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Mariam Khan Reporting Live Tuesday update 19th October 2021 Starlife

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Tuesday 19 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Fawad scolding Mariam for lying to him and meeting Majaaz. He says my secretary told me that you went to meet Majaaz, I was so scared. She says I will tell you everything, but not now, I have promised Majaaz. He says you can trust a terrorist, but not me, what’s our relation. She says our relation is of faith, you are my life, I will tell you everything, but not now. He asks what’s Majaaz up to, tell me, I m asking you for the last time. She says don’t force me. Everyone looks on. Fawad says those who trust each other and share things should get married, we don’t trust each other, we don’t share things, so I don’t agree to this marriage, until you tell me the truth. Fawad gets sad. Mariam cries. Jaanun na….plays….Rifat says how did this happen, will they get married or not. Madiha asks Mariam to share things with her, they can solve the mess. Biji asks what’s the matter, tell me. Fawad says relations are made by trust and truth, our relations lacks in these two things. He goes. Biji asks Mariam why is Fawad upset with her. Madiha tries to ask Mariam. Mariam goes to her room and cries. She says I m helpless, I m sorry to do this. Biji comes to her. Mariam lies in her lap. Biji asks do you remember what I told you. Mariam says yes. Biji shows her two nuts and says I can’t see you crying, you mean the world to me, tell me, what’s concerning you. Mariam holds the big nut. Biji thinks I can see this, there is a big reason that you are hiding. Choti asks Rifat why are you so quiet. She asks Rifat to eat the laddoo. Mariam gets Majaaz’s call. Madiha says happiness came in our lives after many years, now I feel our happiness caught our eyes. Biji asks Madiha not to worry. They all rush to see Mariam when she shouts to them. Mariam looks for something. Mariam plays the news. The reporter reveals about Majaaz Khan, who has kept his identity a secret and served the country. He says we are happy to have true patriots like Majaaz Khan, he isn’t a terrorist, he is a Raw agent, a big incident didn’t occur today because of him, all the credit goes to him. They all get shocked. Mariam says sorry Fawad, I was hiding this, I was helpless, my dad could never be a terrorist, I knew it, I didn’t have proof either, but today, we have proof in hand. Choti says Majaaz is being praised. Fawad apologizes. Mariam forgives him. Fawad says this time I will come with you and meet Majaaz, I hated him, he is the one who sacrificed everything for the sake of country. Mariam says I m happy, I m proud of my dad. Everyone smiles. Fawad hugs Mariam. Madiha asks them to get Majaaz back home. Meher says with the news of dad coming home, happiness got high, marriage won’t happen today. Rifat says let them celebrate, our good days will come soon. Mariam comes to Rifat and taunts her. She says the haveli got its happiness back, your plans got ruined, Fawad will throw you out of here. She suffocates Rifat. Rifat’s imagination ends. She cries and says things can get worse. with Mariam and Fawad waiting to go and get Majaaz. Madiha gets ready. She says Majaaz likes me in simple attire, its a special day, I feel Lord has returned all the happiness in a single day. Biji says all the sorrows have vanished. Meher says dad will be coming home. Biji says Madiha is waiting for his arrival. Mariam waits for Majaaz. He arrives. She recalls her childhood moments and cries. She hugs him. He says when you came back in our life, everything fell into place. She says our family has to unite, we were away but not estranged. Majaaz says Fawad, I want to clear the misunderstandings. Fawad says I know everything, you don’t need to say anything. Majaaz hugs him and says I m pleased to meet you. Mariam cries. Majaaz asks why are you crying, I have returned home. She says when you both were against each other, I didn’t know how to clear the misunderstandings, seeing you together, I feel my dream has come true. Fawad jokes on her tears. Majaaz asks her to smile. Fawad calls him Abbu. Majaaz gets emotional and smiles. Fawad asks what happened, Mariam’s dad is my dad as well. Majaaz laughs and holds their hands. He walks inside the haveli. Madiha and everyone meet Majaaz. They get emotional. Madiha says I was so lonely without you, why did you go so far. He asks her to forget these ten years as some bad dream. He says I won’t leave you ever. He hugs Meher. He sees Biji and thanks her for raising Mariam and getting her home to fulfill her promise. Biji says she has filled my life with happiness, I named her Manjeet, but she was Mariam always. Aijaz asks everyone to celebrate Majaaz’s coming, don’t cry. Rifat looks on. Majaaz says I m back home at the right time. Aijaz blesses him. Rifat says I m happy to see you back. Majaaz sees Zain and hugs him. Mariam says no more tears, there will be just happiness in this house. Fawad agrees. Mariam asks them to fix wedding date early. Biji says look at her, she is shameless. Fawad says what’s there to be shameless, marriage has to happen. Biji says they are eager to get married, look at Meher and Zain, they are so shy. Madiha says don’t worry, we will get marriage date soon. Rifat says yes, the marriage function can’t be so dull, its my sons’ marriages happening, it should be very grand, what’s the matter, you will be celebrating in grand manner right? Aijaz says of course, we will, people should know about the marriage in Nawab house. Rifat says sure. Fawad asks Mariam is she excited for marriage. She says yes. He says you look very happy today. She says I have waited for so long to see my family happy this way. She says I used to feel that nobody has gone a lot in childhood, I was wrong, you went through worse, you are really strong, forget all this, we are happy today, I m glad that truth is something else, not what I had thought, our wedding will be best, people will not forget it. Mariam says I m very happy. He says even I m very happy, your dad is back, he will be staying with us, you will have to lot to talk to him, I was thinking if you spend time with him, what about me. She says you are imposing time limitations on me. He says yes, I will restrict you, I will sign a contract with you. He gets upset. He says I was kidding, sorry. She laughs. He says it will be just my name after your mum and dad, none can come between us. She asks who can come between us. They hug. Rifat looks on. Madiha says we will have to conduct both the marriage functions well. Majaaz says our financial condition isn’t strong. Mariam hears them and gets worried.


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