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My heart knows on zee world, Saturday 19th February 2022

My heart knows Saturday 19 February 2022 update: The Episode starts with Malhar tearing his tshirt for the Dangal competition. Kalyani signs Sarthak. Atharv is having mobile hanged in his neck. Sarthak asks how you will fight with mobile hanging on your neck. He says wrestling can’t be fought like this. Atharv asks if Malhar has objection and says once I hit him, he will become blind and deaf. He says my mobile will be with me. Malhar tells Atharv if he remembers the ambulance number. The Sarpanch tells that it is against the rules to keep the phone. Atul asks Atharv to give his phone to him. Atharv gives his phone to Atul and asks him to keep it safely. Aao Saheb asks Sarpanch to begin the wrestling match. Sarpanch makes an announcement asking them to begin. Malhar and Atharv begin fighting. Malhar recalls about his promise to Kalyani and beats Atharv. Atharv pushes Malhar and asks if he got hurt. Kalyani tries to get phone from Atul’s pocket. Malhar beats Atharv. Pallavi cheers for Atharv. Aao Saheb and Atul cheer for Atharv. Sarthak cheers for Malhar alone. He asks Malhar to fight. Kalyani is still crying to take the mobile. Sarthak thinks to do something to divert Atul’s mind. He asks Atul to cheer for both and not only for Atharv. Atul asks him to cheer for Malhar. Sarthak says Malhar Rane..Kalyani gets the mobile and is going. Malhar couldn’t hold Atharv. Atharv asks if he can’t hold his oily body.

Kalyani gets an idea and comes to Pallavi. She tells her that Malhar can’t beat her Atharv and says she want to throw the sand on Malhar, but can’t as her aim is not good. Pallavi throws sand on Malhar. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani signs him. Malhar rubs his hand in the sand and throws Atharv on the ground. Pallavi thinks she showed the way of victory to Malhar. Malhar says who is Bapat’s father, Malhar Rane. Kalyani tries to check the phone, but the battery is low. She thinks what is the use of being rich, when you can’t afford a good phone. Malhar and Atharv continue to fight. Sarpanch calls for the break of 15 mins. Atharv tells Malhar that he will not leave him on his return. Malhar asks him to go. He comes to Sarthak and asks about mobile. Sarthak says it is with Kalyani. He says I will go and see there. Atharv gets upset with Pallavi for giving an idea to Malhar.


Sarpanch tells Aao Saheb that ACP Malhar is beating Atharv badly. Aao Saheb gets upset. Sampada comes to Atharv and asks him to leave the fight. Atharv asks her to go. He whispers something in Sampada’s ears. She asks if he is sure? He says yes. He says he will badly hit Malhar. Sarthak comes to Kalyani. Kalyani tells that she has put Atharv’s phone on charging. Sarthak tells that Malhar is beating Atharv. Kalyani feels proud of him. Sarthak asks Kalyani to bring water. Kalyani goes to kitchen and open the tap. Some pearls fall down from the tap. Kalyani recalls making Anupriya wearing it. Sarthak calls her. Kalyani tells her that she found where is Aai and says she is in water tanker. Sarthak is shocked. Kalyani comes out and sees Pallavi giving scissor in his hand secretly. She thinks if Atharv hits Malhar with it then his bones will break. She thinks how to tell Malhar and asks him to look at her. She thinks look at me once Malhar ji. Atharv is about to attack Malhar.


Malhar looks at Kalyani. Kalyani signs him at Atharv’s hand. Malhar looks at the scissor in Atharv’s hand and holds his hand. He hits Atharv. Atharv is about to hit him with scissor. Malhar holds his hand and makes the scissor falls down from Atharv’s hand. Sarpanch sees it and says it fell from Atharv’s hand. Malhar beats Atharv badly and says there is only one man in this house and asks him to say Bapat’s father is Malhar Rane. He hits Atharv. Atharv falls down and faints. Everyone is upset. Sarthak claps for Malhar. Malhar wins in the wrestling match. Atul and Pallavi ask Atharv to get up. Atul says you can’t lose hope. Sarthak is about to check in the tank and is worried. He looks inside and gets shocked. Kalyani comes there and asks what is inside. She peeps inside the water tank and sees Anupriya’s sandal. She shouts Aai. Kalyani seeing Anupriya’s slipper and pearls in the water tank. She says Aai was here, I was so near to her, but lost her. Sarthak asks her not to lose hope. Kalyani says I have promised my Aai that she will not be hurt until I am here. She blames herself for Anupriya’s pain. Servant comes there. Sarthak asks who has cleaned this tank. Servant says some men come in the morning to clean the water tank. Sarthak says I will go and search them. He asks Kalyani to go and tell Malhar about it. Malhar thanks Sarpanch for helping him organizing the dangal. Sarpanch says I know whatever you do will be right. Kalyani comes there and tells him. Malhar checks the tank and says it is his failure. He asks where is Atharv’s mobile. Kalyani says it is in room, but he must be searching for it now. We can’t get anything now. Malhar says I have an idea and comes to Atharv. He taunts Atharv for his defeat. Atharv gets angry and raises his hand on Malhar. Malhar holds his hand and says if I hit you again then you will die. Atharv says you have won Dangal, but I have won Kalyani and asks how will you stop this marriage. Malhar says I will stop this marriage and will save Maai also. Atharv smiles and asks how? Do you know where is Maai? Malhar asks him to check his mobile and says everything will be found. He says do you think that this wrestling competition happens every year. He pours water on his head. Atharv is shocked. Malhar keeps bottle in Atharv’s hand and goes.

Atul tells Vivek that he was hopeful that Atharv will win, but he lost. Atharv comes there and asks for his phone. Atul says I kept it in my pocket. Atharv shouts at him and then says sorry. Atul says it must have fallen out from my pocket. Atharv tries to open Kalyani’s room door, but it is locked. He looks through the window and finds his mobile inside.

The worker/Servant takes Sarthak to that man house who had cleaned the tank in the morning. Sarthak thanks him and gets inside the house. The man/goon is hiding. Sarthak catches him and asks where is Anupriya? Goon says I don’t know. Sarthak says I know you work for Atharv, if you don’t tell me then I will kill you. He asks again. Goon refuses to tell him and hits glass bottle on Sarthak’s head and runs away. Atharv gets worried and leaves from the house in the car. Malhar and Kalyani follow the car. Atharv reaches some place, where there is a tight security. Kalyani asks why he is changing the place? Malhar says so that the chances become minimal. Kalyani says she is feeling as if he is Anil Kapoor, she is Sridevi and Atharv is Mogambo. Malhar asks did you see Khamoshi. Kalyani says sorry.


Malhar aims gun at the goons. Kalyani stops him and says it is risky. She throws stone on the dogs. Dogs start barking. All security go from there. Malhar and Kalyani enter there. It is all dark. Kalyani goes inside and sees red thing on blood. Electricity comes. Atharv says surprise. Atul says Kalyani is surprised. Everyone is present there. Aao Saheb asks why did you call Malhar? Atharv says I didn’t call him. He whispers in Kalyani’s ears holding her that what she thought that they will reach Anupriya. He asks her to be silent and obedient would be wife. Malhar is about to take the gun out, but stops seeing Kalyani pushing Atharv. Atharv tells Atul that Kalyani needs time to get ready. Malhar thinks Atharv understood that we are following him. A friend hugs Kalyani and asks what is going on, you was happy with Malhar. Atharv asks her to congratulate them. She congratulates them. Pallavi taunts Malhar and tells that his first wife ran away with Atharv as she loved him and his second wife left him for money. Malhar gets angry and is about to go. Kalyani cries and looks at him. Malhar thinks he can’t leave Kalyani alone. Aao Saheb calls Malhar shameless to stay for the food. Atharv asks Pallavi to get Kalyani ready. Pallavi says my brother bought costly dress for you and takes her with her.


Pallavi asks Kalyani to take the clothes from the bag and wear it. She says don’t know why Atharv likes such girls, first Sampada and then you? Kalyani gets up. Pallavi asks what? Kalyani says I am going to get clothes. Atharv comes and puts polythene bag on her head. He asks how can you forget that Anupriya has to pay for your cleverness. Kalyani feels suffocated. He takes out the polythene from her head and says Anupriya is suffering the same way. He shows the video in which Anupriya’s head is covered with polythene. Kalyani is shocked and asks him to leave Aai. Atharv asks her to kill him and wears polythene in his head. Kalyani asks if he has gone mad? Atharv says his dream to die in his lover’s hand is incomplete.


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