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Jodha akbar on zee world,Saturday 17th July 2021

Jodha akbar Saturday 17 July 2021 update: We begin the episode with doctor saying that let him stay here for tonight he will be better till tomorrow, jodha looks at jalal and goes from there, someone stops her and ask why are you coming from there, man lives that side, jodha says i went to give that injured man remedy, women says he is a warrior, he is a great man, he knows how to love, his wife must be very lucky as he respects love and women, jodha thinks i never saw his love, other women comes and says i am going to prepare food for that injured man, jodha says i will help you out, she goes in kitchen and starts making roties.

she recalls how she made it for him earlier then how he asked her to leave agra, jodha tells the lady that to put spices in the food he likes it, she ask how do you know? jodha says i heard that warriors like spicy food, she thinks that its hurting ego that jalal is here, its not good that i stay here, after holi i will leave from here.

She comes to his room and looks at him from outside.


Jodha recalls how he saved her when people were attacking that woman, she recalls their moments and wipes her tears.

In Agra, Adham tells one minister that jalal is out in search of jodha, its good chance that we kill his man, minister says its good to stay away from atgah. your mission is to get the throne then why running behind atgah, he is just a servant of a king, when you will become the king then he will serve you, you should concentrate on shehenshah( the king), he is out, Adham says good idea, we should finish jalal, he should not return to agra.

In a different scene, mali is angry that jalal is nowhere to be found, his servant says that he is in disguise, mali says this means there is no soldier around him, we have to recognize him, i will not let him go, we will make his grave here.

Maham tells hamida that jodha is not in amer, jalal is searching for her, he sent message that he will not ruturn till he finds jodha, ruks says what is this will he keep searching for her his whole life, i am worried for him, God have mercy on him, hamida says why mercy on him? he doubted jodha so now he has to bring her back, maham says but his life maybe in danger, ruks says till when he will find her, jodha left on her own, salima says no jalal asked her to leave, ruks says so where is she, not in amer not in agra, i think because of insult she must have decided to commit suicide, hamida says enough only you can think like this, how can you say this about jodha, she is not weak neither coward, she is hiding somewhere but jalal will find her. ruks and maham leaves from there. salima says have trust, jalal will return with jodha, after every night there is a sunrise, jodha will be fine.

in morning, todal mal comes to jalal and says you are ready to go, you need rest, jalal says i have to find jodha 1st, todal says today is holi celebration in mathura’s mandir, i think you should go there to find jodha, jalal says okay we should go.

todal mal ask jalal to come. in asylum, all are playing holi, one man says to todal that people here are happy only because of you, todal says its overall effort of all, all should play holi happily here, dont think that it is asylum. shehnaz comes in holi area, she tries to apply color to one lady but she leaves from there, shehnaz says nobody is playing holi with me so i will play myself, she colors herself, jodha comes there and ask what are doing?

she says i dont want anyone to color me so i am coloring myself, she ask jodha why are you not playing holi? how took colors from your life, she puts color on jodha, jodha also colors her, they sya we will go in mandir to play holi, i promise you will not remember your family and husband, jodha gets sad, shehnaz says dont cry look i played good color on you. they goes from there.

jalal comes to Holi celebration and ask men to spread in whole area, jodha is going behind shehnaz, jalal is very close to her but couldnt see her, shehnaz comes and puts more color on her, jodha takes color and runs behind her, she says now your turn.

Jodha is playing holi, she tells shehnaz that nobody will save you now, she thrwos color on her, shehnaz moves from that aside and colors fall on jalal, jodha doesnt see his face and says sorry i was putting color on her, jalal realize is jodha. before he could see jodha goes from there, he says i know it is your voice, where arw you. jalal is searching for her, todal ask him to calm down,

jalal says if i dont find her today then i will lose her forever, todal ask him to have faith, she will come infront of you soon, jalal says why did she went away from me coming so close, i hurt her alot, i am a very bad man, todal says you love her alot and if she get hurt by your words then she loves you too, one man comes and says you are the same man who was finding one lady, he says one lady came in asylum she is same like you told about her, laksmi also sent remedy for you. jalal ask did lakshmi sent that remedy? he says yes, jalal says i knew it, todal says go meet her, jalal says no, she saw me but didnt come infront of me that means she doesnt want to meet me, i need your help.

jodha ask shehnaz let’s go to the asylum, she says no stay for a while, jodha says okay you stay here i will leaves, shehnaz says no i will come, she ask jodha to never leave her, jodha says i promise i will not leave you, they are going, some ladies talks that the man who saved widow is dead because of injuries, he gave away his life for others, jodha is stunned and ask whom are you talking about, lady says that man who saved a widow and 2 other ladies, he came to mandir but lost his life, jodha is shocked.

She runs to jalal, she says it should not happen, nothing should happen to jalal, she comes to where one deadbody is placed, face is covered with sheet, wind blows off sheet and its jalal lying dead.

jodha is stunned seeing this, jalal thinks that i knew it that you will come running after hearing my death, you love me alot, jodha sits there with head down, she looks up and jalal is sitting infront of her alive, he says i knew it you will come to me, i am sorry i had to do this drama, jodha is stunned and goes from there.

she is running, jalal is running behind her, jodha recalls jalal’s bitter words about her character, she is crying and running, jalal stops her and tells her not to go far again from him.


jodha pushes him and goes in lake, she is going deep in lake, jalal goes behind her and says what are you going to do, you didnt think about anybody before doing this, your parents, my mom, rahim, about me.

He drags her out of the water and says you are that much angry with me, you were not that angry with me when you used to hate me, i know i did mistake, but you say that when person is regretting then he should be given one chance, i was searching for you everywhere so that i can ask forgiveness, to take you back, if you want then kill me but dont do this to me, i am dying without you because i love.

And i know you love me alot thats why you had remedy and came running when you heard that i am dead, jodha says yes i care for you, yes i get sad when i see you sad, yes i will break my bangles on your death, i will cry till my life, till i am alive i am your wife only, jalal says i know i did mistake but i am regretting, i lost my peace when you left me, please go with me.

jodha says who am i, does i have any identity, doesnt i have any emotions, doesnt i get hurt? i am rajvanshi. i cant think of anyone else then my husband and what did you do? we die before anyone touches us, you hurt my soul, your words are still ringing in my head, i cant believe that the person who married me left me just for one misunderstanding, what was my fault that i tried to save your life, yu doubted a relation of brother and sister, why should man be forgiven everytime? why should women have to sacrifice, efor everything women have to sacrifice, she leaves her parents palace for her husband, she leaves her everything for her husband. i can sacrifice anything but not my respect, women can’t compromise on her character, jalal says okay punishe me but lets go to Agra.

jodha says no for some mistakes punishments are less, i cant leave here, i cant compromise on my respect, if you respect me a little then dont follow or search for me, its difficult for me dont make it more, she leaves, jalal is helpless.
In a different scene, Sharifuddin says why does this happen that everything I want become shahenshah’s. Either it be jodha or power. Well she couldn’t become mine nor his. The princess couldn’t bear the pain she got to face these days. Well there is one good thing that she did to me while going. Her absence will make Jalal mad. This is the right chance to work to get the power.

In a different scene, Partap’s man says this is the right time to attack. Jalal is in very weak position. We will get control over sub continent. Partap says no he is so wise and clever.

I am always against the plan that india should be under one ruler. I have my own plans to get rid of the mughals. Only rajwanshi will rule the country.

Scene 6
jodha recalls jalal’s forgiveness, she thinks that i cant stay here anymore, she says to kahan that its all because of you that earlier he threw me out and now he came here.

she says why always me always, i didnt forget my insult till now, why you always put me in difficult situation, she cries and says i have to go from here, someone knocks on her door, she thinks it must be jalal, what should i do, door gets open and its bharmal, she hugs him.

he says dont cry, he says you are my strong daughter look i came, everything will be fine, jalal comes there too.
Jalal leaves. bharmal says jalal is very sorry for what happened, he came to amer for you, he was finding you without resting, i have seen desperation in his eyes, i know its difficult for a rajvanshi but please forgive him, he says okay lets go to Amer.

she says i cant i am fine here, bharmal says i know about your promise to meenawati that you will not come in amer but she only said that so your marriage life doesn’t get broken but why so much anger for her, its like death for me that my daughter is not coming in my home, for a daughter her father’s house is always open for her, please come with me. jodha says no i will stay here, bharmal says okay i am stubborn too, i will stay in this asylum leaving my kingship, jodha says no don’t say this, i will come with you, she cries.
In a different scene, Bharmal comes to meet jalal, todal leaves from there, jalal ask what did she say, bharmal says you know her, she is stubborn, she stay firm at her decisions, jalal says if she goes away from me then how will i pacify her? bharmal says let me take her to amer, she is not stable in this condition, she will rest there and also her dadisa and maassa will explain her then she will think about you. also there is ganghaur celebration in amer so its good if she comes there, i cant invite you sorry. with time jodha’s anger will lessen, then you come to amer and take her. jalal says you are right, it was my mistake so i should get punished, bharmal says have hope everything will be fine. jalal thinks that i could not get you even after finding you, i wish for the day when yo talk to me like before.

in morning, jodha comes out of asylum to leave for amer, she greets everyone, they say pardon us if we did any mistake, jodha says no you all treated me like family, gave me respect.

bahrmal greets and thanks todal, todal says i just did my duty, todal greets jodha and says sorry i couldn’t recognize you, jodha says thanks in your asylum i got so much love, jodha gives some gift for shehnaz who is nowhere to be found, jodha sits in her palanquin, shehnaz is sitting there and says i wont let you go anywhere.

women ask her to come out, they are getting late, she says jodha promised me that she will not leave me, women takes her out, jodha says stop shehnaz, will you go with me? shenaz hugs her and says you are great lakshmi, jodha says call me lakshmi. jodha turns to leave, jalal is looking at her.

she looks at him.

jalal says in heart that don’t go jodha please don’t, jodha says in heart that sorry jalal but i cant go with you, you still need my pardon and we cant live tighter like this.. jodha and shehnaz sit in palanquin. bharmal sit on horse and greets jalal, jalal thinks that i lost your love because of my doubt but i will win your heart by my love, i wont let you get separated from me.

in amer, all get to know that jodha is coming, dadisa gifts dasies in happiness of jodha coming, she tells meenawati that jodha is found and bharmal is coming with her, meena gets happy and says lord listened to my prayers, she says i will welcome her grandly, i will stay in front to see her, she then recalls what she said to jodha that i want your dead body to go up from agra, she says how will i face her? dadisa says you said that all for her own good, forget about the past, meena says no you go to welcome her, i cant come, dadisa leaves.

all are waiting at gate to welcome jodha, inside meena cries that i cant welcome her and this is my punishment, because of the promise she had to suffer a lot and now i have to suffer.

jalal is going back to agra from jungle and recalls doctor praising jodha’s remedy which she sent for him, he recalls man saying that jodha sent that remedy for him, he looks and jodha is standing in front of him,

he gets so happy and says i knew it that you will come.

he recalls how he saved her from people throwing stones, how he took her out of lake. The episode ends.



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