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Mariam Khan Reporting Live Friday update 15th October 2021 Starlife

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Friday 15 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Fawad getting flowers. He takes her and shows the surprise. He gets on knees and confesses his feelings. He says I don’t know when did this happen, I smile when you smile, I get restless without you, I didn’t know I will fall in love again, I really love you. She cries. O Yaara…Jaanun na….. plays…. Mariam says what I wanted to tell you, you told me the same, I love you. He says I love you and lifts her. They hug. He says you remember how we met for the first time, I didn’t know my life will get exciting after meeting you, sorry, I wanted to say this, don’t stop me today, let me speak, I used to hate you, but you kept bumping all the time, I have understood it now, maybe destiny wanted us to come closer. She says yes I guess, I remember the first time we met, I had gone blank, I used to hate you too, then we kept meeting, there is much change in Nanhe and Fawad. He asks how do you know my childhood petname, answer me. She says actually I want to say something. He asks her to say it. Zain says I spoke to inspector, he has sent a unit towards jungle, we will know about Manjeet soon, don’t worry. Aijaz says get Mariam back, I want to talk to her. Fawad asks her to say what does she want to say. She says I m not Manjeet Kaur, I m Mariam Khan, Majaaz Khan’s daughter. He gets shocked. She says yes, I m the same Mariam, whom you used to fight in childhood, I told you the truth today, I didn’t want to hide this, but I was helpless, a few years ago, I went to Amritsar, I was told that my family members were no more, Biji raised me, I met you and saw my dad’s pic, I followed you and came here, I got to see my family alive, don’t know what happened to my dad, that’s my truth, which you didn’t know, believe me, I know you are short tempered, but good hearted, I know you don’t love Mariam, but Manjeet, but this is my truth, I will accept your decision. He cries. Rifat prays to unite with her son, bring them back. Everyone rushes on hearing her cry. Zain asks why are you crying, what happened. He goes to attend call. Biji says you were hurt hearing about Fawad. I wish you could feel this pain. Madiha says Lord is superior to you. She scolds Rifat. Mariam asks Fawad to scold her, but don’t stay silent. She turns to go. He holds her hand. Jaanun na…plays… He says I m really sorry for being quiet, this is both shocking and surprising for me, you want to hear my answer. He hugs her and says I can never part from you and yes, its true that I hate Majaaz, I have my own reasons, my childhood, but its not your fault, you are not involved, I just know I love you, I love the girl who taught me to love, I love Mariam who loves her family a lot, I love Manjeet who taught me to stay happy, I always want you around, Manjeet or Mariam, it doesn’t matter to me, we are fortunate that we have found true love, I just want to say I love you Mariam. She says I love you Fawad. They hug. He thinks my hatred for Majaaz can’t get less, my love for you won’t get less, my love and hatred will never cross path, that’s my promise.with Fawad saying we shall leave now. She says your jokes are worse, stop trying. He says make a habit of listening to my pathetic jokes. She says mum and Biji would be waiting for me. He says even I can’t wait to go home, I need to talk to them too. He kisses her hand. They leave. Inspector says our unit has searched for them, we have news, but we got one info. Zain and madiha ask him to say it. Inspector says we have got bullets and also blood stains of Fawad and mariam, its assumed so, maybe they are alive, its not certain. Madiha says find my children safely and get them to me. Rifat says I m okay if Mariam is alive, don’t punish my children. Choti consoles her. Aaliya sees Fawad and tells them. They see Fawad and Mariam coming. Zain hugs Fawad. Madiha and Meher hug Mariam. Biji says all of us were worried. Mariam says actually, someone kidnapped me, I don’t know who did this, don’t worry, we have come home now. Rifat says Fawad… He says I need to say something, I know she is Mariam, not Manjeet, Mariam and I love each other, I accept Mariam, we accept each other. Everyone smiles. Rifat gets shocked. Fawad says I want you guys to make preparations for our wedding. Mariam says I have told Fawad everything, he knows why I have become Manjeet from Mariam, Fawad has accepted. Rifat says Mariam was here and we didn’t realize it. She taunts Madiha not sharing this with her. Zain says when I saw you for the first time, I felt you are Mariam. Mariam says good boy, I m sorry but I was helpless to hide it. He says its okay, you are fine now, that’s more imp. Rifat says I accept Mariam’s relation, my happiness is in them. Mariam thinks I know you are raging within. Biji says you didn’t do right, you snatched this handsome guy from me. Mariam says he is mine now, you find some handsome old man. Biji says stop nonsense. They laugh. Aijaz says I m happy that you followed my advice. Mariam asks what. Fawad says nothing. Aijaz says he came to me with his problem. Fawad says you told them what you are not supposed to. Aijaz says I always remember things about my Mariam. Biji says lets have some bhaangra. They all dance. Rifat says I won’t let Mariam snatch my son, I already lost Zain to them. Madiha and Biji say how worried they were for her. Mariam says you both got sad again, I have returned home safe, you should be smiling and talking to me. I have my both names, given to me by my two mums. Madiha says thank God you and Fawad patched up. Biji says I knew that they are in love. Meher says Rifat would be planning something, she wants to trouble us. Biji agrees. Madiha says her sons are very imp to her, we need to stay alert. They nod. Mariam says I told Fawad everything, but I couldn’t tell him about Rifat. Biji says this is called love, you can’t hurt Fawad, no mum could trouble her child, you did the right thing by not telling him. Fawad comes and sees them. He says actually, I have some imp work. Meher says even we have imp work with Mariam about marriage arrangements. Biji says you talk, we will leave. Fawad says I won’t talk and goes. Mariam says I need to give medicines to Aijaz. She goes. Madiha and Biji laugh. Biji prays. Madiha cries and says I just got emotional, if Majaaz was here, then it would have been so good. Choti says Fawad has got in Mariam’s control, you did so much. Rifat slaps her and says the climax of this story will be Mariam’s death.


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