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I do on Zee world, Tuesday 7th December 2021

I do Tuesday 7 December 2021 updates: Asad is talking with his colleague about the foreign deal that had been cancelled earlier, being rethought again and that they are all prepped up this time so that there’s no mistake to grab the offer. Location: Asad’s residence While the ladies of the house are watching Mughal- E- Azam, asad enters, nazma and dilshad are consciously aware around him. Seeing this, she begins to daydream about themselves in that movie, with asad playing the role of Akbar and she being Anarkali. she finally returns to her senses and thinks as to whats wrong with her that she’s thinking about asad and leaves the room. Location: Ayan’s residenceShirin who is crying incoherently is cheered up by her children but she says that all children have to grow apart from their mother after marriage. Ayan mentions that he wouldnt since he would marry only when he finds a girl more bful than shirin and that he wouldnt hence he wouldnt have to marry and can stay with his mother forever. But shirin says that she’s no more bful since otherwise rashid would have noticed her, or spent time with her or taken her out sometime.They try to cheer her up saying that they know that rashid is not the expressive kinds but he definitely loves shirin a lot, she brightens up hearing that. Scene 4: Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence Zoya calls up rashid to enquire whether he has send the tickets or not. And also gives him a piece of her poetry… AANKHON SE HUI BALLING, DIL KA GIRA WICKET, MOHABBAT KI DUNIYA KA HAI YEH SPECIAL TICKET!! Saying so, she cancels the call. He gets down to wqriting this address saying to himself that if she comes, then he would know that he still has the right to hope.He calls a person to courier it to dilshad. razia from behind the door hears all this and is surprised. She follows the person and asks him about the parcel. she sends him in the kitchen for some list of itema and meanwhile checks the envelope and is surprised to find a drama ticket for dilshad in it. He retuens with the list. she reluctantly gives the parcel back to him for couriering. she decides to herself that rashid is playing with fire, and now this drama has to stop or it will bring their family’s reputation at stake. She decides to get this done through Asad. Scene 5: Location: asad’s residence While asad is checking the CD for presentation, zoya comes with nazma in the kitchen to make a cake as they have put dilshad to rest today. She gives nazma too a piece of her poetry… EK TO KHOOBSURAT, FIR ADAA NEK WAALI, BADI HI AWESOME HAI, ZOYA CAKE WAALI!! Asad frustrated with zoya as usual, goes on to find his phone while by mistake leaving the CD case of his laptop open and keeping the CD on the table. While asad is busy with his phone at a distance, zoya whose batter for the cake is ready puts the bowl accidentally on top of the CD unknowingly. Asad on the other hand assures his employees that he has checked the CD for the presentation that would land him the deal and would come to the office in an hour with it. zoya on the other hand, picks up the bowl to transfer the batter into the container going into the oven. the CD stuck at the bottom of the first bowl falls into the oven bowl without zoya knowing and she puts the bowl into the oven and sets the timer for the cake. Asad, who has finished the call comes back to find the Cd gone an asks nazma but cant find it anywhere. Scene 6: Location: Asad’s residence dilshad receives the pracel containing the ticket and thinks that zoya is behidn this. zoya too thinks the same since she too had ordered online. She and nazma coax her into indulging in herself for once and send her off to get ready to watch the play. Scene 7: Location: Ayan’s residence seeing rashid going out, razia asks him where is he going, he casually lies that he is going to the office. razia doesnt say anything but when he’s gone she again gets on an innocent shirin who doesnt have a clue of whats going on, to keep track and a close eye on her husband. Scene 8: Location: At the drama theatre Rashid arrives at the theater and is looking around. He gets a call and while tking out the phone drops his keys on the ground unknowingly. while talking he moves ahead. Dilshad comes across the keys lying on the ground and takes it to the security guard and tells him to announce the lost bunch of keys. hearing the announcement and finding his keys gone, he goes upto the counter where dilshad is also standing. but by the time he reaches, she moves ahead. Dilshad stops to stare at a hoarding of the drama. rashid having collected his keys also stops at a hoarding which happens to be just opposite to dilshad’s. scene 9: Location: Ayan’s residence Razia addresiing asad ahmed khan on the phone, telling him that she’s heard that his mother dilshad has gone to see a drama. Razia swearing that she would finally expose the truth of dilshad’s and rashid’s secret affair in front of shirin and that too through Asad Ahmed Khan.Location: Asad’s ad ayan’s residenceAsad while searching for the Cd is told by nazma that dilshad has gone to watch the play. He gets a call from razia who doesnt tell who she is, but says that his mother has gone for watching a play but he should take care that the ladies of the house are kept under control. He angrily demands to know who she is,but she cancels the call before hat. Location: At the drama theatreWhile both rashid and dilshad are wtaching the poster on opposite ends, when workers come to take the posters away, they see each other. They are both shocked and surprisd to see each other there. rashid thanks her, puzzled she asks why. he says for coming to see the play with him. She replies that she didnt come for him, had she known he was here, she wouldnt have come. She is about to go, but he holds her hand to stop her and says that their meeting unintended like this is destiny and she can fight him but not their destiny. Just then shirin and razia see them in that position. Razia is shocked and shirin is devastated. Dilshad tries to snatch her hand away when she hears shirin calling out to rashid, but razia comes and taunt her to hold on to the hand, since she has let go of everything else like, respect and manners. Rashid tries to stop her from talking like that but rzia doesnt listen and quietens him instead saying that he has no right to talk to her after what he has doen to taint the image of their family, whose brunt the other memebers have to bear for no fault of theirs. she reprimands dilshad for being guilty of having had her dream of getting back with rashid finally fulfilled and destroying his marraige with shirin. Dishad repeatedly says politely that its not what it looks like, but razia doesnt listen to her clarification. She tries to leave, buit razia stops her saying that she cant just destroy somebody’s home and then escape implications on her life by walking off. She also reprimands rashid for philandering around with other women. She asks shirin to break her silenec. shirin finally manages to ask why he did. razia asks her to question dilshad instead when its her whose loose behaviour, led rashid back to her. She mocks dilshad’s tears too saying that they cant wash the taint on her character. Dilshad says that her character is as pure as her prayers. razia asks her to do a favor on them and try and find other men to roam around with. When rashid suggests going home and not do drama there, razia says he created the drama and therefore has to bear with it. But she didnt expect it from him, for once she knew an available lady like dilshad could stoop so low.Dilshad is horrified to hear this, rashid too asks her no to speak like that since she has no right. Asad’s voice reverberates saying that had she not been a lady, he would have snapped her tongue out by now. he says that he doesnt want to talk a low grade woman like her. razia asks him not to be emotional and instead ask what his mother was doing holding rashid’s hand. He says that he knows that dilshads’ soul is very pure and thats the reason she gave her husband to their sister, shirin wothout any demands. and as for her reason to be here, Dilshad clarifies that she came here onn zoya’s tickets and had no idea that rashid was here too. razia again reprimands her for lying since she saw for himself that a parcel was couriered on dilshad’s address from rashid. Asad stops her from talkign further saying that she doesnt have to clarify in front of a lady like her and takes her away. Rashid tries to apologize to dilshad but asad cuts him saying that he should stay away from his mother and walks off. while rashid and shirin are upset, razia is happy at having accomplished her mission through asad. Scene 4: Location: In the car Asad when they reach home, tells dilshad not to talk about this to nazma. Scene 5: Location: asad’s residence When nazma and zoya find them retruning so fast, they ask dilshad the reason. she says that she has a headache and retires to her room to rest. Confused nazma and zoya ask asad, about dilshad, he too avoids their question and leaves the room. Zoya says that she knows the perfect way to cheer dilshad up. Scene 6: Location: Asad’s residence In her room, dilshad crying, is noticed by asad who comes in and tries to console her, when dilshad says that its her fault but she really didnt know that rashid was going to be there. asad tells her to stop clarifying and not to cry over some mean lady’s remarks as she is not worth it. He asks her to eat something. Just then zoya and nazma enter wih the cake. Seeing zoya put the cake on the bed and asad getting affected by it, she says that they would instead cut the cake outside. while they all proceed outside, asad gets an important call from his business client. He apologizes for the dealy and also tells them that he had a presentation made but cant find the cd. The screen freezes on his tensed face.When dilshad is unable to cut the cake encountering an obstruction in the middle of the cake, zoya volunteers to cut the cake. She cuts the cake to reveal the cd from inside it and is boggled out of her wits to see it while asad is still apologizing on the phone for losing the CD of the presentation. asad turns around to see the cake stained CD in her hand and is fuming with anger. While nuzrat nd humaira are busy checking their horocopes for love angles, ayan asks for his bike keys and is told about its location. Just then, nuzrat tells humaira that ayan’s week is ridden with danger on the road. She is immediately concerned and tells ayan to drive safe. He is his carefree attitude tells her not to worry and leaves. Rashid tells razia that she had noright to interfere in his personal life like that and insult dilshad so badly when she clearly knewshe was not at fault and still she tainted her pure character. razia taunts him for caring about dilshad’s character but not about the respect of their family. He says that they could have solved the issue within the confines of the house, the matter neednt have gone outside. She silences him saying that she had no choice when the men of his house went outside and started drama. She cites that what she did was important since he was on the wrong path. He says who’s she to decide rightand wrong. She tells him to look into himself before raising his finger on someone else. and she also warns him that its good that mamujaan didnt know anything about it. She tells him not to do this since if he comes to know about this, he has no idea what mau will do. All the respect anf fame and success and money and the comforts and luxuries that rashid enjoys, she reminds him are a gift from mamujaan on the pretext that he would forever leave dilshad and settle with shirin. She reminds him that it was his descision to leave her and not on anyone’s forcing. now if he goes back, mamu would feel bad, and she warns him that if he feels bad then it would be very bad for rashid since the gifts given can be taken back too. Shirin is in the doorway hearing all this, with teary eyes. razia about to leave, stops, and says that he should leave all thi for the sake of nikhat’s marriage atleast. She asks him to withdraw when theer’s still time, or else the situation would be unsalvageable. Scene 3: Location: On the road and ayan’s residence Feroz sees ayan loitering around with his friends on the road. he decides to grab him before he has a chance to talk to asad and then beat him in a dark alley till he gets the required information out of him. He proceeds towards him.Meanwhile at home, humaira is nervous with a premonition. as feroz proceeds to catch ayn, she starts praying to the lord to keep him safe. As if answering to her prayer, before feroz can catch him, ayan speeds on his bike and feroz misses him by an inch and is frustrated. At home, humaira is relieved to see ayan safe and sound back home. They engage in some of their casual flirting as usual. then nuzrat comes in talking about the latest reality show to be aired on zee tv about acting. They are talking in the hallway when nuzrat finds nikhat in her room, chatting with imran. she calls the others, and they all sneak into her room without her knowledge. While she is talking to imran, nikhat is blushing and when he says he misses her, she undecided what to respond is told by nuzrat to reply the same back. She is embarassed when they start teasing her about it. Then they again move on to their flirtatious exchanges between ayan and humaira. Scene 4: Location: Ayan’s residence Rashis tells shirin that she doesnt need to worry about anything. Shirin says that she saw them with her own eyes holding hands. She asks him if he still has feelings for her and hasnt forgotten him. He says that they shared a deep relation once and hence cant detatch himself from it, but he didsnt mean to hurt her. she says he has no idea how hurt she was to see them together like that, aftre he had lied and gone to meet him. rashid says that she didnt come there to meet him, she counter argues that he on his part did go to meet her, silencing rashid. Just then ayan enters, and seeing her crying asks what happened. rashid walks out of the room. Shirin says that nothing happened but hugs him and starts crying. ayan is upset to see this. Scene 5: Location: asad’s residence Zoya is upset to see asad beating a puching bag relentlessly. Dilshad and nazma too discussing that he must be very angry, to have taken the puching bag out. Dilshad says that they have to talk nevertheless. She goes inside and talks to him saying that it wasnt zoya’s fault and that she doesnt even know how the Cd got inside the cake. asad however says that she did it deliberately. Dilshad tries to make him understand that zoya is really sorry and can also help him in making the presentation once again. He gets angry all the more saying that he doesnt need her nor anybody else’s help to do his work. the screen freezes on zoya’s worried face. Precap: Zoya is sitting with some electronic parts and wires strewn all over the floor. asad sees this and is about to reprimand her, when he gets entangled in the wires and trips and falls on the floor. Zoya too is shocked to see him fall.Location: Asad’s residence Zoya asks nazma about asad whether he is still angry with her and that she feels she should go in to talk to him. Nazma tells her thats it better that she let him be cuz he was pretty angry still and would be all the more if he sees her. Suddenly an idea strikes zoya’s mind and she starts going with her electronic case. A concerned nazma asks her what she is upto now, zoya tells her to relax since nothing would go wrong this time. Nazma thinks to herself that whenever she says that, something defintely goes wrong. Razia is pretending in front of shirin as to how hurt she is about rashid’s stinging remarks abo9ut her but its her perseverance that she went on to bear it and didnt tell any of it to mamujaan, when all she had wanted was the benefit of the family.Shirin begs her not to tll mamu. She says that shirin herself can make that happen. When shirin asks how, razia tells her that she had once won rashid from dilshad and she would have to weave the same magic of her beauty on him, so that he is trapped in her and cant focus anywhere outside. Location: Asad’s residence Zoya calls up rashid enquiring him about what happened at the play. Rashid tells that she did come, but coincidentally but unaware that she would meet him too. Zoya is happy thinking that destiny also favours her friend, but rashid says that the heart may want to go with destiny but the mind says to follow responsibility. Zoya tries to explain that the first resp he has is towards himself and that if he lies to himself, he can never say the truth to someone else. He is told that if he is searching for happiness in his past, then he has to cling on to his hope and continue his efforts in trying to meet her. Zoya is sitting with some electronic parts and wires strewn all over the floor. She is talking to some chinese engineer about making an electronic circuit with them. Scene 4: Location: Ayan’s residence Rashid is thinking about razia’s stinging words to dilshad and zoya’s advice not to give up. He is about to call dilshad for forgiveness, in the hope that she would, though knowing that he doesnt deserve it, when shirin, emboldened by razia’s advice to her comes in wearing a beautiful attractive nighty. but rashid lost in his sadness comes upto her and tells her that he knows she is angry ith him. He says that these days nobody is happy with him. He says that he would therefore go down in the study for some work and would sleep there only since he wouldnt want to disturb shirin when he comes. Saying goodnight, he leaves. shirin sits on the bed thinking that she did make an effort but rashid doesnt care for her enough to be able to notice. ayan hears shirin from the window. Meanwhile humaira gets a stranger’s message on her email id. Sending in a reply, she gets a poetry filled message, she assumes its ayan and starts to flirt with him as usual, but the chatter turns out to be some loafer guy, nadeem from her college, who is himself surprised at humaira’s boldness. he too starts talkign romantic and she assuming ayan is finally talking nice to her, is on top of the world and bares her heart out in the chat. Scene 5: Location: asad’s residence Asad is tlking on his new phone, where the caller is telling him that he should transfer all his data from the old into the new phone. He agrees to do so, and then cancels the call. He sees the mesh of wires on the floor and is about to reprimand her, when he gets entangled in the wires and trips and falls on the floor, and the phone is thrown off in the air from his hand. Zoya too is shocked to see him fall. she tries to catch the phone, but in vain and ends up breaking his new phone too. Asad is fuming with anger and refusing zoya’s hand to help him get up, he stands up on his own feet. he asks her whats happening with all these wire. Dilshad and nazma too coem out of their rooms. she tells them that alerted by the recent reprots of increase in thefts in bhopal, she has devised a security system for the house, so that nazma and dilshad are safe when zoya or asad are out of the house since they live in such an isolated place. Aasd looks at dilshad in exasperation, but dilshad motions him to be quiet. just then he gets a call from the same person as before, on his house no, telling him that he was trying the new cell but wasnt getting through. He wanted to know if asad had transferred the data into his new phone. Angry and frustrated at his condition, he thrrows that phone and throws it on the floor, shocking the ladies. He casts an angry glance at zoya and leaves the room. The screen freezes on zoya’s bugged face. Precap: Ayan tries to enter in asad’s house in the middle of the night. Zoya sees his silhouette in the curtain and thinks that a thief has attacked the house.


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