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Jodha akbar on zee world, Saturday 10th July 2021

Jodha akbar on zee world, Saturday 10th July 2021 update:We begin today’s episode from where we ended yesterday, Jodha continues to lecture Jalal about his judgment on Azija based on the past, Jalal tries to talk but Jodha cuts in, Jalal then gets angry and shout in loud tone and tells Jodha about her meeting another man and hiding it from him. Jodha looks on, and it turns out to be Jalal’s imagination.Jalal then explains to her in a very calm voice that he has taken a right decision and that king and a husband should have the right to know the truth.In a different scene,The new servants employees for Harem are taken inside the palace. Rukaiya orders that there should be proper checking of the matter whether they are truly eunuchs. Sujhamal joins them dressed as a lady with the name Dilawar Khan.Someone comes and informs Maham that a woman is complaining that he was present in the group; but a person has forcefully snatched her bag and identity proof. The servant says that her name is Dilawar Khan.Maham comes inside and sees the person who gives his identity as Dilawar Khan. She doubts that his face looks like Sujhamal’s. She thinks that if her doubt is true, then her purpose will be served very soon. She banishes the eunuch who made the complaint.Maham wants to confirm that the person is Sujhamal. When the servants are taken inside the palace, Maham notices that Jodha is playing with Rahim.The second confirmation comes when Resham verifies the true physical status of the staffs. Sujhamal avoids the test tactfully and Maham notices it. She thinks that Sujhamal has entered the palace to end his life, but before that i Mahama Anga will use him for my purpose.The employees are taken to Rukaiya, for their assignments. Maham tells Rukaiya that Dilawa ( Sujamal in disguise)is an expert in babysitting. He is then assigned as the attendant of Bakshi Banu.Jodha tries to talk to Jalal but he ignores her. Jodha is shocked.sharif comes to bakshi and says happy to hear that you got a Servant to work for you.

Dilawar Khan says don’t worry, sharif looks at her and go close, he laughs and ask her name, she says dilawar khan, sharif says you look like some rajvanshi warrior he will kill you if he sees you, suja thinks thank God he didnt recognize me.phopho tells ruks that when your father died we were worried for you but now see you are a strong woman, when we brought you here jalal was happy we knew you both are partners, humayun looked at you and said she is mughal begum, hoshiyar comes there and informs that jalal will come to your room this night she says okay go from here, ruks says to phopho we were talking about him and he sent me a message, phohpo says i get happy seeing you both together, ruks leaves from there.bakshi comes to hamida and says dilawar tale care of me, suja sees maan singh and jodha there and is happy, jodha says to bakshi that if you need anything then tell me, she sit infront of suja, jalal comes there, maan informs him that we have attacked baaj bahudar, jalal says he is getting help from pratap, take care of him.jalal ask about sujamal, sharif says we are searching for him, jalal says i need him alive or dead, jodha is stunned.

maham comes to javeda’s room , there is smoke, javeda talks in a man’s voice, she says i was puffing hukka from morning, i was mourning that i couldn’t become owner of this harem, maham says if you keep doing this foolish things then i will kill you, you fool.dilawar is taking care of bakshi, jalal comes there, he says why are you sitting not resting she says i was resting only, tell dilawar he says yes. jalal says she throws medicine you take care of it, bakshi says it was childhood thing, suja recalls past when jodha used to not drink medicine, jodha says that doctor is jealous of me that’s why he give me bitter medicine, suja says i will drink it then jodha says why will you will drink, i am drinking it for you, jodha drinks medicine.flashback ends, bakshi tells jalal that ruks appointed her, jalal says she does her work nicely, jodha comes there and says sorry i came, jalal says i am leaving already so you can come, jodha says i brought creme for you. bakshi ask dilawar to take it, he takes it and thinks that jodha didn’t recognize me then nobody can.ruks ask dasssiz to decorate the room nicely, jalal is coming after many days, she thinks everything is like before, harem is mine and also jalal, jodha has become a common wife.

maham comes there, ruks doesn’t see her and says you came (thinking is jalal) i was waiting for you, maham says i didn’t know that you love me so much, ruks says you, i thought.. maham says you thought jalal, he is coming to you tonight, ruks says in harem news spread like fire, maham says you are preparing for him, “read daily full updates at blastersseries.com” ruks says i don’t need to prepare he was mine he is and will always be, maham says you are his childhood friend but you don’t know him, he is worried these days, not because of politics, he didn’t tell me, ruks says maybe he will tell me tonight, maham says you don’t need to wait you should ask him, maybe this time too his tension is because of jodha, you should know, maybe he is in love, ruks says you don’t know him he doesn’t have a heart, maham says he is thinking from heart only there days, i am your well wisher do what is in favor of you.In a different scene,bakshi is waiting for sharif and she cuts her hand unknowingly as she was cutting battle nuts. dilawar/suja comes there and worries for her, he bandages her and says its not good to eat paan and suparies in this condition, bakshi says i get peace from eating it, suja says why you need peace you have loving brother and loving husband, she yes(in sarcastic manner). suja sees jodha’s portrait and ask Bakshi.

she says i sent it to jodha, she thinks that he must have made it again, she says our artist made very good pictures just like what you say to her but she made jodha’s painting when sharif asked her, suja ask why did he tell jodha’s face, bakshi gets angry and says you don’t need to question me, go from here. he thinks there must be something why sharif made jodha’s portrait and why bakshi get irritated listening to jodha’s name.jodha is at balcony.and thinks that he is a king he will do what he thinks is right, she recalls how he said that think you try to get time to spend with me somebody from my family come in between, jodha says i will feel bad, flashback ends, she thinks this harem is his, all begums are his then why i am feeling bad if he is going to some other wife’s room.

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