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My heart knows on zee world, Friday 7th January 2022

My heart knows Friday 7 January 2022 update: The Episode starts with Anupriya crying badly and asking Kalyani to go from there. Kalyani says until you stay inside, I will not go from here. She cries. Anupriya cries badly. Both of them cry. Sad song plays….Kalyani asks God what is he doing there and says her mummy and papa did a mistake, but you too did the mistake, and asks what my Aai did to you. She asks God to rectify his mistake and show her some way, so that she can bring happiness in her Aai’s life again. She faints. Malhar takes her in his arms and take her to house. Anupriya thinks to do something. Later kalyani gains consciousness and asks about Aai. Malhar tells that Aai came out of house long back. Kalyani calls her and asks where is she? Aao Saheb says don’t know where she went. Kalyani searches for her phone. Anupriya buys something from a shop and says my family will not face any bad reputation now. She thinks to meet kalyani once. Kalyani calls her. They meet each other. Kalyani says I am worried about you. I couldn’t save you.

Anupriya says my happiness reason is you and asks her never to lose hope in future. Kalyani asks why are you saying this, you will be with me always. She hugs her. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi if Anupriya came. Pallavi says she came and begin talking to Kalyani. Atharv pushes the swing towards Aao Saheb. Pallavi holds her. Atharv says this is my swing and I don’t like to sit anywhere. He tells that he will cut all fans connection. Pallavi says how we will sleep without fans. Atharv says dasis used to use hand fan for Maharaja. Aao Saheb says you will fall down soon and I will not bend down infront of you. She says she will get the fans repaired. Atharv says he will get the connection disconnected. Pallavi gives hand fan to Aao Saheb. She rotates it for Atharv while he have the food. Aao Saheb is teary eyes. Atharv wipes his hand with her saree pallu. Pallavi smiles. Atharv asks her to continue rotating the fan. Kalyani and Anupriya come there and is shocked. He asks Anupriya if Kalyani taught her how to kiss as she kissed him twice. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go to room.

Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to give the hand fan and says she will rotate the fan. Malhar asks Kalyani to make Atharv have some air and something else. He whispers something in her ears. Atharv says how she will feel when the news about her go viral. He asks her to rotate the fan. Kalyani wears mask and signs Anupriya and Aao Saheb. She makes chilli powder fall on Atharv. Atharv shouts Sampada’s name. Sampada says I can’t come there because of chilli powder. Kalyani says mohabbat hai mirchi… Atharv shouts Kalyani Rane. Kalyani asks him to think again before doing such things against her Aai and asks him to go else..Sampada takes Atharv from there. Pallavi gets upset. Atharv washes his face. Sampada says it is good that your eyes are fine, else my life would have be ruined making you cross the road. Atharv gets angry and says one has to feel the pain for love. Sampada says I can do anything for my love. Atharv asks really and applies mirchi powder in her eye. Sampada shouts. Atharv says I know Kalyani can bear the pain for malhar and you have to bear the pain for me. kalyani smiles.

Kalyani coming to Moksh and says first she will wash her hands as chilli is on it. Malhar comes. She pats on his shoulder and appreciates his plan. She says sorry. Malhar asks about Anupriya. Kalyani tells that she will take Aai to college and will teach the person a lesson whoever insults Aai. She rubs her eyes with her fingers and chilli powder goes in her eyes. She shouts and cries, says she has become blind. Malhar makes her quiet and washes her face with water. He asks her to wash her hand. Anupriya returns home. Pallavi asks from where she is coming and what is in her hand. Anupriya asks her to go and make sleeping arrangements for everyone. She says I will not be here to do all the work. Pallavi goes. Anupriya goes to room. In the morning, Aao Saheb wakes up and asks Vivek to get up. She tells him that she couldn’t get proper sleep as she didn’t have the tablets. Vivek says shop keeper said that he gave the medicine. Pallavi gets up, recalls Anupriya hiding something and tells Aao Saheb that if Maayi took that to commit suicide. She says if Maayi does something then I have to do all the work. Kalyani says Chachi. Atharv comes and says whoever comes have to go.

Malhar asks him to keep his mouth shut else he has to go. Kalyani gets afraid thinking of her words and runs to outhouse. She sees Anupriya sitting on the chair and calls her. Anupriya wakes up and says she doesn’t know when she slept while sitting. Kalyani hugs her. Pallavi asks what is in her hand. Anupriya is holding the mangalsutra and tells that whatever happened yesterday was my mistake, if I had worn it then nothing would have happened like that. She says she shall wear it again so that nobody can ruin their respect. Aparna says you did right. Sampada says if you had worn it then wouldn’t have done what you have wanted. She says now you are exposed. Aao Saheb asks who are you to point finger at her character and tells that Anupriya is still Atul’s wife legally. She asks her to wear the mangalsutra. Anupriya is about to wear it. Kalyani stops her and says I will not let you wear the mangalsutra of the person who didn’t come to see if you are alive or dead since many years. She says I will not let you wear this. Aao Saheb says this is for her betterment, people will not accuse her for anything, even if Sampada and Atharv try to put dirt on them. Sampada shouts. Atharv says their respect is ruined after yesterday. Kalyani says I don’t care about the people.

Aao Saheb says but I do, and says our respect is ruined and says Anupriya will wear it. Kalyani says Aai will not wear it. Malhar says when Maayi’s mangalsutra didn’t stop Atul Mama from leaving her, when Sampada’s mangalsutra didn’t stop her from eloping with stranger man, then how this mangalsutra will stop the insult, and says all that humiliation was a lie, and if she wears this mangalsutra then it will be proved that whatever happened was true. Kalyani says what is the use of this mangalsutra which will make my Aai fall in her own eyes. Atharv asks Sampada to come and sleep for more time. Pallavi says what a big deal if she wears mangalsutra. Kalyani says my Aai will not wear this mangalsutra. She says that man couldn’t give respect to my Aai, and asks how his name mangalsutra give respect to her. She tells that her baba left Aai 18 years back and legally they are separated. Malhar confirms it. Aao Saheb says Anupriya is Atul’s wife and she can wear if she wanted. Kalyani says this is the cuffed for her and says when the relation is broken then this black pearls cuff shall be broken.

Anupriya asks her to understand and says this is my decision. She says she can hear people’s taunt, but don’t have the courage to bear the accusations. She says she wants to save herself from their laugh and says this mangalsutra will keep me safe. Kalyani says this is feet cuff and says make your daughter as your suraksha chakra instead of this mangalsutra. She promises Aao Saheb that nothing will happen to their house respect. Aao Saheb gets upset and goes. Aparna says you will repent when Maayi will be insulted again. Kalyani holds Anupriya’s hand and takes her to Aao Saheb side of house. Pallavi tells Malhar that his own wife is breaking the rule made by him. Kalyani keeps the mangalsutra in bappa’s feet and asks him to help her. She thinks help me in my secret plan, I want to search a life partner for my Aai, and says I want to get her married.


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