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Mariam Khan Reporting Live on Starlife, Tuesday 12th October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Tuesday 12 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Mariam going to guest room’s washroom. She sees Fawad inside and turns away. They both get arguing. She finds the door locked. He tries to open the jammed door. She looks at him and thinks he deserves perfect marks for his physique. He thinks the door is locked, why am I locking eyes with her. Meher is at the Dargah. She smiles hearing Zain singing. Zain sees Meher. Fayakun….plays… She says Lord listens to everyone’s prayers, one who has daughter in life doesn’t lack anything in life, I know that incident changed everything for you and Fawad, Sarfaraz Thakur has shot that day and this ruined Aaliya’s life, you need to give her the deserving happiness, you can become a good father, this will be worshiping Lord, Lord will be pleased and give us happiness, you have to understand that family’s happiness is the biggest blessing in the world. She goes. Fawad and Mariam argue. She slips and falls in his arms.

Dheere dheere….plays… He says I love you. She looks at him. Aaliya comes there and says you two here, the party is about to begin. Fawad thinks what was I thinking. Mariam says we were hiding your surprise here. She tells him that Aaliya will wait for someone in the party.

The party starts. Everyone picks some special roles. Meher dresses up as angel and gets compliments. Meher says I spoke to Zain, don’t know will he come or not. Mariam comes. Everyone compliments her. Biji thinks where is Fawad. Mariam asks her not to think anything. She says the party will be memorable. Rifat says you are right, see how you get trapped in my plan. Rifat asks goons to be careful, the party shouldn’t get disturbed. She gets angry on Mariam. Mariam thinks Fawad should come for Aaliya’s sake. Fawad calls up Mariam and disconnects. He thinks how shall I talk to her. Mariam and Rifat compliment and taunt reach other. Rifat says a princess is always in danger, be careful. Mariam says of course. Rifat asks her to enjoy the party, maybe its her last party. Madiha blesses Mariam. Aijaz asks why did you get me from the party.

Fawad says I m bothered and want to talk to someone, you know everything about my life, my mum treated me badly, even then I have become a journalist and then Manjeet came in my life, I can’t forget our first meeting, she has changed my life, she has been troubling me a lot, she is totally mad, but I…. Aijaz laughs. Fawad asks why are you laughing. Aijaz says so you are in love. Rifat and Biji take the same juice glass and argue. Aijaz says I m not an inexperienced old man, anyone can know if you are in love. Fawad says I didn’t know when did this happen. Aijaz says love happens this way, go and tell her. Fawad says this is the problem, I fail to tell this to her. Aijaz says then tell her today, its a special day, the day you realize that you are in love, it becomes a special day, go and confess your love for her. Fawad smiles and hugs him. Rifat signs Choti and creates a scene about chocolates. Mariam goes to find chocolates. Goons follow. Rifat thinks now Mariam is gone. Meher asking Mariam to manage kids, she will get the chocolates. Rifat says she got saved once again. Fawad sees Mariam dancing with the kids. He smiles seeing her. O yaara….plays…. He calls her. Mariam sees him. He says I need to say something, come upstairs. She says party is starting now, kids will get upset, come down and tell me, lets keep work for office, fix your ugly face and come in the party. She thinks what does he want to tell me, what was he thinking, why is he looking at me like this. He goes. Goons hide seeing Zain. Zain meets Aaliya and wishes her. He gifts her a guitar. He says I can teach you to play it. She smiles and hugs him. Everyone smiles. The lights go off. Everyone looks around. Fawad comes as Dracula. They all get shocked. He scares the kids. He laughs and says sorry. The kids see Fawad and clap. Rifat says Fawad… Biji says he is looking cute even in Dracula costume.

Fawad says its birthday of sweet Aaliya, so I had to come, I promise you, I will just have fun, I won’t fight or shout, what’s the most imp thing in such themed party, everyone wears prince and princess costumes, what do kids wait for, that’s magic, the biggest magic in life is… Mariam says how did he change much, he looks cute. Fawad says its love, only lucky ones have it, it changes fate. Aijaz says great. Fawad says love is a feeling where person loses his consciousness, there is everything where there is love, else there is nothing. He sees Mariam.

Biji says he is saying such interesting things, he is amazing, but he looks arrogant. Madiha says yes, he has surprised everyone. Choti says I can’t believe it, is he Fawad. Rifat smiles. She asks the goons to go. Fawad speaks more about love. Mariam thinks what happened to him, he is lecturing on love. Fawad thinks I have to tell this to you. Aaliya asks did you sleep while standing. Aijaz says he is Fawad, none can understand him. Mariam says Aijaz is right, nobody could understand Fawad. Rifat says its Mariam’s last day here. Aaliya asks Fawad to become prince. He goes. He says I need to talk to you. Mariam looks at him.

Rifat asks goons not to make any mistake. Mariam comes to Fawad and clicks his pics. She jokes on him. He laughs. He asks do you laugh too, this will be my exclusive story. He thinks it wasn’t a good joke. He asks why are you following me. She says you told me that you need to say something. He says I will tell you later. He goes. He comes dressed up like a prince. She smiles. She says I m waiting, tell me. He says I was saying….


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