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Mariam Khan Reporting Live on Starlife, Sunday 3rd October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Sunday 3 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Mariam talking to Biji. She asks Biji not to worry for her. Biji asks are you fine. Madiha comes and asks are you fine. Mariam asks why did you ask me, did Fawad tell you anything. Madiha says no and goes. Mariam says what was mum not telling me. Fawad takes a shower. He says minister has cheated me, why. He hits the mirror in anger. He says the minister will soon realize what’s right and what’s wrong. Mariam says don’t know how many troubles I will be facing because of Fawad. Aijaz comes to her and calls her Mariam. He asks her to come to him.

He says your fav festival is celebrated here. He talks of her childhood. He gets sad. She calls him Dada Huzoor. Madiha looks on. Mariam goes to Madiha and says I did this as I don’t want to break Aijaz’s heart. Madiha smiles. Rifat and Choti relax. Rifat gets a shocking call. She asks is Zain okay. Chotu asks what happened. Rifat says I will be there. She says Zain has met with an accident, I have to go there, he is all alone, you should inform me about the situation here. She goes to book tickets. She sees Fawad at the door and says Zain….

Mariam lights the place and decorates well. Madiha and Aijaz smile seeing the decorations. Meher comes. Mariam thinks to keep an eye on Fawad. Meher says I m just thinking of Mariam. Madiha says I feel she is with us. Biji talks to Mariam on video call. She sees Rifat in background. She gets shocked. She asks who is she. Mariam says she is my aunt, Fawad’s mum. Biji says she is the woman who told me that your family is dead, she came here to ask me about you. Mariam gets shocked. She says I will punish her, she did a big sin by ruining my childhood, she lied to you, she started ruling this mansion, I will expose her truth.

Biji says stop, until Manjeet finds the truth, you can’t become Mariam, else this woman will plot against you, don’t take any step that your family gets against you. Mariam agrees. Biji asks her to keep an eye on Fawad’s activities. Mariam nods. She says I will make Rifat suffer, this is my promise. Biji asks her to take care. Mariam hears Fawad talking about launching the biggest news of his news channel. She tries to check what he is doing. She says is he talking about pen drive story. She goes to hear him and falls over him. She thanks Lord for saving her life. He says I have saved your life. They have a eyelock. He asks her to get off him.

She says sorry, I was decorating for Diwali. He says whatever you do creates problems for me, you broke my back. He asks are you fine, sorry. Mariam thinks I agree he is hot but he is hot tempered also. Akshay comes. She asks him to become statue before he says something. He recalls her. He calls Meher there. Mariam goes. Akshay says this is that girl. Meher says she is our paying guest he says she is the one who had the pic. Meher asks are you sure. He says yes. Madiha asks what, it means its time to reveal the truth, I always felt that she is our Mariam.Mariam coming to Fawad’s office. She hears the staff and thinks to take advantage of Fawad’s absence. She fools the staff about the secret launch of the news. She asks them to focus on the work. The man says this is imp project, Fawad is going to upload Majaaz’s video, there can’t be any mistake. She gets shocked seeing Majaaz’s video. She thinks this is happening because of me, if I knew Fawad would do this, I would have not given him this pendrive, I will not let people question more, Fawad thinks he is very smart, but remember, smartness can beat emotions, this story is related to me and dad, I won’t let you control this.

Fawad comes to office. She hides. He asks staff to check technical aspects well. He says the world will know Majaaz’s truth, that he is a terrorist. Majaaz adds a pill in his coffee. Fawad falls asleep. Mariam smiles and says good night, sweet dreams, you can just launch this story in your dreams. Manager thinks Fawad got tired, let him sleep. Mariam talks to Majaaz’s pic. She asks him to get them some hope.

Majaaz calls at the office. Mariam answers his call. He disconnects. She hopes Fawad doesn’t come to consciousness. She tries to check his pockets to get pendrive. She says he is unconscious here, my plan will fail, is there any trouble at home. She learns about the launch room keys. She goes home to get the keys. She calls out Aaliya. Fawad’s PA checks him. He thinks Fawad is taking a quick nap. Aaliya says I have a surprise for you. She sees Mariam and Majaaz’s pics. She smiles. She recalls those moments and cries.

She imagines Majaaz coming to meet her. He says you will bravely fight all problems, I m proud of you. They smile. She asks him to see how the sky is glowing. Her imagination ends. Majaaz disappears. She cries for him. Fawad gets conscious. He says I will expose Majaaz today. He falls back. Mariam cries holding the pics. Madiha and everyone come. Mariam gets shocked. Madiha cries and says Mariam…


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