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Love or poison on glow tv, july 2021 Teasers

Love or poison on glow tv, july 2021 Teasers: Sitara prepares to sacrifice her life in order to save the family from Vishtara. Samrat, however, overhears the Vishkanya’s plan to kill the family members after Sitara is out of the way.

Thursday 1st July 2021

Episode 110

Viraj is grateful to Hariyali for saving Sitara’s life. She then reminds him of their agreement, according to which she demands that he must leave Sitara forever.

Episode 111

Hariyali instigates Viraj against Sitara by revealing the truth about the latter being a Vishkanya. Meanwhile, Sitara realizes that she has lost all her powers and is a normal human being.

Friday 2nd July 2021

Episode 112

Feeling betrayed, Viraj refuses to maintain any relationship with Sitara. Despite her pleas, he does not relent and makes her leave his room.

Episode 113

While Sitara takes refuge in a shrine, the Vishkanyas attack her and tie her to a tree. She feels helpless until a masked man arrives on a white horse.

Monday 5th July 2021

Episode 114

Viraj pleads with Hariyali to save Sitara once again and confesses that he still loves her despite everything. Later, the Vishkanyas and Hariyali wonder about the identity of Sitara’s saviour.

Episode 115

Sitara follows the man who saved her and wonders about his identity and reason for helping her. She is baffled when he repeatedly saves her life and tries to unmask him.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Episode 116

Sitara confronts Hariyali and accuses her of joining hands with the Vishkanyas to hurt Viraj and her. However, she is left utterly shocked when Hariyali reveals that she loves Viraj.

Episode 117

Hariyali acknowledges that Viraj will never marry her of his own free will. Consequently, she comes up with a plan to manipulate him into agreeing to marry her the next day.

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Episode 118

Sitara updates Rajguru about everything that has been happening and asks him to make her a Vishkanya again. Meanwhile, Hariyali tries to blackmail Viraj into marrying her.

Episode 119

Sitara assumes that Viraj still loves her even after learning about her true identity. However, she soon realizes that this is not the case as Viraj expresses his hatred for her.

Thursday 8th July 2021

Episode 120

Hariyali continues to poison Viraj’s mind against Sitara, widening the rift between the couple. Later, Hariyali and the Vishkanyas discuss their next course of action.

Episode 121

Vrinda mixes poison in the cake that Sitara has prepared for Rani Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Hariyali and Sitara are both unaware that the cake has been poisoned.

Friday 9th July 2021

Episode 122

Viraj asks Rani Lakshmi what gift she wants for her birthday. Rani Lakshmi, in turn, states that she wants him to spend 24 hours with Sitara by being tied to her. Meanwhile, Hariyali and the Vishkanyas plan to attack Sitara’s parrot.

Episode 123

Hariyali is furious when she learns about Rani Lakshmi’s birthday wish. She confronts the Vishkanyas and blames them for Sitara and Viraj’s reconciliation.

Monday 12th July 2021

Episode 124

Viraj and Sitara are forced to spend time with each other and cooperate in order to get the most basic of things done. Hariyali, however, sees them together and seethes with jealousy.

Episode 125

Despite Surya’s attempt to convince Viraj about Hariyali’s truth, Viraj has trouble believing him. Later, Surya finds himself cornered by Vrinda and Hariyali.

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Episode 126

Hariyali and Vrinda use their powers to throw the parrot into a pit but Surya saves Sitara’s life again. Later, Viraj asks Hariyali to leave the house but is met with a new problem.

Episode 127

Hariyali disguises herself as Viraj to deceive Sitara and end her life with a deadly weapon. However, the weapon can only be used once.

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Episode 128

Sitara gets romantic with Viraj, unaware that he is actually Hariyali in disguise. Later, with her last breath, Hariyali asks Sitara to forgive her.

Episode 129

As Sitara meets with an accident and passes out, the Vishkanyas use this opportunity to try and kill her. Soon, Viraj and Surya reach the scene at the same time.

Friday 15th July 2021

Episode 130

As per Vrinda’s instructions, Albeli and Surili use their powers to create Vishtara, using the essence of Sitara. The Vishkanyas hope that she will kill Sitara very soon.

Episode 131

Vishtara’s presence in the palace starts to confuse the family members and she even kidnaps Rani Lakshmi. Later, Sitara and Viraj set out looking for Vishtara.

Monday 18th July 2021

Episode 132

Vishtara and Surya team up and plan an attack on Viraj. However, Sitara arrives just in time and saves him. Soon, Sitara begins to get suspicious of Surya’s intentions.

Episode 133

The malicious Vishtara holds Sitara captive in Vishlok while Surya takes Viraj deep into a forest and plans to attack him.

Tuesday 19th July 2021

Final Episode 134

Sitara prepares to sacrifice her life in order to save the family from Vishtara. Samrat, however, overhears the Vishkanya’s plan to kill the family members after Sitara is out of the way.

All these and more coming this July on the cost of love on glow tv.


The cost of love July 2021 Teasers

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