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My heart knows on zee world, Friday 29th October 2021

My heart knows Friday 29 October 2021 updates: Villagers catch Kalyani and throw petrol on her to burn her. Kalyani shouts they are doing wrong in the name of religion. Villager warns if she is teaching them religion and is about to throw fire on her when she pushes villagers and runs into jungle. Villagers follow her. Atharva comes to her rescue and rolls down with her into grass. Villagers search her. Kalyani tries to shout. Atharva stops her and says villagers are around. Once she senses villagers are gone, she says she has to take doctor and prove Anupriya is having medical illness and not possessed by any Devi. Villagers search them again. They hide. Once villagers leave, Kalyani says let us take doctor for Anu. Kalyani takes doctor outside house and burns crackers. Anu panics hearing sound and shouts to stop it. Atharva tries to console her. Aao Saheb says Devi is returning into Anu’s body and chants devi’s name. She walks out and scolds Kalyani that Anu’s condition is worsening because of her. Kalyani walks in with doctor who checks Anu. She says Anu is having epilepsy which is triggered with sound and agarbati smell. Doctor says Kalyani is right and there is treatment for Anu’s condition. Aao Saheb says she did a mistake and takes doctor’s number to reconsult her. She apologizes Anu for misunderstanding her condition and not getting her treated and thanks Kalyani for enlightening her and accepts her as granddaughter. Kalyani emotionally hugs Aao Saheb. Anu feels angry seeing that. Aparna with Pallavi does household chores and yells they kept Anu here to let her work as servant, but she is enjoying as queen. She goes to kitchen and yell she has to go and bring vegetables now. Kalyani hears that and brings vegetables and says her parents taught her to help others, after all Aparna is her aunty. Aparna checks vegetables and finds catcus thorns in between and shouts. Kalyani says her parents taught to even punish culprits, it is her punishment for troubling Anu. She then sees Pallavi yelling after bath with wet hair, gives hair dryer to Kalyani’s daughter and asks to give it to her mother. Pallavi switches on hair dryer and gets electrocuted. Kalyani laughs and taunts her it is her punishment for troubling Anu. Next morning, Kalyani gets ready to go to her Pune home with Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb teaches her ritual to take elder’s blessings. Kalyani performs ritual with Anu, takes her blessings and leaves. Aao Saheb drops her in a Pune bus. Kalyani says she does not want to go leaving Anu in that condition. Aao Saheb asks her to return soon with papers. Kalyani’s bus leaves. Villagers see that and say Aao Saheb is protecting Kalyani and sent her away. Aao saheb burns Kalyani’s photo and says Kalyani will not return back.Aao Saheb burns Kalyani’s photo and assures villagers that Kalyani will not return to their village. Kalyani traveling in bus imagines Aao Saheb praising and pampering her. Aao Saheb returning home in her car reminisces meeting Pandit who tells Kalyani is very auspicious and whichever house she goes in will prosper, but she is inauspicious for Aao Saheb’s house. Out of flashback, Aao Saheb thinks she should keep Kalyani away from her house for everyone’s best interest. She remembers stealing Kalyani’s mobile and getting her admission in nursing school. Pandit enters Aao Saheb’s house when Anu/Maayi is busy praying god for Kalyani. He tells Anu that Aao Saheb had asked to prepare Kalyani’s kundali and her life is in danger. He gives taweez to Anu and asks her to tie on Kalyani somehow. Anu gets worried for Kalyani and runs out. Atharva asks what happened to her. She tell she has to tie this taweez to Kalyani at any cost. Atharva gets her on his jeep. Kalyani tells her co-passengers that she is from Pune but no stays in Aurangabad, she is going to Pune to get her marks card and get admission in some college in Auragabad. Co-passenger says this bus is going to Mumbai and they are going for nurse training in Dubai. Kalyani is shocked to hear that and thinks how can Aao Saheb trick her. She asks conductor to stop bus. Conductor yells he cannot stop bus everywhere. Kalyani says she knows karate. A man says her family has got her admission in nursing college and shows her name in list. Kalyani shouts how can it happen. Bus loses control and falls from cliff. Anu with Atharva searches bus. Police stops them and says a Pune bus met with an accident. Anu panics that Kalyani was in that bus and rushes towards cliff. Athavra and others stop her. Malhar reaches there and asks what are they doing here. She tells him that Kalyani was in that bus. Malhar checks deceased passenger’s list and says Kalyani’s name is in it. Anu panics more. Malhar checks again and says Kalyani’s list is in injured passenger’s list and police has taken all injured passengers to hospital. Anu returns home crying and seeing Pallavi trying to garland Kalyani’s photo scolds her. She curses herself for letting Kalyani go alone. Atharva informs her that he found where Kalyani is. They both rush to hospital and see injured passenger. She finally sees girl and rushes to her, girl turns and Anu realizes it is some other girl. Anu shos Kalyani’s pic and asks where is this girl. Girl says this girl did not board bus at all and an old lady named Kalyani had boarded bus instead. Anu gets more worried for Kalyani.


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