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Mariam Khan Reporting Live on Starlife, Thursday 7th October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Thursday 7 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Bhakti flirting with Fawad. She thinks to unleash magic on Fawad to mesmerize him. Mariam says Omkar has kept party for Fawad and me, I have to think of an idea. Bhakti gets close to Fawad. He pushes her and goes when he hears dhol sound. He sees Mariam playing the dhol. Bhakti gets angry. Omkar sings gallan goodiyaan…. Everyone dances. Mariam and Fawad dance together. Mariam and Fawad have an eyelock. They imagine a romantic dance. Gerua…plays… The dream breaks. Fawad looks at Mariam. She plays with the rose petals and dances. He recalls showering rose petals on Bhakti. He angrily leaves. He drinks more. He thinks of love confession made to Bhakti. Biji asks Mariam whom is she finding. Mariam says I m looking for Fawad.

Biji says he is out of your league. Mariam says this is the first time he has danced this way. Biji says you should give credit to Aijaz, come for dance. Mariam says I will just come. Biji says they both like each other, they just have to realize it. Bhakti looks for Fawad. Mariam says Biji challenged me, I will make Fawad dance, where is he now. Bhakti reaches Fawad. He falls. Mariam holds him in lap and asks why did you cheat me Bhakti. Bhakti comes there. Power goes.

Bhakti doesn’t see them and leaves. Lights get on. Fawad says you came in my life as happiness, you took my happiness away, you were my life, you left me for a story. He cries and says I could have given my life for you. Mariam recalls Bhakti. She consoles Fawad. He holds her close. Mariam gets away. He says I love you, please stop, I need you, come back in my life once. Bhakti calls Fawad and says help me, there is someone in my house, come fast. He gets shocked and calls back. He goes to meet Bhakti. Mariam goes after him. Majaaz comes home. Madiha senses something. Majaaz hides. Mariam follows Fawad. She says Bhakti can’t be trusted, she can do anything. Fawad asks driver to drive fast. He reaches Bhakti’s house. He gets in and shouts Bhakti. Mariam reaches and says its not good for Fawad to go in this state, is Bhakti upto something?Fawad coming to meet Bhakti. She comes dancing. She tries to attract him. Aitraaz yaar ka……plays.. Majaaz is at home and prays that he meets Mariam once, he gets some news about Mariam. Madiha looks for Mariam. She gets shocked seeing the door open. She checks and doesn’t see Majaaz. He hides from Majaaz. She thinks was someone here or did I imagine. She shuts the door and goes. She stops sensing Majaaz and turns to see. He hides once again. She goes. Bhakti ruins her house. Fawad asks what’s all this. She tears her dress and hugs Fawad. She shouts for help. The reporters come in and record Fawad into the act. He says I didn’t do anything, she called me here. Bhakti says he is lying. Reporter says Fawad is misbehaving with Bhakti. Mariam says Fawad didn’t do anything.

Majaaz meets Aijaz. Aijaz says you came after long time, why did you not come before. Majaaz thinks I m with you since you will forget this meeting after some time, even if you remember, no one will believe this. Aijaz asks him to sit, he will just come. Majaaz says I have to go. Aijaz says you won’t go anywhere. Mariam shows Bhakti’s cheap video to reporters. She says you have failed Bhakti, you had no clue that someone else is also making your film. Bhakti gets the shock. Mariam scolds all the reporters and asks them to delete the video against Fawad.

She scolds Bhakti for cheating Fawad. She says if you really loved him, you have no idea how happy he would have kept him, he was ready to give his life for your happiness, you don’t deserve his love, you loved him for your career, be brave if you have enmity with someone, you won’t gain anything by back stabbing, else I will telecast your video. She goes with Fawad.

Meher comes to give medicines to Aijaz. Majaaz hides in his place. Meher says I know you just take medicines by Mariam’s hands. She goes on Biji’s call. Majaaz says Mariam is here, I was right. Mariam takes Fawad in the car and ties the seatbelt. He recalls her words. Biji asks where are Fawad and Manjeet. Madiha makes her sit. Majaaz comes to look on. Meher says Mariam’s phone is unreachable. Biji prays for Manjeet. Majaaz asks what’s going on. Madiha prays for Mariam. Choti looks on and asks did Mariam come, it means Manjeet is Mariam. Majaaz gets shocked. Biji tries to change the words. She asks Madiha to pray for Manjeet. Meher says I will try to call Manjeet. Majaaz thinks I felt as if she had come back home, everything is clear now, Manjeet isn’t Mariam. Choti goes. Madiha says Mariam’s secret was coming out. Fawad holds mariam’s hand. She gets down the car. Mana ke hum yaar nai….plays…. He gets down the car and hugs her. They get close. Her imagination ends. She sees him sleeping in the car.


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