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My heart knows on zee world, Monday 14th March 2022

My heart knows Monday 14 March 2022 update: Episode start with Ketki telling how she was hurted as she doubt? being followed.. Atul come asking Malhar to sign as witness on Aprana Vaman marriage..
Later Ketki and Kalyani talk about Malhar being rude and happy nature.. On other side Malhar follow someone and see Atul there, when atul take some thing in bag..

Next morning Atul notice Ketki, when Anupriya intrupts him and he goes.. Anupriya ask Kalayani about being ketki in kitchen, when Kalayani say she was late in getting up, so ketki helping her.. Anupriya try to make her understand, but Kalyani ignores and goes.. Atharav paint Malhar face ? when kalayani hush him, and try to make clean malhar face? but get caught and they both get intrupted by ketki..

Aparna talk to anupriya about marriage, but both agree to listen to heart❤. Marriage function start with sarthak as prisit.. He chant mantras.. Atul inform Anupriya about going out and ask her not to inform anyone..

Outside someone in joker ???‍♂costume attack Atharav and saved by Kalayani, which she inform Sampada as well which sampada ignores… Marriage starts while Malhar find Atul being inlvoved in terrorist activites and think? he might be forced..

Later Sarthak ask Kalyani and Malhar to do Kanyadan, and marriage? completes, while Malhar take Kalyani inside informing Atul involved in terrorist activites and show her proves, Kalyani cry?? and deny in beliving.. He calm her down and tell Atu might be forced into this, he shall save him for sure.. with Malhar coming to room and calling Kalyani. He sees her phone beeping and checks the phone. He reads Atul’s message on her phone that it is good that she informed him about Malhar doubting on her and he will leave the city to fulfill the mission. He gets angry and goes out, holds the fire wood picking from havan. Kalyani asks what are you doing and asks him to leave it. Malhar tells that he is punishing himself for trusting him a lot and says I gave you info that Atul Mama is involved with terrorist, he says I didn’t arrest him as I can’t see you sad. He says you told him everything. Kalyani says I didn’t have a talk with him. Malhar shows the message and says you helped him to escape and gave him a chance to go far from me. She recalls and thinks she can’t tell truth to Atul as Malhar trusts her, but her Papa can’t be terrorist. She says I didn’t do this and asks him to trust her. She says I don’t know how this message came in my phone. Malhar pushes Kalyani and says you have betrayed me and break my trust. He says you have risked many people’s lives because of you. He says Ketki’s husband is killed by the terrorists, I told you trusting you and says today Ketki’s life is in danger because of you. He announces that Atul is involved with terrorist and says when I heard this, I was shocked too. He says I told you that someone is blackmailing him to do this and that’s why I was trying to find out who was behind it, but you informed him.

Anupriya says I have difference with him, but Atul and Kalyani can’t do this. Malhar says how to believe him. Sarthak asks him to calm down. Aao Saheb asks Malhar, how dare you to call him terrorist and says you are doing this to trap him. Malhar asks her to tell where is Atul and says he is hiding as he is doing wrong. He says I thought he is blackmailed by someone and forced to do this, but now after reading the message, I am sure that he is a terrorist. He says I am feeling ashamed because of his wife. Kalyani asks him to stop it and says she is standing to her words that she didn’t message him. She says Papa is not a terrorist. She says you are wrong this time and says just because you wear uniform that doesn’t mean that you love our nation. She says she also loves the nation. Pawar comes and says Atul’s location is traced. Malhar leaves. Aao Saheb curses him. Anupriya gets worried for her.

Kalyani comes to room and cries. She says how to prove that the accusation was wrong on you. She says you can’t be the terrorist. Someone comes there in joker’s attire and comes near her crawling. Kalyani sees him/her and gets shocked. She shouts and gets up, recalls Atharv telling about the joker. She asks who are you? The joker takes out the mask and reveals the face. She is Ketki and she smiles. Kalyani is shocked and says so you was the one who tried to drown Atharv. Ketki says yes. She says first talk about your baba. Kalyani asks what are you trying to do? Ketki says your Papa is not terrorist, I trapped him in this crime. She says that message was sent to you on my sayings. She says I will tell you from the start, says the terrorist took our tempo on rent, Dinkar came to know then and they shoot him. She says Malhar had told you this, but he didn’t know that I was not there and I have no danger from them. She says she reached there and made plan seeing Malhar. She says Malhar brought me to his house just as I planned. Kalyani is shocked. Ketki says I came to know about you, your Papa and family. She says it was not easy to trap him as he stayed in jail before. She says when I met you, I thought that you will never accept that your father is terrorist and this will separate Malhar and you. She says I got his phone stolen and asked my man to send message to you. Kalyani asks where is my Papa?

Ketki says he ran away and if he returns then he will be jailed. Kalyani asks why are you doing this? Ketki acts crazily, burns the joker’s clothes and holds Kalyani’s hairs and says she needs Malhar just for herself. She says Malhar was just mine, the day was inauspicious when Sampada came in his life and then you. She says don’t think that you are suitable for him. She says I want to give you the same punishment which I gave to Atharv. She tells Kalyani that Malhar will not believe her and thinks Atul betrayed him. She says if I was on your place then would have packed my stuff and left home by now. Kalyani kicks the bucket and sets off the fire. She laughs and says you are so silly, you think that you can separate Malhar and me. She says you did a big mistake by challenging me. She says you don’t know me, I like challenges and I am so stubborn that I do what I wanted. She says our relation is not weak that it will break with a small misunderstanding. She says our relation is very strong and all your conspiracy will be weak infront of us. She says I will unmask you and will also prove my Papa’s innocence.

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