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My heart knows on zee world, Sunday 20th February 2022

My heart knows Sunday 20 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with Kalyani threatening to kill Atharv if he does something with her Aai. Atharv asks her to kill him and covers his own head with polythene. Kalyani asks if he has gone mad. Atharv says if I die then who will tell about your Aai’s whereabouts. Kalyani cries. Atharv asks if I like to tie cloth on your mum’s face, but you are not listening. He asks her not to cry and asks her to wear the dress brought by him. He says there will be fun in the party, we will enjoy and that constable too. In the party, Atharv tells Atul and everyone that he has surprise for them. Kalyani comes there holding her dress. Malhar gets upset. Atharv says I know Kalyani will look beautiful in this dress. Malhar pushes the table near Atharv and asks what is all this? Atharv says she is my would be wife. Malhar tells him that Kalyani is very uncomfortable in this dress. Atharv asks Kalyani. Kalyani says she is not uncomfortable. Aao saheb asks if Atharv has no objections then who are you to object. Malhar asks Atul to say something and says Kalyani is feeling ashamed in this dress. Kalyani shouts Malhar ji and asks who are you to interfere in my life, says did I tell you that I am uncomfortable in this dress and says I like it as it is given by Atharv. She says you are nothing in my life and asks him to go from there. Malhar says I didn’t hold your hand to leave you, I will not leave you. Kalyani gets emotional too. Atharv throws cold drink or wine on Malhar’s head. Kalyani shouts Atharv and cries. Malhar says he is silent as he is worried for maai. Kalyani regrets to insult him.



Atul comes to Malhar and asks him to start afresh with Sampada and says it is better for Kalyani also. Malhar says you are away from Kalyani since many months. Atul says I know her since her childhood. Malhar says you don’t know what Kalyani likes or dislikes. Atharv tells the guests that they want to know about the surprise. He shows the diamond kept there. Pallavi asks if it is real? She says it might be real when you have bought. Atharv says it is nothing infront of Kalyani. He says I know Mumbai and Pune girls like the guys who bend down on their knees and propose them. He bends down on his knees and says I brought this diamond from Africa and asks will you marry me? Malhar is teary eyes. Kalyani thinks I am sorry Malhar ji. Malhar thinks I can understand your helplessness. Atharv holds her hand tightly and hurts her. Kalyani nods yes. Everyone claps. Kalyani and Malhar get teary eyes. Atharv tells that he promises that he will keep her happy always. He tells that he will marry with all the rituals of the different places. Atul gets happy. Atharv says you all will see our couple dance in sometime now. Guest comes to stage and greets Atharv. Kalyani messages her friends. They sign her.


Malhar is very hurt and gets Sarthak’s call. He asks where are you? Sarthak says I couldn’t search Anupriya once again. Malhar says even I am helpless, Atharv is troubling my Kalyani and says I could just see and couldn’t do anything. Sarthak says we have to make our heart listen and have much strength. Malhar comes back to party and thinks it is very difficult to see you with Atharv, but I will stay here for you. Atharv and Kalyani are about to dance. Kalyani’s friends hit tomatoes on Atharv. Atharv asks what they are doing? Her friend tells that it is a ritual in spain. Kalyani says she will go to Spain with Atharv and says she heard about this ritual and will hit tomatoes on him too. She throws tomatoes on him. Atharv asks her to stop it. Atul says Atharv is not liking it. Kalyani says it is inauspicious to stop in the middle. Atharv asks her to stop and says even tomatoes are over.


Kalyani is with Malhar and asks if he accepts that she is smart. She says Atharv was troubling her a lot and says that’s why she taught a lesson to him. She says even now Atharv is two steps ahead of us and says I am feeling that I have to marry him. Malhar keeps his hand on her mouth and says no. he says we will not accept defeat so easily. Pawar calls Malhar. Malhar tells her that Dr. Adhikaari is arrested and now nobody can stop us from reaching Mugdha. Kalyani says Aai. Malhar asks her not to worry and says Anupriya is his first priority. He says once we get Mugdha, we will force Atharv to tell about Maai. He asks her to continue acting to be with Atharv.


Kalyani looks at Anupriya’s pic and cries badly. She says don’t worry Aai, I will get you out soon. She says just like you trust me, I trust Malhar ji. She says until they come to know about Mugdha’s truth, she has to act to be with Atharv. She asks are you fine and asks her not to scold her for not having food. She says I didn’t know if you had food or not, how can I eat? She cries and thinks once she gets Anupriya out of Atharv’s captivity, she will play Atharv’s band. Pallavi asking Kalyani to lift the three matkas and touches all the elders’ feet without letting the pot fall. Atul asks what kind of rasam is this? Pallavi says if she can do this rasam then she will fulfill marriage responsibilities. Kalyani says she will not do such rasam and goes. Pallavi signs Atharv. Atharv goes to kalyani and puts pot on her head, blackmailing her to suffocate Anupriya covering her head with pot. He then breaks the matka and asks Kalyani to think about Anupriya. Malhar comes to the hospital. Pawar says he has shifted Mugdha to a secret room. Malhar asks Doctor about her condition. Doctor says she is stable and will soon gain consciousness. Malhar tries to talk to her and tells that he wants to ask her about Atharv Bapat and asks if she knows him. Kalyani comes back and tells that she is ready to do this matka rasam. Pallavi keeps pot on her head. Atul asks her to be careful. Atharv tries to make her fall, but Kalyani holds herself. She touches Aao Saheb’s feet. Aao Saheb blesses her. Kalyani touches Aparna and Atul’s feet. Atharv tries to make her fall, but she is still standing. Atul asks her to get the pots down. Malhar comes home and tears Atharv’s clothes. Atul asks what he is doing? Malhar says this is a rasam, old clothes are torn, and new clothes will be given. Atharv asks what is this misbehavior? Malhar says I will give you new clothes as I have torn your old clothes. He takes him to room and gives prisoner’s clothes. He asks him to get ready to wear it as Mugdha agreed to give statement. He says you have just this night and you will become old Atharv after her statement. He says if he leaves Anupriya then he might forgive him. He thinks he couldn’t talk to mugdha as she fainted, but he will convince her to give statement. Atharv is shocked.

Kalyani and Malhar meet back side of the house. Kalyani cries and says she is ruined. Malhar asks what happened? Kalyani says my hairs and tells that she did rasam as Atharv blackmailed her. Malhar asks what happened. Kalyani shows the chewing gum on her hair. Malhar asks if she stick the chewing gum on her head to make the pot stuck on her head. He asks how the other matkas haven’t fall. Kalyani tells that she kept chewing gum on them. Malhar says I will get chewing gum out from your hairs. Kalyani says my hairs are delicate and your hands are strong. She says bad combination. Malhar makes her sit. He brings oil and applies on her hairs. He takes out the chewing gum and says it is not freeing. Kalyani asks if I have to become bald like you. Malhar says I..Kalyani says I used to find many hairs on your bed while cleaning the room. She says it is ok if he is getting bald. Kalyani teases him. Malhar says chewing is taken off your hairs now, I was joking. Kalyani says but I was not joking. Malhar asks her not to tell anyone about Mugdha’s room.

Later kalyani comes to Mugdha’s room and takes her outside to Atharv’s car. Atharv appreciates her for helping him going against her ex husband Malhar. He says I would have married Mugdha for money even if she is full mad. Kalyani cries. Atharv asks his goon to take Mugdha in car. Malhar comes to the place. Pawar tells him that he got a message from his number. Malhar asks where is Mugdha and tells that only three persons know about her. Kalyani says I knew and handovers her to Atharv. Malhar asks why did you do this? A fb is shown, kalyani is happily dancing appreciating Malhar and singing song….praising Malhar. Atharv comes there and sing the song. Kalyani asks him to bring Aai and says if you hurt her then nobody will be good. Atharv asks her to tell about Atul’s shirt number and says he will give him prisoner’s clothes. Kalyani asks what did you do? Atharv shows the video in which Anupriya is locked in Atul’s cabin desk. He says what people will think that Atul kept his wife in his captivity, then he will be jailed. Kalyani is shocked. Fb ends. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani says when you was not in room, I had stolen the keys. I knew you will get angry and upset, but whatever I did is for Aai. Malhar gets angry, but holds her face and wipes her tears. Kalyani says sorry. Malhar asks her to come with him. He asks her to stop crying and says even I would have done the same. He says I won’t let you marry Atharv, you will not go anywhere leaving Moksh and me.


Kalyani is sitting on the swing and drinking coffee. She worries for Anupriya and says I will do something to end all your pain.


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