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My heart knows on zee world, Monday 1st November 2021

My heart knows Monday 1 November 2021 updates: Anupriya rushes to an injured girl thinking her as Kalyani and finding someone else gets more worried for Kalyani. Atharva consoles her. On the other side, Kalyani’s co-passengers wake her up. She wakes up and finds herself locked in a room with co-passengers, reminisces organizer giving her water and she collapsing after that. She shouts that man gave her something and she fell unconscious. Co-passengers says because of her adamancy to not get attend her nursing course in Dubai, they are all locked in this room. Kalyani says she did not get admission in nursing course, they are mistaken, and in fact organizer is fooling them and trying to sell them all, else who will take all their phones. Girls realize that and says their flight is in a few minutes, how do they escape from here. Kalyani says she will thinking something. Anu returns home and tells family that Kalyani is not yet found, she is worried for her. Rao Saheb says even he is worried for her. Anu says she filed missing police complaint. Aao Saheb gets tensed and scolds why did she file complaint. Atharva brings villagers and says they wanted to kill Kalyani and police would reach anytime to arrest them. Villagers say Aao Saheb ordered them to do that and in fact she dropped Kalyani into bus. Anu stands shocked. Police reaches to arrest Aao Saheb. Aparna yells Anu is getting Aao Saheb arrested and warns inspector that Aao Saheb is ACP Malhar’s MIL. Inspector says Malhar sir ordered him to perform duty before leaving. Anu pleads Aao Saheb to tell she did not do anything wrong. Aao Saheb yells that she protected Anu till now, gave her food, shelter, clothes, but she betrayed her for Kalyani. Anu pleads Aao Saheb not to disown her, but Aao Saheb pushes away. Rao Saheb asks Aao saheb where did she send Kalyani and scolds Anu that she is worried about herself and not Kalyani. Kalyani acts as having severe stomachache. Goon walks in and asks what happened to her. Copassenger Neha says she got ladies pain and needs medicine. He takes them to next room. Kalyani continues acting. Goon walks out. Neha searching medicine says her boyfriend did not come to marry her in Goa 1 month ago and now she is in this trouble. Kalyani realizes Neha is Atharva’s girlfriend. Neha finds injection. Kalyani says they will mix it in food and make goons fall asleep, then escape from here.Aao Saheb orders constable to let her speak to Malhar and over phone orders Malhar to scold his officers and let her free. Malhar says inspector is doing his duty. Aao Saheb yells he is also on Anu’s side and thinks her as culprit. Malhar says he is not and asks her to tell where did she send Kalyani. Aao Saheb angrily breaks phone. Anu with Rao Saheb and Atharva reaches police station and pleads inspector to free Aao Saheb. Constale brings Aao Saheb. Anu pleads Aao Saheb to forgive her. Aao Saheb continues yelling at her, steps her foot on Anu’s hand and gets back into cell. Anu stands cryingKalyani mixes emetics in goons’ food and they start feeling nauseous once they eat food. Kalyani says they are nurses and can help them. They walk in and ask to do whatever they want to soon. Kalyani says they got food poisoning, she will give them injection. She fills injection and is about to inject goon when organizer enters and stops her. Kalyani says they got food poisoning, so she is injecting them. Organizer asks when she also had food, how is she healthy then. Kalyani nervously says she dropped food plate. Organizer warns her not to act oversmart and inject herself. Meera gets more nervously. Organizer forces Neha to inject Meera. Meera pushes his hand and yells how dare he is to touch a girl, his duty is just to send them to Dubai for nurse training. Organizer laughs and says they don’t know if they will get nurse training or something else and orders Neha to inject Kalyani soon. Kalyani thinks her doubt is right, they will sell these girls. Neha injects Kalyani. Kalyani says nothing happened to her. Orgaizer says he will wait for sometime. Kalyani says okay. After sometime, organizer leaves. Kalyani feels drowsy. Anupriya prays god to protect Kalyani. Anupriya with Pallavi walks to her and yells that because of her whole village is insulting them Anu says she did not complain against Aao Saheb, if Sampada or Godavari were in trouble, she would get worried for even them. Aparna throws hot lamp oil on her and says this punishment is nothing for what she did.Goons collapse with injection effect. Organizer says Kalyani tricked him and searches her. Kalyani hiding prays god to help her free these girls from goons. She jumps on goon and injects him. He collapses. Girl come out. Kalyani also collapses.Aao Saheb returns home. Rao Saheb asks where is Kalyani. Aao Saheb orders to get gangajal to purify herself. Anu comes out and pleads Aao Saheb to forgive her. Aao Saheb yells to not show her face and asks to get out of her house. Atharva says Maayi is innocent. AAo Saheb warns to take Anu hope if he feels so and pushes Anu. Kalyani enters and holds Anu. Rao Saheb runs and hugs Kalyani and asks if she is fine. Rao Saheb says he was worried for her. A lady enters and says she is from women organization, a few goons were trying to sell girls and Kalyani saved all girls and took their help, she doubts family members are involved in selling Kalyani to that gang. Aao Saheb thinks those men told they will get Kalyani admitted in nursing college. Kalyani walks to Aao Saheb and hugs her and says she got down the bus to go to washroom and boarded wrong bus. She says lady that her family is very good and cannot do anything wrong. She introduces Anu as this family’s bahu, when her husband disowned her many years ago, Aao Saheb kicked out her son instead and kept her bahu with her, she loves Anu so much. Aao Saheb nods yes.Once lady leaves, Anu confronts Aao Saheb and asks why did she sell Kalyani. Aao Saheb says she wanted Kalyani to stay away from family, but did not know those goons will sell her instead of taking her to Duabi nursing college. Kalyani says when this is her family and house, why should she stay somewhere else. She takes Anu inside house while Aao Sahab stands fuming.Kalyani takes Anu to her room and seeing her injury asks what happened to her hand. Anu says nobody poured hot oil on her. Kalyani says she did not talk about hot oil, until she is in this house, nobody can harm Anu and will get the back the respect Anu deserves.


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