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Love or poison on glow tv, Monday 12th July 2021 update

Love or poison on glow tv, Monday 12th July 2021 update: Sitara notices Viraj sleeping on the edge of the bed and worries that he might fall down while shifting in his sleep. She calls out to him but he is in deep sleep. She tries to pull him up but gets pulled towards him instead. She falls on top of him. He wakes up and they share an eye lock. He asks her what she was doing. She tells him. He sits up. I have a meeting in 2 hours. She says even I have work in kitchen. They argue with each other but they are stuck because of the thread. She asks him if they should open it. He reminds her of the promise they made to Ma. Padmini is keeping an eye on us anyways. Move. I have a meeting in few hours. She speaks of going to kitchen first. They head towards the kitchen together. Hariyali follows them at a distance. The parrot follows Viraj and Sitara. Hariyali mumbles something

but gets no response from the bird. She wonders how a bird isn’t talking to her. There is something wrong with this parrot! I must find out. She collides with Samrat and apologizes. He tells her not to misunderstand her. She moves his hand away. You speak of love but you don’t know how to even respect a girl. I hate you! He blocks her way. You will only find faults in me as you love Viraj after all! He will never be yours as Sitara and Badi Ma wont let it happen ever. It is sad! She says you just proved that you don’t deserve my love. I might die but I wont marry you ever! She leaves. He says you are committing a very big mistake by saying no to me. I vow that you will only be mine!
Viraj stands next to Sitara as she cuts veggies. He points at the clock. You only have 1.5 hours. This speed wont do you any good. She tells him to do it then and smiles as he fails in cutting a tomato even. He blames the knife. He cries as she cuts onions. Is it important? She nods. You have to work hard to have good food. It is good that you now know what all women do for you guys. She wipes the tears off his face using her saree’s pallu. Her hair falls over as she bends down to cut bottle gourd. She looks at him with a smile but he tells her not to smile. They were falling over food. Sitara nods. Padmini goes to inform Rani Sa. Sitara wants to knead dough. She jumps to grab hold of the container but asks him to get it if he is getting irritated. He drops flour over them by mistake while picking the container. Sitara laughs looking at him. Viraj also cannot stop himself. Hariyali glares at them from the door. She notices the parrot there. I must find out what it is around Sitara all the time!

Surya thinks to meet Sitara and plan his next move. Rani Sa asks him to come downstairs for breakfast. He calls her Badi Ma and later seeks her permission to call her thus. She asks about his parents. He shares that Ma is in Jaipur while Baba is no more. Rani Sa says sorry. I can understand. He says who can understand it better than you. You also lost Maharaj recently. Let’s forget the old things. It will be good for us. She nods. Maharaj may not be with us but he did not let us miss him ever. It feels as if he is still with us. I am very grateful of the fact that I am his wife. He loved me immensely and gave me this sweet family. He made my love worthwhile! Surya says he wouldn’t have left you alone if he was so nice. She asks him how he can say so when he dint even know her husband. He says I meant that you have done so much for this family since he left. He must be proud of you. She calms herself and tells him to come downstairs.

Viraj and Sitara cannot shake the flour off themselves. She wonders how to tell him that it will go away only when they will bathe. He asks her what she is thinking. She says I should take bath. He tells her to go ahead. She thinks to stretch the thread. I will go inside and you can wait outside. He refuses but she requests him to do it. I am so dirty. I cannot spend the day like this. I also have to go out with you. Will you take me out with you like this? He realises the same and agrees. They open the thread a little so she can take a bath. Viraj murmurs that he is standing here like a guard while she is taking bath inside. Hariyali comes to his room. She tells him that Samrat is not listening to her. He is after me! VIraj tells her to relax. I will talk to him. I cannot tell him about your powers. She tells him to do it quickly. I wont spare him next time. He again tells her he will talk to Samrat. He turns his attention towards the bathroom door again. Hariyali catches hold of the parrot and covers him with a towel. Sitara is inside the bathroom while Viraj is holding the holy thread from the other end. Sitara feels suffocated. Hariyali tells Viraj not to talk to Samrat. I will do it. She leaves from the room with the parrot. Sitara struggles to breathe inside.

Surya blocks Hariyali’s path. Why don’t you marry Viraj if you are so interested in him? She gives a vague answer and walks away. I will see you once I take care of Sitara. Surya thinks I have come here with the intention of throwing Viraj and his mother on the streets. Everyone will know about it once I succeed in my mission!

Sitara comes out of the bathroom struggling for breath. Viraj holds her in concern. What happened? He helps her lie down on the bed. You will be fine. He feeds her water but she spits it. He cannot understand what has happened to him. She stops him from breaking the thread. He reasons that they need to call doc. He breaks the thread and runs outside to find his phone. He meets Surya in the corridor and tells him to be with Sitara. Surya asks Sitara about the parrot but she is in no condition to answer.

Surili offers a green chilli to the parrot but he does not take it. Hariyali says I tried everything but I have no idea what this parrot does. Vrinda attacks the parrot.

Sitara shouts in pain. Surya notices scratches around her neck. Surya paces next to an unconscious Sitara. Sitara shouts in pain as Vrinda hurts the parrot. Surya notices scratches around her neck. How did she get hurt? Vishkanya’s are puzzled to see the parrot healthy. Hariyali says I knew it that this parrot is helping Sitara. It is associated with Sitara somehow! They decide to find out the connection.

Viraj comes to his room and is shocked to see Sitara wounded. Doc is coming. Nothing will happen to you. Surya tells him no doc can help Sitara right now. I know you wont believe me but Sitara’s life is more important than anything else. Listen to me carefully. Sitara lost her powers when Hariyali saved her. I put her life in my parrot back then. Hariyali has that parrot now and she is hurting Sitara. Viraj calls it rubbish but Surya requests him to

trust him for sometime. Viraj tells Surya that Hariyali saved Sitara. Why would she attack Sitara? Surya says she liked you. She was helpless to do so. She knew she cannot come in your life otherwise. She isn’t like you think her to be. Viraj tells him to stop. Why should I trust your story? Surya replies that he told him earlier that Viraj wont believe him. He stabs Sitara in front of Viraj shocking him to the core. Surya points out that Sitara isn’t hurt or wounded after the attack. I actually did that. I also have powers. You can choose not to trust me if it that it what you want. Will you say one lie if you want to save Sitara?
Hariyali is headed towards Viraj’s room. Sitara must be in her room only! She meets Viraj on her way to his room. Viraj asks Hariyali why she looks worried. Did Samrat do something again? She denies. Why do you seem tensed? Where is Sitara? Where is the thread with which you and Sitara were tied? He says he broke it as it was very difficult to be with Sitara. Don’t know what all she keeps saying! I have a lot to do. He turns to go but she calls out to him. What did she say which irritated you so much that you broke your mother’s promise? He says she speaks of losing powers and how she gained them back with the help of a havan. Hariyali asks him what else she told him. Viraj says her life was tied in some snake temple behind the mountain. Hariyali thinks it means Surya is helping her. Why is he doing it though? Viraj asks Hariyali what she is thinking. She shakes her head. He says I might hate Sitara but I don’t want her to lose her life. She tells him to relax. It is rubbish. He says what if it is true. I am Sitara’s husband. It is my responsibility to protect her. Shall we go to that snake temple once to check? She asks him how Sitara could have been walking around easily if it was truth. I have seen Surya. I am sure he isn’t capable or powerful of doing that. Viraj agrees. She tells him not to focus on all this. I will meet you later. He nods. Sitara and Surya come out from their hiding place. Surya tells Viraj he will see the truth very soon. Viraj calls it important. Enough of powers and lies! I only want to know the truth now. He holds Sitara’s hand and covers them using the thread. She smiles a little.

Surili says we must visit that snake temple now. Hariyali agrees. Vrinda also wants someone to keep an eye on this parrot. Albeli says what if Viraj lied to Hariyali. Hariyali decides to go to the temple with Vrinda. You will go to Vishloka. Sitara and Viraj are peeking at them. Sitara tells him that he will know everything soon. He is worried to see the marks around her neck. I wonder how I made such a big mistake! She tells him that what’s done is done. We cannot undo it. He speaks of saving the parrot first as her life is inside it.

Rani Sa asks Viraj and Sitara where they are off to. How did Sitara get hurt? It isn’t 24 hours yet! This thread must not break before the said time. He says how I can break the promise given to you. We are going for some urgent work. Rani Sa asks Sitara. She lies but Rani Sa demands to know how Sitara got hurt. I think you both are lying to me. Come clear with it please. Viraj shares that Sitara’s life is in trouble. We are going for that only. Sitara says we have to teach a lesson to Vishkanya’s. Rani Sa wants to come along. If someone has to die today then it will be me! Sitara assures her that nothing will happen. We will teach them such a lesson that they will never return! Just bless us. Viraj also requests his mother to understand. Rani Sa blesses them. Sitara and Viraj leave.

Hariyali and Vrinda come to the snake temple. Vrinda doubts Viraj but Hariyali is sure he can never lie to her. Let’s check inside. Surya is praying inside. I was waiting for you guys only! Who gave you the address of this place? Hariyali calls it unnecessary. Just understand that your game is up. We will see how you will help Sitara now. He challenges her in return. Hariyali attacks him but he saves himself every time. Vrinda’s attacks also go in vain. He proves to be stronger even when they attack him together. Hariyali scratches him using a thorny mesh. He falls down.

Sitara and Viraj come to Vishloka. Surili and Albeli are guarding the parrot. They wish that this parrot could talk. What should we do about it? Sitara tells Viraj to wait a little. They have caught him in a magical cage. They will kill the parrot if we do anything. We have to find some other way. He decides to distract them but she is worried for him. He assures her he will be fine. Just do as I say. She gives in. Please be careful. You wont be able to face them for too long. He opens the thread and pats at her face reassuringly. I will be fine.

Vrinda says we are done with Surya. Let’s do what we have come here for! They find an old box there. Is Sitara’s life inside the box? Hariyali eagerly opens it but it is a normal box. Vrinda says did Viraj really lie to you. Where is her life if it isn’t here? Hariyali remembers seeing the parrot near Sitara all the time. I know where it is – the parrot! Surya asks them if they found what they had been looking for. Vrinda shouts at him to be quiet. She is about to attack him but Hariyali stops her. It is more important to leave from here rather than attacking him! She creates a storm around Surya. I now know why that parrot was important for them. She leaves with Vrinda.

Viraj confronts Albeli and Surili. I am done with all the games. I am right in front of you. Kill me if you want! Sitara looks at the parrot.

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