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Mismatched November Teasers 2021 Starlife

Mismatched November Teasers 2021: Anokhi goes with the police in search of Aastha. Later, Shaurya is devastated when he is informed that they have found a dead body.

Mismatched November Teasers 2021 Starlife
Mismatched November Teasers 2021 Starlife

Starlife Mismatched November Teasers 2021

1. November, Monday.

Episode 9

Anokhi uncovers the shocking fact about Babli as Ramesh disgraced Aastha. The Sabherwals also make an unanticipated step regarding Shaurya’s wedding.

Episode 10

Ramesh is able to unleash a furious rage during which Shaan recalls nostalgic memories of Aastha. Then, Anokhi rebukes Raja for not attending his college.

The 2nd of November, 2021 is Tuesday.

Episode 11

At the wedding of Shoki, Monty is unable to keep his eyes off of Anokhi and attempts to initiate an exchange. And, Shagun meets Shaurya for formal work.

Episode 12

Devi is trying to convince Shaurya to join Shagun’s farewell celebration. While the family of the groom’s bride meets Anokhi, Shaurya scolds Shagun.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 13

Shaurya demands Shagun to reconsider her choice to leave the country for her Ph.D. In another scene, Anokhi tries to stop Vineet from kicking Babli.

Episode 14

Anokhi is caught between her ambitions and parents’ pressure over her wedding. In another place, Devi asks Shaurya to end all ties with Shagun.

Wednesday 4 November 2021

Episode 15

Anokhi is determined to write her exams for admission to The Sabherwal Institute. Then, she makes an additional request to the family of Monty.

Episode 16

Aastha offers Anokhi an important piece of advice about how to live after marriage. Then, Anokhi discovers the shocking fact about Monty.

The 5th of November is Friday, November 5, 2021.

Episode 17

Anokhi is made to wed Monty despite obtaining proof of his shady deeds. While, Shaurya puts forth a request to Aastha.

Episode 18

Babli learns about Monty’s true colours through the voice recorded on Anokhi’s mobile. Then, Babli and Rama give Anokhi a brilliant idea.

7 November, 2021 on a Saturday

Episode 19

Babli is able to come up with an idea to spare Anokhi from getting married. As Monty drinks, Anokhi secretly escapes from the wedding location.

Episode 20

Ramesh discovers that Anokhi has fled of the marriage. While his parents make fun of him for her sexy behavior, Anokhi hides from Raja and Vineet in Shaurya’s vehicle.

Saturday 7 November 2021

Episode 21

The family of Monty creates a drama and Raja is suspicious of Babli. Then, Aastha seeks Shaan’s help to get Anokhi’s acceptance into Sabharwal College. Sabharwal college.

Episode 22

Aastha leaves Anokhi at the station and gives her money. In the following days, Anokhi runs into difficulties on the journey to Chandigarh while the police search for her.
Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 23

In the Sabherwal institution, Shaan eagerly waits to meet Anokhi and take her admission. Away the Bhallas are threatening Aastha to help Anokhi.

Episode 24

Anokhi is upset about spending her first night by herself in Chandigarh. And, Rama decides to leave the home as she is scolded by the Bhallas claim that she is aiding Anokhi.

Monday 9 November 2021

Episode 25

Rama is consoled by Anokhi while Aastha makes a unique demand to Shaan. Then, Anokhi stays the night in Sabherwal Institute Library.

Episode 26

Shaurya is angry with Anokhi and demands she leave the school premises. Then, he returns back to the house and confronts Shaan about the admission of Anokhi, calling Shaan a puppet of Aastha.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 27

Anokhi encounters Shaan at Shaan’s Sabherwal college. As Anokhi finds herself in a difficult scenario, Shaan decides to do what is unimaginable.

Episode 28

Shaurya talks to the inspector , and she gets Anokhi removed from the station. Then, Anokhi gets ready for the interview she will be having at Sabherwal institute. Sabherwal institute.

Wednesday 11 November 2021

Episode 29

Shaan enjoys a quiet breakfast and with Anokhi while Aastha becomes concerned about her. The Sabherwals continue an interview Anokhi.

Episode 30

Shaurya is a harrier to Anokhi, who asks her the questions. However, she manages to gets through the test. Then, Shaan informs Anokhi that she’s been selected from the university.

The 12th of November, Friday, 2021

Episode 31

The Bhallas are shocked when police arrive at their house. In the meantime, Anokhi meets Babli at Vineet’s home and spends moments with the.

Episode 32

Anokhi inquires of Shaurya regarding his personal relationship to Aastha Anokhi asks Shaurya about his relationship with Aastha, Raja seeks to have Aastha’s arrest. Then, Babli offers to help Anokhi.

Friday 13 November 2021

Episode 33

Babli is terrified she is frightened Vineet discovers her gold bangles and Anokhi. In another place, Shaurya accuses Anokhi of taking his watch as he looks at his wristwatch that she is wearing with him.

Episode 34

In the face of fire from Vineet or Shaurya, Anokhi decides to quit her dreams and leave the property. Then, Aastha arrives to find Anokhi who is depressed. Anokhi.

Saturday 14th November, 2021

Episode 35

Aastha’s efforts pay off after Anokhi receives admission to the school. While Vineet creates a massive spectacle, Alok faces Aastha’s fierce angry rant.

Episode 36

Aastha and Shaan have a great time inside the library at Sabherwal institute. While they are there, Anokhi faces an unexpected incident at Vineet’s residence.
Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 37

Anokhi and Babli Babli and Anokhi convince Vineet and the parents of Vineeet to let him remain within their roof. Shaan’s family, on the other hand, is not happy about the return of Aastha.

Episode 38

Kitty, Bebo and their band of thugs make fun of Anokhi on campus. Then Anokhi confronts Shaurya to ask her about her capabilities.

Monday 16 November 2021

Episode 39

Anokhi is late to her class, while Kitty and Bebo come up with a strategy to beat her. Later, Anokhi defies Shaurya about his harsh behaviour.

Episode 40

Bebo and her friends decide to pick on Anokhi and then lock her up in the room. In the following, Bebo tries to talk on behalf of Anokhi’s to make fun of Shaurya.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 41

As Anokhi struggles to get out of the class, Babli faces humiliation for Anokhi having been late. Then, Shaurya finds Anokhi’s phone in a strange spot.

Episode 42

Vineet and Babli visit the Sabherwals in search of Shaan’s help to locate Anokhi. A petrified Anokhi holds Shaurya when Shaurya rescues her.

Wednesday 18 November 2021

Episode 43

As Anokhi admits that she was unclean, Shaurya criticises Shaan for telling Aastha about the incident. Then, Anokhi breaks down in the presence to her entire family.

Episode 44

Shaurya decides to convene an emergency committee meeting, while Babli attempts to calm Anokhi, who is traumatized. While Anokhi is determined to punish the perpetrators.

Wednesday 19 November 2021

Episode 45

An inexperienced Shaurya stands up in support of Kitty and Bebo while the other students band around Anokhi. Then, Shaan supports Anokhi in the meeting of the committee.

Episode 46

Shaurya is adamant about Kitty Shaurya rebukes Kitty and Bebo while Anokhi makes a firm decision to pursue justice. Anokhi’s shocking action causes the Sabherwals in shock.

Sunday 20th November, 2021

Episode 47

Anokhi confesses in a dramatic manner to journalists at Sabherwal Institute. Then, Shaan confronts Shaurya about Anokhi’s struggle for justice.

Episode 48

After Shaurya is accused by Shaurya Anokhi of tarnishing the institution’s image, Anokhi takes a firm stand for herself. Then she is able to stop AA from harassing an innocent girl.

Monday 21st of November 2021

Episode 49

Anokhi and Shaurya manipulate Anmol into confessing to his crimes against her, and then they provide the proof. Then, Anokhi proves that she has a heart of gold.

Episode 50

Anokhi is trying to thank Shaurya while Shaurya comes up with an entirely new rule in the Valentine’s Day party at S.I.A.C. Then, Anokhi celebrates the day with Babli by going to a party.
Monday 22 November 2021

Episode 51

Vicky shares his heartfelt feelings for Babli as Anokhi and Shaurya confront a tense circumstance. Then, Anokhi gets shocked to find Vineet inside the eatery.

Episode 52

Shaurya regrets assuming that Anokhi is guilty without having the full truth. Then, Shaan tries to defend himself after Shaurya is accused of.

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Episode 53

As Aastha is running away from Raja for her to live, Shaurya asks Shaan about his priorities. Then, an accident threatens the life of Aastha.

Episode 54

Shaan receives a message from the hospital. He learns about Aastha being shot. As Shaurya does not want to see Aastha, Gayatri gets rebuked by the family.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 55

Anokhi is shocked after hearing about Aastha’s deteriorating health. Then, Shaan spends some quality time with Aastha.

Episode 56

Anokhi and Shaan have a chat together with Aastha while she is in hospital. Then, Shaan gets worried as her health gets worse, and she falls into an induced in a coma.

The 25th of November, 2021 is Thursday.

Episode 57

Shaurya’s presence in Aastha’s bedroom awakes her from a unconsciousness. But, she quickly goes away when she is able to regain consciousness.

Episode 58

In the ward of the hospital, Anokhi is there to support Aastha while she stands her ground in front of the Sabherwals. Shaurya warns Anokhi that she should not be involved in his family’s activities.

The 26th of November, 2021 is Friday.

Episode 59

Anokhi pleads Pammi auntie to take care of her duties however Kitty and Bebo make her in trouble. Later, Shaan makes Devi go against Tej’s decision.

Episode 60

Anokhi wishes Aastha to join Shaurya’s birthday celebration. Then, Shaurya gets angry when Anokhi confronts him about his conduct towards Aastha.

Friday 27th November 2021

Episode 61

A angered Shaurya gets hurt by Anokhi when she presents him with birthday gifts on Aastha’s behalf. Then, Anokhi begins to stay clear of Shaurya.

Episode 62

Shaurya is confronted by Anokhi about her attempt to avoid him, while Devi is accused of manipulating her. Later, Shaurya humiliates Aastha.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Episode 63

Aastha is devastated when Shaurya does not pay attention to her version of events. Then, Anokhi and Shaan grow anxious about the sudden disappearance of Shaan.

Episode 64

Anokhi is prompted to lodge a charge concerning the sudden disappearance of Aastha. As Shaurya is angry with Anokhi, Ahir will set out to locate Aastha.
Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 65

Anokhi joins the police on a search for Aastha. Then, Shaurya is devastated when the police inform him that they’ve located the body of a deceased person.

Episode 66

In the event of a riot breaking out within the city Shaurya and Anokhi set out to search for Aastha. When the situation gets out of hand, Shaurya protects Anokhi from the protesters.

Monday 30 November 2021

Episode 67

When Anokhi suffers the consequences of an accident Shaurya accuses herself of not having the ability enough to protect her. Later, Anokhi expresses gratitude to Aahir for saving her life.

Episode 68

As Shaurya is furious with Anokhi, Shaan locates Aastha and follows her. Then, Anokhi criticises Shaurya for not apology to Aastha.

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