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Jodha akbar on zee world, Tuesday 24th August 2021

Jodha akbar Tuesday 24 August 2021 update: jodha says to bakshi that bakshi why you lied, you know this lie can bring storm in palace, they listen to ministers congratulating sharif, sharif says I want my son to be like me, minister your son will be strong like you. bakshi says to jodha that you know sharif wanted to have baby boy, he would have killed me and child if I tell him the truth, jodha says but we have to tell the truth, bakshi says not now, I will tell him on right time, jodha says but hamida should know about it, bakshi says no, she will be shattered, sharif comes there and ask who will shattered? bakshi says hamida as I didn’t eat laddoes made by her, sharif takes kid in his hands and gives child to jodha, he says that my child is lucky to get paternal aunt like jodha, he will learn sword fighting from jodha, jodha looks at bakshi and leaves from there. sharif says to bakshi that I have decided fro my boy.



Scene 2

sharif looks in mirror and says one more contender for throne has come in world, he looks at jodha painting and says soon you will be mine, you will live for me, you will do work for, I have to remove jalal from my way.

in morning, jodha thinks that should I tell jalal about truth os bakshi’s child but she then thinks to not tell him as she promised bakshi, jodha thinks its not good to hide from jalal. jalal comes there, jalal says this palace is filled with noise of child and soon two more children will join him, jalal says I am thinking to arrange a huge jashn for bakshi, jodha thinks that if people gets to know that bakshi has given birth to baby boy then when truth will come out, it will create more problem, she says to jalal that we should give sometime to bakshi as she may need rest, jalal says ok we will do celebration after sometime, jalal says yesterday we decided names of our daughters but we did not decide names if you give birth to baby boys, jalal says to jodha that we wont come at time of delivery so don’t worry, he ask her to smile, jodha smiles, jalal says I have some important work and leaves.


Scene 3

in court, jalal says to his ministers that he is very happy, he says new generation of Mughal has come in world, he says to todar that he has to handle everything, todar agrees, maan comes there and wants to have important talk, he informs jalal that some rajvanshies are surrounding agra, they are trying to attack agra and the one leading them is Maharana pratap, a small force has been sent to fight with them, jalal says if my enemy thinks that I am weak after atgah’s death then I will answer him, but I cant understand one thing why pratap is attacking from back, he ask todar to start preparing for war, he says to maan that he wont go in war, maan says I given the responsibility to be with you all the time and I have to be with you even if I have to fight against rajvanshi, jalal says this was expected by you, ok maan will come with me, sharif asks whats order for him, jalal says you stay here with your child and take care of baksi, he says to maan that we should 1st find out strength of our enemy.


Scene 4

jodha is talking to herself, she says how to tell jalal that bakshi’s child is not baby boy but baby girl, salima comes there and listens this, she ask jodha is it truth? jodha says yes, bakshi lied to all as sharif wanted to have baby boy and bakshi got afraid to tell him that its baby girl and lied, salima says we should inform all, jodha says no, I have promised bakshi, salima says promise is not important when its about future and she gave promise to you, not me, we will tell jalal truth, think if people gets to know the truth then they will laugh on jalal. jodha and salima goes to tell jalal truth, soldier says jalal is not in palace, salima says now, we have to tell hamida. salima tells truth about bakshi’s child to hamida, hamdia says what, she is a girl, not a boy? who told you, salima says jodha, she ask jodha to tell her in detail how she know it., jodha tells her everything, ruks says you knew the truth and you are telling us now, salima says she was bound by bakshi’s promise, ruks brings doctor and slaps hee, doctor informs her that yes its baby girl and she lied as bakshi ordered to do so, hamida says leave her, its not her fault, its bakshi’s fault, jodha says bakshi was afraid as sharif wanted baby boy so she lied to him to save her child.


Scene 5

bakshi is playing with her child, sharif comes there. sharif is taking child from room, bakshi ask where are you taking child? sharif says its been two days since he is born and we did not do his khatna( ritual of making boy muslim by little cutting his body part which makes him boy), bakshi is shocked that sharif will know the truth, she says to sharif that please listen to me, shairf doesn listen and leaves from there with child, bakshi says storm will come when sharif gets to know the truth.

hamida scolds doctor that she should have told hamida, bakshi is praying her room that save my child, if shairf gets to know the truth then he will kill my child and me, she cries, hamida and other ladies come in her room, hamida says I wasn’t expecting this from you jodha.

sharif brings child to priest, priest says your child is very cute, priest give child to doctor to do child’s khatna, he takes off child’s cloth and says my god, I didn’t expect this from you. sharif says to doctor that why you are getting angry on me, I just asked you to do my boy’s khatna, doctor says how dare you joke with me like this, this is not a baby boy but baby girl, sharif cant believe this and gets angry.sharif takes the baby from priest, priest says that you not only insulted us but you made joke of islam, you are Mughal minister and you are from shahi family, we didn’t expect this from you, sharif says I am sorry, I had baby boy, I don’t know how this girl came here, maybe babies were exchanged, priest says you should be proud that you have daughter, priests says we should go from here, priests gossip that whats happening in palace, maybe sharif didn’t listen that he has daughter, they do weird jokes, sharif thinks bakshi you did a big joke with me, I wont leave you for this, I will teach you lesson.

jalal is in his tent, soldier comes to jalal, jalal ask did they arrive? soldier says yes, jalal says bring them inside, hindu kings come to jalal, jalal greets them, hindu king says that there are many hindus as your loyal, we didn’t come here to talk, we want war, jalal says I know you want to have agra, king says we will succeed in it, jalal says its not a bad thought, everyone want power but tell me how will you get agra from me? king laughs and says we have 30,000 soldiers, elephants, we will beat you in war, jalal says sorry but this war will not happen, its killing of your people, king says you don’t know how brave our soldiers are, jalal says soldiers are always brave, it doesn’t matter if he is a Mughal or rajvanshi,he gives his best in war, doing war and winning it isn’t a big thing for me, its good if you surrender to me, I will leave your life, king says you think that only you know how run the sword, we will beat you, jalal says I am always impressed with rajvanshi sword fighting, I know you are not afraid of me so I am saying don’t do this war, there will 30,0000 soldiers from my side so this war wont happen, this will be simply suicide for your force, never show your strength to your enemy as it becomes your weakness, I also want to do politics, don’t force me to take my sword in hand, I want that we live together in future. jalal says to maan that future plan will be discussed with king.

hamida says to bakshi that you didn’t thick for once that what will be the consequences of this lie, you know girls are blessing and how can you insult a daughter, bakshi says I am sory, I was afraid, jodha says we are not here to taunt you but you show you right path, ruks ask why did you lie? bakshi thinks how to tell them, salima says you should tell sharif the truth, bakshi thinks that till now sharif would have known the truth.

sharif says to baby girl that you are not my blood because you are not the one whom I wanted, he thinks that bakshi you lied to me, now I will tell you what torture is, I will stretch your skin with my sword, I will make your life hell now.

jodha says to bakshi that sharif is your husband, he will understand you, I know he must have had desire of baby boy but don’t worry he will be pacified, salima also ask bakshi to tell sharif truth, bakshi says no, she thinks how to tell them that sharif wont leave me, hamida says that I know sharif will be angry but he will understand, sharif comes there with girl and says I came to know about the truth, he gives baby to bakshi, bakshi says I was about to tell you truth, sharif says why you didn’t tell me, I was embarrassed infront of priests, you made joke out of me, I was feeling like to kill myself, why you insulted me like this, hamida says I think you should talk with cool mind, sharif says there is nothing left to be talked, I think I don’t deserve to be husband, he leaves from there, salima says he is angry now but he will understand when he will cool down, you should talk to him, all women leave from there, bakshi is tensed.



Scene 2

all women are discussing matter, ruks says bakshi shouldn’t have lied, jodha says its not her fault totally, sharif wanted boy so she lied to him, ruks says sharif wasn’t wrong either, all father wants to have boy as they take their family ahead to next generation, jodha says how can you think like that, you and me are also daughters, you are Mughal minister so aren’t your parents proud of you? ruks says you give good speech but we have to go to our husband’s house after sometime, we have to take his name ahead, we cant rule states, we cant be rulers, jodha says to ruks that women can do anything and everything, nothing is difficult for women, there are many women who successfully ruled their states, we women give birth to boys and girls, we are the one who takes generations ahead, where it is written that when daughters are born, you should mourn, girls are blessing, I don’t know much about islam but I think in your religion too, women are given equal respect, salima agrees with jodha and gives an example of muslim women who ruled her state successfully, jodha says jalal doesnt have these thoughts, how can you have these thoughts, jalal made hamida marium makani( most respectful), ruks says but the one who give king to throne becomes marium zamani only, she leaves from there.


Scene 3

jalal says to todar and maan that he wants to soon return to agra as he want to play with his nephew, I don’t want to indulge in wars now as I want to celebrate my nephew coming in world, todar says soon your happiness will be doubled, jalal smiles, jalal says I have on bakshi’s face that mother becaome so peaceful after she gets her child in her hands, he ask maaan to solve this war matter soon then we will leave.

sharif is shattered that why bakshi lied to me, some women are going from there and says that why bakshi lied to sharif, poor sharif, sharif listens this, sharif says poor me? there was a time when people use to be afraid of my name and now they are saying me poor, this all happened because of bakshi, I wont leave you bakshi, I will teach you such a lesson that you wont forget it ever.

bakshi is not eating anything, dasi request her to eat, sharif comes there and is drunk,he ask dasi to go but bakshi stops dasi being afraid, sharif says I want to talk to my wife, he shouts on dasi, she leaves, sharif looks at baby girl and says you love your daughter a lot, I told you to give birth to boy but you kept saying that it maybe baby girl, see now, its baby girl, bakshi says so what if she is a girl, she is our daughter, sharif grabs bakshi by hairs and says you hurt me a lot and now you are putting salt on my wounds, you are igniting more fire in me, he throws bakshi away, bakshi’s head strikes with big show piece. sharif says I will kill this girl, bakshi cries.



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