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My heart knows on zee world, Sunday 13th February 2022

My heart knows Sunday 13 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with Anupriya beating Kalyani for agreeing to marry Atharv and asks her to take her life. Kalyani asks her to listen and jumps. Anupriya asks what is your helplessness? Kalyani shouts and tells that she doesn’t want to marry Atharv. She asks her to listen and says Malhar is enquiring from where did Atharv get the wealth and that’s why he needs time, so she agreed so that Malhar can get some time to expose Atharv. She says she didn’t tell this to Malhar about this. Anupriya asks what did Atul tell you in room? Kalyani says Papa blackmailed me taking Madhuri’s name. She says you have beaten me hard. Anupriya apologizes. Kalyani says you didn’t beat me hard. She says she needs to go with Malhar and runs out of room. Anupriya thinks if Atharv forces Kalyani to marry then…Kalyani comes infront of Malhar’s jeep and asks him to stop. She reminds him that she is his voice for today and asks how he will make the criminal confess to crime, by threatening him on the notepad. Malhar asks her to get down from the jeep. He writes asking her to get down. She says she won’t. Malhar thinks she is strange to make me angry and then asks who do I get angry. He writes on the note pad. Kalyani reads and says you are upset that I agreed for marriage and says I agreed because…She whispers in his ears and says Atharv might get busy in arrangements and we will enquire about him. Malhar gets happy and thinks he can’t believe that she agreed to his sayings. He writes asking her not to worry about Maai, once Atharv’s matter is settled, they will get Maai divorced Atul.

Atharv asks Sampada if she will dance in his marriage. Sampada asks him to leave. Atharv says I will leave from your life. In the Police station, Malhar writes for Kalyani asking her to say whatever he writes and not to use her mind. Pawar brings the criminal. Malhar writes. Kalyani reads and asks the criminal, if he was present at the time of murder, when your brother murdered. Goon looks on angrily. Malhar writes on the paper. Kalyani reads the threatening message and tells goon that she is very stubborn. She says there are crores of people who didn’t get justice. Malhar tries to stop her. Kalyani shows Billu’s pic and says whoever your brother Abhijeet’s killed is having a little son, and says the boy will become a frustated man and will become criminal like him. Malhar tries to stop her. The goon speaks up and tells that he don’t want any boy to become like him, and tells that nobody was there to teach him right and wrong. Kalyani says if I make you brother then…and ties rakhi thread to his hand. The goon blesses her and asks her to call him whenever needed. He tells Malhar that he is ready to give statement. Kalyani thanks the goon calling him Bhai.

Anupriya asks Sampada to tell Atul. Sampada says Atharv can stoop low to get anything and says I did a big mistake by loving him, and says it was his plan to kidnap and elope with me. She says Atharv slapped Kalyani and tried to sell Kalyani at some place. Atul asks her to stop it and says I can’t listen anymore. Atharv comes there. Atul asks Anupriya if they want to provoke him more against Atharv and tells her that she can’t stop their marriage. Anupriya says just now Sampada told you everything. Atul says she has betrayed her husband and says she can lie as Atharv is getting away from her. He says Atharv told him everything and tells that Sampada is behind all his wrong doings. He returned my house and also promised to give me manager’s job in his office. Sampada says Mama…Atul says it is enough and asks her to go. Atharv apologizes to Atul and asks him to forgive him. He says Pandit ji is waiting outside. Atul asks him to come. Anupriya thinks something bad is going to happen.

Sampada tells Anupriya that she was scolded badly by Atul and tells that if Atharv marries Kalyani then he will ruin her life. She asks why Kalyani agreed for marriage and says she has eyes on his money, and is ready to marry him for money. Anupriya says Kalyani is not having any plan to marry him. Sampada asks what do you mean and asks her to tell. Anupriya thinks she shall not tell her and says Kalyani don’t want to marry him, but Atul forced her. Sampada says this all is happening because of money and says loyalty changes for money. Atharv comes and holds Sampada’s hand asking her how dare is she to talk badly about his would be wife.  Sarthak asking Malhar to be happy and says Kalyani did the work which you couldn’t do and asks him to give gift to her. Malhar asks why, and for what, to make criminal as her brother or to make him confess the crime. Kalyani hears him and asks what gift? Kalyani is eating the chocolate. Malhar tries to hold her hand. Kalyani says I would have give to you, but this chocolate is given to me by my Rakhi brother with his money. Malhar wipes chocolate off from her lips and says criminal gave you chocolate. Kalyani asks about the gift. Sarthak says Malhar wants to give gift to you and surprise you for helping him. Kalyani gets happy and surprised.

Sarthak says yes. Kalyani says wow, I like surprise gift and asks what is the gift and surprise. She wonders what it could be and is going inside the Police station. Malhar stops her and says gift is not in the police station. Kalyani says do you think I am cheap and says I was going inside the Police station so that I can check Atharv’s file and help you, and says don’t you think that you shall thank me before thinking about me. Later Constable gives Atharv’s file to Malhar. Sarthak ask where is Kalyani? Malhar says she must be taking selfie outside. Sarthak asks about the gift. Malhar says he got the idea and takes out dictionary from the desk, and says what could be the best gift for a student other than this. Sarthak laughs and asks did you see my shoe? Malhar says shall I gift shoe? Sarthak says I will beat you with this shoe. He asks him to think what girl wants. The goon asks Malhar to think from husband’s view and gift her lipstick, powder etc. Malhar asks if she is your sister and you know her well.

Sarthak says he is right. Malhar asks Pawar to lock him. Sarthak says now a criminal is telling a police officer what to gift his wife. Pawar laughs. Malhar asks him to do the work for which he came. Sarthak checks the files and tells Malhar that there is nothing special in the file, but we will find out how he became rich overnight. Constable brings tea. Malhar tastes it and spits, asks what is it? Kalyani comes and says I made this kada. Malhar says so bitter. Sarthak asks him to be thankful and says she made the criminal confess, trying to find Atharv’s truth and made kada for your throat. He asks him to make gift more bigger. Kalyani asks what they are talking. Sarthak says Malhar is excited to give you gift. Kalyani says she is also excited. She makes him drink kada forcibly. Malhar shouts asking if I am a kid. He talks nicely and gets happy saying I got my voice. Kalyani asks him not to shout else voice will go. Malhar whispers something in Pawar’s ears and smiles. Kalyani asks why are you smiling, we didn’t get even a single clue and asks him not to time pass. Malhar thinks she is ordering me in my Police station. Kalyani asks him to check the file and give her. Malhar thinks the same again. She asks why we are checking these files and says we know that they were in Mumbai before, and reminds that she lost her phone in the room. She says the phone was costly and she used to get many likes on social media. She says we shall search in Mumbai. The goon says my sister is very clever, you are ACP, but Kalyani is more wiser than you. Malhar says you shall be rewarded with a gift. Kalyani asks really and says she is surprised. Pawar brings the gift. Kalyani asks him to give fast. Malhar says you are not feeling shy to ask for gift. Kalyani says she will ask feeling shy and asks him to give gift. Malhar asks her to open the gift. Just then Atharv comes there and gives the invitation card, says their marriage is after 10 days. He asks Kalyani if she is happy. Kalyani asks Malhar to drop her to college. Atharv says I am your Janu now and will drop you to college, says Malhar has to go home and eat burnt rotis made by his first wife. Kalyani and malhar get upset.

Atharv runs behind Kalyani and says I will drop you. Kalyani says I am not your Janu. Atharv insists to drop her to know her better. Kalyani sits in his car. They are in the car while Atharv is driving the car. Atharv says if we don’t know each other then will I live our lives. He says Malhar and Sampada are happy and we shall move on. Kalyani calls him idiot and tells that her handkerchief fell down. She gets down the car and says she got it. She comes and sits in car, but Atharv’s car doesn’t start. Kalyani says she don’t have time. Just then she sees Malhar’s jeep and asks him to drop her to college. Malhar asks did you do something with his car. Kalyani says no. Atharv gets furious.

Kalyani recalls keeping gourd in the exhaust pipe and tells Malhar that she was helpless to sit in his car. She says I can’t show clearly that I don’t want to marry him. Malhar says I know.

Atharv gives wedding card to Atul. Aao Saheb asks Atul to keep it in Bappa’s foot. Atul keeps it. Atharv says I have a good news and shows Vivek coming home. Vivek comes home with pallavi from jail. Aao Saheb says today Atharv has proved that you care for us a lot. She taunts Anupriya and Kalyani for sending Vivek to jail. Atharv says Sampada will be happy with Malhar, and I will be happy with Kalyani. Sampada says you are doing a big mistake. Pallavi plays music and dances with Atharv, Atul and Vivek. Anupriya prays to Ganapati bappa to support Kalyani and Malhar.



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