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Love or poison on glow tv, Tuesday 13th July 2021

Love or poison on glow tv, Tuesday 13th July 2021 update: Viraj confronts Albeli and Surili. I am done with all your games! I am right in front of you. Kill me if you can! Sitara looks at the parrot. She turns into her Vishkanya avatar. Surili says we have seen a human inviting his own death for the first time. Albeli seconds her. They agree to fulfil his wish. Albeli tells Surili to put an end to Viraj’s story. He wants to die after all! Surili says we have to play with him first. He ducks so as to save himself. She decides to end the game and tells Viraj to get ready to die. Sitara inches closer to the parrot. Surili creates a circle of fire around Viraj. Surili and Albeli smile seeing him cough. Sitara falls down in shock as she tries to free the parrot. Viraj falls on the floor. Surili mocks him. Sitara saves him just in time. Vrinda and Hariyali walk in. Surya

is hiding at a distance. Sitara and Hariyali attack each other. Sitara proves out to be stronger. Surya creates smoke around Sitara and Viraj. They disappear with the help of this smoke. Vrinda diverts Hariyali’s attention to the parrot. We have to kill the parrot to put an end to this game today!
Viraj, Sitara and Surya look on in shock as Hariyali and Vrinda dig the parrot in the earth using their powers. Sitara is still fine. They wonder how it is possible. Albeli asks Vrinda why Sitara is staring at them like this. Sitara attacks them one by one. They are thrown high in air and fall down screaming in pain. Surya suggests leaving from there before they can counter attack. Sitara is reluctant but Viraj also stops her. They leave from there. Hariyali and Vishkanya’s look on unhappily.

Viraj thanks Surya for saving them. He asks him when he shifted Sitara’s life back in her. Surya says I knew they will do something. I did it when I got a chance. Flashback shows Surya doing that when no one was looking. Sitara thanks him for helping her always. I wont be able to payback this favour ever! Surya asks Viraj if he now realised that he was supporting a wrong person. They are distracted by an alarm bell. It is 24 hours. We don’t have to be tied by this thread anymore! Sitara asks him if he really wants this. He opens the thread and lets go of her hand. He stops at the door for a moment and then leaves. Surya tells her that she is fighting a lost battle. Viraj might never accept you. She refuses to let it happen. I will fight till my last breath, till the time Viraj accepts me. I know that he loves me very much. It is enough for me to fight. I don’t know what he is thinking but I know that I can fix my relation! Surya thinks he wont let it happen. I have come here to snatch Viraj’s happiness. I need your support to do this. I will make it happen at any cost!

Viraj thinks of the past 24 hours and how Sitara kept shouting that she is innocent. I have been very unjust with you! Hariyali says you are right. I am doing all this for you. Sitara cheated you. She pretended to love you yet you are supporting her. How can you be a fool? He says you did the same. Sitara did it for her family and love but you did it for your own selfish reasons. I haven’t seen a selfish woman like you! You don’t deserve to stay here. Leave! She reminds him of his promise. 3 days are still left! You cannot throw me out of here before the said time frame. I killed Sitara 400 years ago and got caught in a tree. I can do that again. Don’t instigate me. Bear me. I will leave from here myself after 3 days! He allows her to stay for another 3 days. Samrat has overheard everything and smiles.

Samrat mocks Hariyali on the stairs. She calls him idiot. This suits you. He says you will stay here for 3 days and then you must leave. You can stay here for forever with me. I will give you whatever you want from Viraj. My love will never be less for you. She shakes hands with him. I have only extended a hand towards you. It does not mean that I love you. You will get my support at the right time. I will decide when that will be! Let me do what I want to till then. He nods. She begins to walk away but he tells her to remember her promise. She nods. I must have thought before promising you after all. Samrat smiles.

Rani Sa comes to Surya’s room. She cares for his wound. Sitara told me how you saved Sitara and Viraj’s life. Thank you so much. He says it is okay but she is emotional. I think God has sent an angel in your form. He says God has sent another son for you. He keeps his head in her lap. She replies that she will not be able to repay him ever. I want to do something for you. Let me know if you want to ask me anything. He says someone said it for the first time. No one was ever there to help me. I never got a father’s support. He left me and my mom before I was born! He left us with a false promise of returning. He never came though! She holds his hand. I understand your pain but he might be compelled towards something. He cannot understand what can stop a man from not looking back at his love and kid. I only feel that he forgot all about us. He made sure we can never reach him. He snatched mine and my mother’s right very easily! She says I wish I could fix all that but I cannot return you your childhood. I can try to decrease your pain. You can ask me anything rightfully. I will give it to you! He asks her if she is sure. She nods. He agrees to ask her at the right time. They share a hug. Surya thinks I will neither snatch nor ask what I want. I will snatch it all from you guys just like it was snatched from me! No one will be able to understand what happened. Hariyali brings Vishkanya’s to a tree. They ask her if there is something special about it. Hariyali shares that it is Gyantrishankhu tree. It knows every single thing about everyone! We can ask anything from this tree once! Vrinda asks her if it is possible. Surili says we must ask about Sitara then. Hariyali chants something and the weather changes.

Sitara is resting in her room when Viraj enters. He is about to caress her hair but stops himself. He picks a pillow kept next to her and turns to go when she holds his hand. Sleep here. I will go outside. He tells her he will but she knows he cannot sleep outside. He insists he will manage. Sitara asks Viraj why he cares so much about her if he is upset with her. You risked your own life for me and are willing to leave your own room for my sake. Why?

Sajna re plays.
The tree comes to life. Hariyali asks how we can kill Sitara. She asks the tree who replies that Sitara is a Vishkanya. It isn’t so easy to kill her but there is one way of killing her!

Sitara asks Viraj again as to why he cares so much about her if he hates her so much. He replies that he does not hate her. I cannot get it out of my head that you lied to me! There is nothing else. She says I don’t have an answer for this. They both bend down to pick a pillow and their hands touch. They share an eye lock. She tells him to be upset with her for as long as he wants to. If our love was pure then fate will unite again! They bid each other goodnight and he heads outside.

The tree shares that only one weapon can kill Sitara. I have that weapon! It can kill anyone. It shows them the weapon. Hariyali asks for it but the tree says it is to kill the evil people. Sitara is a Vishkanya but she is a pure soul. Albeli gets angry but Hariyali assures her she knows how to get it from the tree. She threatens the tree which stays put. Hariyali signals Surili who sets the tree on fire. They smirk. Hariyali asks the tree to give them the weapon if he wants to save himself. He relents. Albeli douses the fire using her powers. The tree gives them the weapon. You are taking it but remember that it can only be used once on the night of Mahaekadashi’s night.

Next morning, entire family has gathered for puja. Sitara does aarti. Lightning strikes. It becomes dark suddenly. Yamini says it feels as if something bad is going to happen. Viraj covers the diya from the other end. Rani Sa assures Yamini that nothing will go wrong till the time Sitara is with them. The lights come back. “read daily updates at” Sitara resumes the aarti. Albeli and Surili have entered inside in the form of water and fire. Sitara keeps the puja thaal and offers Prasad to everyone. Viraj apologizes to his mother for not paying heed to her words. I fell in Hariyali’s trap. She sweetly replies that a mother isn’t always wrong. Arjun says a grand fair has been organized this year too on Mahaekadashi. They want us to come as guests. Everyone gets excited. Sitara asks them to leave. It wont be right to leave Surya alone. He is hurt. Padmini tries to convince her but Sitara politely declines. Viraj says I will also tell in some time.

Albeli and Surili inform Vrinda and Hariyali that Sitara will be alone at home tonight. Vrinda says it is a perfect day today. She has troubled us enough. We must finish her story tonight! Hariyali agrees with her. Vrinda asks her how they will kill Sitara again. Hariyali turns into Viraj. Vrinda compliments her on her plan. I dint know you have this power too! Hariyali says I saved this power for later. Now I will kill Sitara and no one will doubt us!

Sitara tells Surya that the wounds will heal in some time. It must be paining. He shakes his head. She is curious to know more about him. Rani Ma told me a lot about you. I know you have been through a lot. Why did you help me so much and even risked your life for me? Surya replies that he cannot answer her questions right now. It is okay if you don’t wish to trust me. I can understand why someone would find it hard to trust a stranger. She says I dint mean that. I wanted to help you only. I wanted to share your pain. He tells her he is fine the way he is. She apologizes to him. I dint intend to ask anything about your personal life. He tells her it is fine. It is enough that you trust me without knowing much about me.

Sitara feels as if someone is following her. Viraj comes there. She is surprised. You went to the fair with everyone, right? He gives her a chit to read. He does not say anything at all and leaves after nodding his head. She reads his sorry note. A date night has been planned as well. Sitara happily agrees to come.

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