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My heart knows on zee world, Friday 11th February 2022

The Episode starts with Atharv reminding Malhar of court decision and says if Sampada and you are a married couple then Kalyani and I can marry. Malhar says you was not in the room as….Kalyani says Atharv was with me in the room and asks Malhar why is he objecting to her marriage. She feels sorry and thinks I have no other way. Atharv will prove in court that we are together in hotel. Malhar thinks how much trouble you will take to save me. Atharv says I will make video and tells in video that I am Atharv bapat and will be marrying in 10 days. He says we are found together in this room, in this state etc. Malhar gets angry. Atharv tells if anyone wants to fight then fight with Malhar. He asks Kalyani to come and do the arrangements for their marriage. He thinks what do you want to proof that you was with Malhar, no. I want to prove that we were together and the key is lost. Sarthak waits for Kalyani. Atul and Anupriya come out after meeting the person. He says you will get the best sarees and greets him. Sarthak messages the newspaper image to the man in which it is written that Atul was jailed for murdering his wife. The man confronts Atul and cancels the deal. Atul runs behind him. Anupriya sees Sarthak and asks did you message him? Sarthak says yes. He says I can’t bear to see your pain. Anupriya says whatever I did is for Kalyani and says I would have got so money to take care of her, but you have ruined her. Sarthak says it is a small matter and says if Kalyani comes to know about this..He says I will help you. Anupriya refuses to take his help. Sarthak asks her to sit and says Kalyani wants you to stand on your feet. She asks him to take a small loan from him and start her own business. She says you don’t have to bend down infront of others and asks her to think. Anupriya thinks if I work hard for her future then nothing good will be better than this.

Aao Saheb sees the video and asks what is all this? She says I was already worried because of the saree order cancellation. Atharv says what I would have done and says I came to know that Malhar took Kalyani to a cheap hotel and went to save her. Malhar asks him to shut his mouth. Atul threatens Malhar for taking his daughter to a hotel. Kalyani says it was Atharv’s trap and says she went to the hotel to know why you took Aai to a hotel. She says he came out from the bathroom. Atharv makes a story. Malhar says I went to catch the culprit there. Kalyani says let it be..Malhar ji. She appreciates Atharv and calls him great. He says today you have given so much happiness to my heart that I want to shower flowers on you. She throws flower petals on her angrily. Atharv tells Atul that he is not wrong and says I can understand the burden and responsibilities for Kalyani. He says you have many questions that who will take care of kalyani and fulfill her dreams. Anupriya asks what you want to say? Atharv says I want to help Atul Dada and take care of Kalyani. He says I want to marry Kalyani. Sampada is shocked. Kalyani and others are shocked too. Sampada asks have you gone mad? How can you think such thing?

Atharv pushes her and says you are a woman who threw me like a worn clothes for your son. He says I just care for Kalyani and don’t want to answer you. He tells Atul that if he agrees then I will marry Kalyani. Malhar gets angry on Atharv and asks him how dare you to say this. Atharv says you have your son and wife and asks why you are pained if I want to marry kalyani. Malhar says I will pull your tongue if you say again. Atharv asks what Kalyani got after marrying you. Anupriya asks why you want to calculate pain and happiness of Kalyani and says you have given us enough pain. Atharv says I have just betterment for Kalyani. Kalyani thanks him and bends down on her feet. She says nobody thought so much about me and says this thing touched my heart directly. Sampada and Malhar are angry. Kalyani says you want to know what is in my heart? She then gets up and slaps him hard. She says my heart want this and calls him loser. She says how can you think of marrying me and says she feels ashamed with the thought of marriage with him. Atharv asks Kalyani to slap him more and says I have a big hand to ruin your life. He says I will give you a good life by marrying you as Malhar can’t give you that, and if nobody marry you then I can’t forgive myself.

Kalyani asks did you take responsibility of my life. Malhar asks her not to talk to him. Kalyani says he don’t deserve to get slapped by my shoe also. Sampada asks Atharv, you wants to marry such girl who is insulting you. Atharv says I am getting this humiliation because of you. Kalyani asks Sarthak to get some small role for Atharv in film. Atharv says you call curse me, but my aim is to marry you and to make your future secure. He walks out. Sampada follows him.

Sampada beats Atharv with a rod. She says you will marry Kalyani. Atharv says you was wearing small clothes for Malhar. Sampada says she did that for her son. She asks what is this acting? Malhar sees their fight and claps. She says you are setting example of love. Atharv says it is our matter and we will solve it. Malhar says Kalyani’s matter is my personal and asks him to stay away from her. He says I am warning you, don’t think of marrying Kalyani. Sampada says Malhar is right, many lives will be ruined with this step. Malhar says I am making you understand again and says if you dare to see at Kalyani, then I will forget that I am a police officer and is wearing uniform. Atharv smiles. Anupriya packing kalyani’s stuff. Kalyani says I will not go anywhere. Anupriya says I don’t trust Atharv and asks her to go to Pune with Atul. Kalyani says we can face Atharv like before and tries to snatch the bag. They fall down. Kalyani says Atharv is acting and wants to make Sampada jealous. She says he didn’t want to marry me and tells her that she will not agree to marry him. Anupriya says this is the matter of your life. Kalyani asks her not to think of sending her far from her and says I can’t leave without you, Moksh and Malhar. She then says how can Malhar ji take care of Moksh without me. Anupriya smiles. Malhar scolds the goons for maligning someone reputation. A couple comes there. Malhar asks them not to worry and says I am with you. The couple beats the goons. Malhar says because of such goons, Atharv proposed marriage to Kalyani.

Aao Saheb tells that Atharv might be repenting after Sampada left him, and he might have a change in thinking. She asks Atul what is he thinking? She says you might be thinking what is happening with Kalyani and says she got only stain after marrying Malhar. Anupriya says Atharv can’t change and says did you forget that you was insulted many times because of him. Aao Saheb asks did we ask for your opinion? Anupriya says my daughter’s decision can’t be taken without my opinion. Aao Saheb calls her naagin whom she thought weak and slaps Anupriya badly on her face many times. She asks from where you will get money for Kalyani’s future. Anupriya says she will take loan from Sarthak and start business. Atul says you got ready to sell yourself for some money. Kalyani comes and asks him not to talk to her Aai like this again. Anupriya says your baba…Kalyani says you don’t need to give clarification. Atul says I will not let Sarthak’s money spend on Kalyani and says I have taken a decision. Aao Saheb says I know you have decided to give a chance to Atharv. Atul says no, I have decided to earn for Kalyani and she don’t need to marry someone for her living.

Later Kalyani tells Anupriya that it is good that Papa refused for the proposal and asks her not to feel bad about Papa’s words. Anupriya says she has left feeling bad about his words. Kalyani says we have to go to college again. She asks if Sarthak kaka is good? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani signs the song. Anupriya asks her not to talk like that. Kalyani says I want to unite you both. She gets Malhar’s call and then disconnects it. Anupriya asks why is he cutting the call. Kalyani says he must want to talk to me and then must have thought what to say. Anupriya says you understand him. Kalyani says she is smart. Malhar thinks why I called Kalyani, she will not agree to Atharv’s proposal. Pawar says you will feel bad if she agree. Malhar says why she will agree and why I will feel bad? Kalyani calls Malhar and asks about the missed call. Malhar says call went through mistakenly. He then asks about Atharv’s proposal. Kalyani says she will not come in Atharv’s talks and asks him not to take tension. Malhar asks why will I take tension and asks her to end the call. He thinks why will I take tension. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar wanted to talk to her, but acting strange.

A neighbor comes and calls them. Anupriya and Kalyani go out and see Atul working as a labour. The guy scolds him for not lifting the bags properly. Kalyani calls him Papa. The guy asks if he is her father and asks her not to tell Malhar. Atul tells that he wanted to earn for her and get some money, but he failed. He cries. He tells that the bank refused to give him job where he worked earlier and he couldn’t get job anywhere. He says I have seen many dreams for you and want to fulfill your dream of sending to London for fashion designing course. Kalyani says where that course is running, we will do it later.

Anupriya says if we work together then can manage to get some money for Kalyani. Kalyani says I can do fashion designing here also. Atul says it was madhuri’s dream as well to send you to London. Atharv comes there and says your dream will be fulfilled. He shows the form and says he has paid fees for Kalyani’s fashion designing course in London. He says I want to marry her, but it is ok, if she don’t want to marry me. He says I want to send her to London. He shows the legal property papers and says I have named my side of Wada to your name, and says whatever is yours will be yours also. He says I want to marry her and send her to London for 3 years course, and says we will not have our marital relation before she completes the course. Anupriya scolds him for playing with Kalyani’s life and picks something warning him. Atul pushes Anupriya and tells her that Kalyani is Madhuri and his child, and tells that Atharv has promised to get her educated and also returned their papers. He says it is decided that Kalyani will marry Atharv.


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