you already. He calls officers infront of whom Atharv is proved guilty of keeping illegal wine. Officer asks Malhar to seal the factory. Malhar asks Atharv to tell Mugdha’s address. Atharv says you didn’t do right and took the wrong path to get her address. He refuses to give her address. Malhar says this is a father who can go to any length to get his son.

Aparna tells Aao Saheb that Maai is coming. Anupriya comes. Aao Saheb acts as fallen in the bathroom yesterday. Aparna blames Anupriya for leaving soapy water in the bathroom after washing clothes. Anupriya says she didn’t leave the soap water. Anupriya offers to take her to room and says she will not go to college today. Aao Saheb says your daughter will scold us. Anupriya says she will not say anything and takes Aao Saheb with her.

Kalyani sees Alka’s call on Malhar’s mobile and asks Kalyani to go from there. Kalyani is surprised. Malhar takes Alka’s call and asks her to do as he said and says Kalyani shall not know day care address. He thinks if she comes to know then she will leave her studies and go there. He keeps phone in the room and goes. Kalyani checks his phone and thinks he never kept password then why now? She thinks what could be the password.

Anupriya gets the address of the balwadi and thinks to inform Kalyani. Atul takes the address chit and asks her to stop ruining her life. He picks her books and says he will sell the books. Anupriya asks him to sell it, but don’t tell anything to Kalyani. Anupriya gives the address to Kalyani and says Atul has torn the chit, but I remember it. Kalyani says she wants to talk to her about Malhar ji and will talk while going to college. Anupriya says today I am not coming to college as Aao Saheb is unwell. Kalyani says I will talk to her, she is acting. Anupriya stops her and says she shall help her as she is head of the house. She asks her to meet Moksh and go to college. Kalyani says you are bunking college today and expecting me to go. She leaves.

The Manager asks the employee to take care of Moksh as today is the first day. The lady shouts at Moksh who is crying and tells that she is not his mum to bear him. She asks him to drink milk. Kalyani comes there through the window and scolds the lady for shouting at her son. Lady asks who are you? Kalyani says I am his mum and left him here thinking he will be in good care. Manager comes and checks her pic. He tells that this the same girl whose pic Sampada has sent and asked not to let her meet Moksh. Watchman comes and throws her out. Manager threatens to call Police. Kalyani says if Malhar will know then? She apologizes and asks him not to tell Police, says she is very afraid of Police. Manager agrees and asks her to go. the Nanny/Aaya telling the Manager that she can’t handle the baby, as he cries and don’t drink milk. Manager says he is the rich house baby and asks her to handle. Kalyani comes there and says she is Kashi Bai. She says you gave adv in the newspaper. She takes Moksh and he keeps quiet and smiles. Kalyani says he came quiet in my lap. Manager says your job is fix. Kalyani thanks him.

Malhar comes there and says he is ACP Malhar Rane and the father of Moksh. Manager asks him not to worry and says they are taking good care of Moksh. He says Moksh is happy in the lap of this aaya. Malhar asks can I ask her something.

Sarthak comes to Anupriya and gives her notes. Anupriya thanks him. Sarthak says I am thinking to do PhD. Atul calls her. Anupriya asks Sarthak to hide seeing Atul. Sarthak falls in the well. Atul comes there and asks what fell inside. Anupriya says rope. He asks her to come and massage Aao Saheb’s feet. She says ok. Once he goes, she asks Sarthak to come out of well. Sarthak comes out holding the rope. Anupriya asks are you fine? Sarthak says I stopped my breath for few seconds. He talks about childhood incident. He says I will go now else I have to jump again.

Malhar sees Kalyani and thinks everything is in your hand Ganapati bappa. He asks her not to be afraid seeing his uniform and says I will ask you 2-3 questions. He asks about her name. She says Kashi bai todpode. He asks about her residence. She gives some address. He asks her to make the baby sleep and asks who is in your house. Kalyani says she is having husband who drinks wine and her children also drink and says milk. Malhar looks at her feet and realizes she is Kalyani. He thinks I should have understood firstly that only Kalyani can do such wonder. He asks her to sit. He tells her that she handles baby more nicely than Kalyani. Kalyani thinks why he is comparing me with any woman. Malhar flirts with her and sits beside her. Kalyani says if your wife comes to know then? Malhar says my wife will not know and asks her to come with me to drink tea. She gets angry and says you want to drink coffee. She beats him and holds his neck. Malhar says I will not tease any girl. It is her imagination. Malhar thinks Kalyani will explode her anger in anytime. Kalyani says she doesn’t like coffee. Malhar thinks he don’t want to pull her fake hairs here. Kalyani thinks he is romantic outside, but angry man at home. He thinks he won’t let her bunk her college anymore and asks Manager to throw her off from the job, as she knows nothing about the baby care. Kalyani is shocked and thinks he is a flirt and asked Manager to fire her as she refused to go with him. Manager asks Kalyani to go somewhere and search the job. Kalyani asks him to keep her secretly and requests her. She begs infront of him. Manager agrees and asks him to hide when Malhar comes.

Atharv tells Sampada that he thought that Malhar will not trouble him, but he is troubling him to know about Mugdha. He says we will go out of country. Sampada says they can’t go as it is against court orders and falls with him on the bed. She comes out and tells Aparna that she handles Atharv and made him quiet. She says woman shall know how to fulfill their wish. Aparna says you was good at handling Malhar and Atharv. Kalyani hears them and thinks she shall fulfill Malhar’s wishes.

Malhar comes home. Kalyani tells him that she attended all the classes today. Malhar asks her not to worry about moksh. Kalyani says she is concentrating on studies. Malhar says I went there today and met two aaya, but one was vulgar. Kalyani says as she didn’t agree to go for coffee with him. Malhar asks what did you say? Kalyani says nothing. She asks him to take the towel and go to bath. Malhar asks if you are my mother? He goes asking her to study. Kalyani thinks Malhar will become fine after tonight


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