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Mariam Khan Reporting Live Thursday update 21st October 2021 Starlife

Mariam Khan Reporting Live Thursday 21 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Mariam asking Fawad whose diary is this, how did you get this girl’s pic. He makes her read Bhakti’s diary. She gets shocked. They come home with the girl. Fawad and Mariam tell them about Chiku. Fawad says she is Bhakti and my daughter. They get shocked. He tells everything. Mariam says I have no problem in accepting this girl, when I saw the girl troubled and crying on road, I recalled my childhood, Biji found me and took care of me, I got a chance to brighten someone’s life, I m related to this girl. Madiha says its a big decision, you may regret for this decision later, I don’t want this to happen, this girl is little, she will grow up and ask you many questions. Mariam says then let her ask, I assure you that her questions won’t reflect annoyance, I will love her a lot. Rifat praises Mariam for accepting an orphan. She hugs her. Mariam thinks I know you are doing this drama to impress your son. Majaaz asks them to go and rest. Choti asks what’s this new problem. Rifat says its a big problem between Fawad and Mariam, they are very proud of their love, now this girl will break their relation. Choti says but this girl is of Bhakti. Rifat says no, this child is my weapon, I had kept it to use at the right time, we will enjoy the game. Mariam gets fruits for Aaliya and Chiku. She says you both are sisters now. Fawad smiles seeing them. Rifat says they look so happy together. She says you will be marrying Mariam, when you both have a child, will Mariam love this child, I agree she is your daughter, but its injustice with Mariam, its not love, but a deal to convince Mariam, I pity Mariam, she will sacrifice her wishes. She thinks I will make sure they get separated. She goes. Fawad thinks of her words. Rifat goes to her room and says the bond of trust is very strong in true love, I just have to increase their distance. Fawad goes to Mariam and hugs. She says we aren’t married yet, go out, I m cooking pasta for kids. She asks him to go. He says its something imp, I m thinking to put Chiku in boarding school. She asks why, you think I won’t be able to manage her. He says no. She asks what happened. He says I m thinking practical. She says you think you won’t be able to forget your past. He says I know you are ambitious, I don’t want any bounds on you, I decided this, we will find best boarding school, I promise you. She says Aaliya calls you Chote Abbu, do you know why, you have always loved her like her father, you can be upset with everyone but not her, she is special for her, why can’t you do it for your daughter, she is our daughter, don’t think of anything else. He says I don’t want us to get away for any reason. She says I understand your concern and fear. He asks her to get ready for marriage. He hugs her and says I m luckiest person to get a life partner like you. She says I thought you must be joking, go now, I have much work. Madiha gets emotional and cries. Majaaz says our daughters won’t be going anywhere, they will live in our house. She says I m restless, I won’t get peace until they get married. He pacifies her. Fawad and Mariam get ready and say the time has finally come, which we have been waiting for. Jaanun na….plays…. with Mariam coming to Fawad and giving him a protein shake. He jokes that she didn’t get milk. She says I thought to make this different. Rifat scares Chiku and asks her to go and sleep with Mariam. She goes. Fawad and Mariam romance. O yaara….plays…. He gets close to her. Chiku knocks the door. Mariam checks and sees her. Chiku comes in and says I m scared, there is ghost in that room, I will sleep here, even Aaliya is sleeping with her parents. Mariam pacifies her. Fawad says its okay, she is scared. They put Chiku to sleep. He says its my fault, she is my responsibility. Mariam says I love you. He says I love you too. Rifat says Mariam how can you stay away from him every day, this girl will interfere in your life as long as I wish. Choti says but she is Fawad’s daughter, right. Rifat says she isn’t Bhakti and Fawad’s daughter, I had got the news of Bhakti’s death, I collected the pics and evidence to put them in different pics to prove that this girl is Fawad and Bhakti’s illegitimate daughter. Its morning, Fawad and Mariam wake up and talk. She says you must get ready fast, its dad’s first day at office. Majaaz recalls his old days. Madiha comes. He says I m getting nervous, I m starting journalism after a long time, I have fought many battles with this pen. She says people know you well, how you work sincerely. He says I have to do something after reaching office. Rifat sends Aaliya to school and asks Chiku to go office with Mariam, she can play with toys there. Majaaz gets ready and comes. Rifat congratulates him for his new life. Biji says its first day for Mariam too. She feeds curd to them. Chiku stops them and says I will go along. Madiha and Biji ask her to stay with them, they will make kheer for her and take her to park. Chiku says no, I want to go with you. Mariam says fine, come with me, I will handle you. Rifat thinks this girl will be with Mariam all the time. Fawad asks Majaaz to come in, why did he stop. Majaaz enters the office. Fawad says we are lucky that you are working with us. Majaaz sits. Fawad jokes on Mariam. They laugh. They start working. Chiku plays around. Mariam sees her and smiles. Choti comes there in disguise. Mariam sees Chiku gone and says I will go and see Chiku. Choti asks Chiku to play game with her. Mariam sees Chiku and asks her not to go anywhere. Choti hides. Majaaz asks where did you go, please concentrate. Mariam says sorry. The lights go. Mariam says Chiku is alone outside. Fawad says don’t worry, we will see her. They go out and see Chiku with the power circuits. Chiku gets a shock.


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