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Mariam Khan Reporting Live on Starlife, Tuesday 5th October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Tuesday 5 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Mariam sitting by Fawad’s side. She praises him. She falls over him. Jaanun na….plays… She sees him and leaves from the room. Some women praise Mariam and give her gifts. Akshay thanks them. Meher says you used to report in every corner of the house. Mariam says no, I hate journalism, this profession broke our family. Meher says no, you love journalism, this made you reach dad, you will meet dad soon, you shouldn’t take decision in haste, think calmly, trust yourself.

Biji asks Madiha to tie the knot tightly so that her hope gets true. Madiha thanks her. Biji asks her to thank Lord. Madiha says I thank Lord every day, people can recreate relations somewhere, but not parents’ relation, but you loved Mariam as a parent. Biji says I can’t live without Manjeet. Madiha ties the knot to her dupatta and says I will never make Manjeet away from you. Mariam stays sad. Choti comes. Madiha introduces Biji. Biji gives money to Choti. Madiha declines the proposal for Meher. She scolds Choti. She hears the taunts. Biji pushes Choti and says sorry. She takes back the money. Biji smiles and says we both have to help Manjeet reach her aim. Majaaz thinks of Mariam. Mariam also cries thinking of him. She sees the superman idol. She hears the family talking about her. Mariam says maybe I was destined to do this, I m ready to do this for dad’s sake, I will manage the job from Fawad’s office, I want his support. Akshay says I m aware of everything, I will help you. Biji asks Mariam to be determined. Mariam smiles.

Fawad wakes up and gets shocked seeing Bhakti. She says your aunt has allowed me to come here, its my duty to support you in this low phase. Fawad says don’t irritate me, what do you want. She shows video against Manjeet. Fawad gets shocked. Akshay helps Mariam. Bhakti says you were fallen unconscious there, thanks to that girl that this news got boosted, calm down. Biji says Majaaz has handed over Mariam to me, I have to return his deposit to him. Fawad says Manjeet always creates problems for me. Manjeet says Manjeet Kaur reporting live, this is the only way to reach dad. Fawad gets angry and everything will happen as per my wish.Mariam taking everyone’s wishes and leaving. Biji blesses her. Fawad looks on. Meher says Fawad can get angry. Mariam is going to do a big thing without telling him. Fawad follows Mariam and says I won’t let you upload logo, this time its my way or my way. Biji says Manjeet’s family member is also staying here, I m terrified as Majaaz made an appearance. Rifat asks her to manage everything until she comes. Mariam comes to office. Everyone praises Mariam. Mariam says I have spoken to Fawad, you can call him to confirm. Fawad says no need to call. She gets shocked. Akshay stops Fawad.

Mariam says you think I m Bhakti’s agent, whatever you think, I will do what I want, you should be thanking me, your channel got popular because of me. He throws the camera away. Omkar comes there and catches it. Mariam gets emotional seeing him. Omkar says your reporter has done a good work, I know who is she, this camera is special to her, this special camera is given to special people, everyone is sensitive about favorite thing, right Manjeet. He gives the camera to Mariam. He says everyone knows her, she has transformed your channel, she is going to become big journalist.

Fawad says she just make big claims. Omkar says don’t worry, I m investor of this channel and want its best, its time to progress, this girl will help us with the same. He asks what were you saying. She says I want to become a reporter for this channel, I have decided a name for the show, MK reporting LIVE. She shows the logo. Omkar says you got the approval, all the best, your show will go on air tomorrow. She smiles. Majaaz sees Mariam’s news clip. He says why does she always remind me of Mariam, I have to focus, this is dangerous and I can’t afford any mistake. Fawad says this girl is doing a drama, she works for Bhakti. Omkar asks him to relax, even if she works for the enemy, take advantage, keep your friends close and enemies closer, its your channel, take rest, let other people work, don’t bring ego in business. Fawad says you are made a mockery of journalism. He goes. Omkar asks Mariam to work on her show. He says this is a big battle, keep this camera safe, its very imp for you. She thanks him. She thinks everyone is with me, I will definitely win.

Fawad says Manjeet will order me in office, this is my house, I will oust Manjeet from house and then office. Aijaz comes and asks where are you doing, why are you throwing Mariam’s things out. Fawad asks him to go and rest. Aijaz says tell me why are you throwing Mariam’s stuff. Fawad says I m worried, since that girl came in my life, I lost my respect in my office. Aijaz says don’t touch me, this house is of Mariam. Fawad says she is Manjeet, not Mariam. Aijaz says she is Mariam. Everyone comes and makes Aijaz sit. Aijaz says promise me, you won’t touch Mariam’s stuff again. Fawad promises and hugs him. He cries. He says don’t worry, Mariam will stay here. Aijaz says this is Mariam’s house, if Mariam goes away, I will breathe my last. Meher says this won’t happen. Fawad thinks I hate you Manjeet, what’s the aim that’s connecting our ways.

Majaaz talks to his aides. He sees Mariam’s pic and recalls her. The man says this girl has observed our appearance, she can become a threat for us, we should have killed her. Majaaz says no, she isn’t a threat, we should focus on our mission. Mariam is on the way with Akshay. She says we have come for our show, I m doing this for dad, think of some idea. He advices her. He says you have no interest in journalism, find out some way to give clue to Majaaz that you are Mariam. She says yes. He says don’t ask me for ideas now. She sees some women jogging. She says I got the story. She smiles.


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