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I do on Zee world, Thursday 9th December 2021

I do Thursday 9 December 2021 updates: The episode starts with Humera looking at her chat with that boy…Ayaan comes and asks her how she came back so early…Humera says she was having fever…Ayaan checks it and says that she cant even lie he knows what happened…Humera asks what does he know…Ayaan tells that she wanted to bunk the class and she came back early…Humera is still crying…Ayaan asks her whats the matter …Humera TRIES TO TELL HIM THEN STOPSRashid says to Razia that Haseena bee is a greedy lady whose demands will never end and he cant fulfill al her demandsZoya talking to Ami that she was abt to get Asad married …Asad comes and says that u are that girl who said yes to Akram and then ran away from marriage,for u everything is just a joke ,Zoya says Jahan tak baat hai mere khud ke nikkah se bhagne ki …i as not ready for itAsad says u must have said that to ur parents and dont try to prove that Akram family pressurised u fr anythingZoya says “”hOW CAN YOU BE SO JUDGEMNETAL without knowing myside of the story””Asad “”aap ke ghar waloon ne yahan per rehne tu bhej dia per aap ne yeh baat hum se kion chupai””Dilshaad interrupts and says that she knew it but i was afraid that how will u react thats why i didnt tell youAsad gets angry and leave from thereAyaan see Rashid sleeping in the study …he says to him that Ami loves u alot she cant stay away from u for long…Rashid says to him that there are some matters taht need time…Nuzhat comes and asks Humera what is she doing…Humera gets confused and starts shivering…Razia talks tO Mamu Jan that if Nighat gets married to Imraan Then Rashid wdnt be able to say no to Humera and Ayaan’s purposal…Mamu jan says that he will not be able to say no to me…Razi asays fr Humera we hav to fulfill Haseena bee demandsAsad Called Akram That Zoya will Come To Meet u To Tell u The Reason why She Left Him In The Nikah Time and Then Dilshaad tells him that U Can’t Decide It’s Her Personal Matter…Asad says thats why i am not interfering…Akram is working in my office and all workers of my office are y family …i mean like my family…And I Know If Zoya Refuse to go there then there must be some Reason but She Has To Tell Him Once Then During Their Talks Zoya Came And Said If Mr Khan Think I Should Meet him And It Was My Mistake So I Will Go…Shireen is setting the table for breakfast..! Nuzhat comes and greets her n Shireen wonders why she din wish her! Shireen tells Nuzhat she is looking nice n ies thers anything special..? Nuzhat says no..! Nikhat .. comes and she too justgreets Shireen n sits! Shireen asks her what is the day? Nikhat says.. ednesday ..! Shireen asks Ayan n he says.. its too hot today..! Shireen sulks..! As Shireen walks away.. the trio discuss their plans for a surprise for Shireen in the evening! Shireen is teary eyed and rues that no one wished her on her budday.. n if her kids forgot.. no question of Rasheed remembering! Ayan asks where is Humera? Nikhat says.. in her room .. the trio discuss that.. she is acting strange..! Humera sees the clock ..its 10am n she remembers the threat of meeting at 10am n her morphed pics..!Zoya comes and walks towards Akram! They take a seat n Akram orders coffee..! Zoya apologises to Akram .. for hatever happened..whatever she did..! She says that she dinno Akram..and wasnt ready for wedding.. it was all too sudden..! She says that relations formed forcefully dun last..neither he would have been happy . .nor she..! She says..thats why she said.. Qubool Nahi hai..! She says she had no intention to run off.. but some of his relatives..! She says that some of his relatives were goon types.. ! She apologises to Akram.. n says that his relatives wanted them to get married forcefully so she was scared and had no option but to run off! Razia notices her moby ringing is from Haseena..! Haseena says that they saw the bungalow project of theirs.. n loved it.. n asks if she talked to Rasheed about the bungalow? Razia says.. yes.. n that it will take 6-8 months..! She says.. once wedding happens.. whatever she wants will be done.! Haseena agrees.. but fumes.!Nuzhat – Nikhat – Ayan are discussing the plans for evening.. and Ayan asks Humera to suggest romantic song but she explodes on him and says..she was stupid to believe in true love..! She walks off. .n Nikhat asks whats wrong ..? Ayan says.. just showing attitude! Haseena calls Firoz and asks.. him to hurry up and dig out the truth of Asad Ahmed Khan! Firoz says..he has his eyes set on Ayan ..! Haseena says..that. .once they find out whats the relation of Asad with Ayan.. then she will net the bungalow.. in 6 days flat..! Humera is scared when she receives a chat alert..! It reads that the pic will reach her father as she din come at 10am! Humera comes out and sees a guy handing over a cover to her dad..! Humera is panic stricken! Her dad opens the cover .. and says..empty cover? Who can send? Humera breathes a sigh of relief..! She turns and sees Ayan..! He asks her whats the matter..why is she looking so pale? Humera runs off..! She receives a text .that reads that next time.. the cover wont be empty . n asks her to meet at the hill top at 5pm! Ayan wonders whats the matter with Humera? Part 2 Zoya tells Akram that she knows…that he and his family went thru a lot of pain for her actions! She says that the way his family chased her n tried her to force her to marry him was wrong. .n for that.. he should apologise to her! She says that…she wants that they both realise their mistake.. n apologise to each other and end the matter! Akram says ..he came to end the matter.. but not this.. rather the matter that was left incomplete the other day! Slowly Akrams goons surround Zoya..! Zoya asks..what? Akram says..he din come here to listen to her crap.. nor to forgive her.. ! Akrams men form a circle around Zoya..! Zoya recollects seeing the goons chasing her..! She gets up.. with a start..! Akram says that the wedding rituals left incomplete will be completed today.. n this time ..Zoya has to say QUBOOL HAI.. either at her own will or forcefully ..! Zoya looks around and finds herself surrounded..! She is shocked..! Humera is shaking in fear and is sneaking out of the house.. Ayan sees..! He wonders whats the matter with her.. ! He wonders if she is in trouble..! Ayan comes to Nuzhats room n notices.. Humeras laptop on..! He checks the message.. n sees the pic.. ! Dilshad calls Asad n says Zoya is not back yet.. its too late! Asad says.. she is too careless n must have gone out to loiter after meeting Akram! Asad asks her to call Zoya…! Dilshad says.. that.. she did but her phone is unavailable! Dilshad feels guilty n Asad says..Akram is a good guy .. n Zoyas phone mite be dead..! Dilshad wonders if Zoya is in trouble n Asad says… the girl is trouble herself.. even trouble must be scared to come near her..! Asad says he is busy n cuts the call..! Humera comes to the hill top .. theres a deserted garage..! The guy blackmailing her comes there and says.. ‘woh aaye hamare bulane par..khuda ki kudrat hai. .kabhi hum unhe.. kabhi khud ko dekhte hain’! Humera was her mistake.. she thought he was Ayan..! The guy says.. so she can continue to think he is Ayan n close her eyes. n do the rest with him..! He starts to manhandle her n tears off the shoulder off her dress ..! Part 3 Asad asks one of his office guy where is Akram? He answers that his mom is sick so he wont be coming for few days..! Asad says..fine..! The guy blackmailing Humera is dragging her.. n right then Ayan comes and kicks him..! Humera runs to him ..! Ayan says that.. the guy looks such a big DASH .. he wont die with 100 kicks.. so better test it..! Ayan asks .. Humera to come with him..! The guy gets up n kicks Ayan in the back n he falls to the ground..! Ayan kicks him in the gut n tells him that.. the dogs of a street cant become lion..! The guy calls his friends.. ! Ayan-Humera are goons!Ayan and humaira are surrounded by nadeem’s guys rendering them helpless. While ayan is beaten up by all of them, humaira searches around and finally finds a big stone that she hits on nadeem’s head giving ayan the chance to overcome them and fight each of them instead. nadeem finally gives in. ayan tells humaira to vent out her anger by beating him as much as she can. she complies and finally nadeem runs away from there. Seeing her upset, ayan givesher his jacket and takes her from there. Humaira is moved to see this. while they leave, a police car arrives and feroz gets out of the car watching them go.Location: At an isolated placeZoya is forcibly brought to a place by akram and his men who ties her up and give her an injection that drifts her to semi-unconsciousness. Thereafter they take her to two ladies and ask them to dress her up for the marriage ritual. When she’s made ready, she tries to flee from the ladies and locks herself behind a room. There she tries to place a call from their phone.Meanwhile, dilshad and nazma who tried to earlier convince asad that zoya must be in some trouble and he had waved them off saying that she must be behaving irresponsible aagain, now receive a call and hear zoya’s tired and dull voice but cant hear any further. they tell asad and he asks them not to worry and says that he would find out at the cafe. He also calls up at the office to get akram’s house no.He calls up at akram’s house but when his mother picks up the phone and says that her son is at office and that she’s absolutely fine, he goes berserk and immediately calls up his office to ask them to track down the no that zoya called from, on dilshad’s cell. Location: Ayan’s residence while rashid is trying to argue about the haste of ayan and humaira’s marriage descision, shirin and razia try to talk him into it. Razia also asks him if he has any doubts other than the haste. He sys that he is only in tension regarding the early descision about their marriage without even asking them what they think and that whether ayan and humaiar want to be each other’s life partners for eternity. He drifts off in his own pst and says in the present context that some relations if made, cannot be compromised for life. And that the choice they made would be their for life. and without love, the life journey seems horribly long, and therefore….he is stopped by some noise on the door. Razia watches from the balcony.she finds ayan and humaira coming into the house, all the while he trying to cheer humaira up after the dreadful experience that she went through. She thanks him and he says cajolingly that being her best friend since childhood, its but natural for him to protect her from any danger. Seeing this razia calls rashid and shows them how much they care for each other and asks him if he still wants any more evidence of their love. Rashid is speechless on seeing this.Humaira comes out aftre changing. Ayan steps in her room and brightens her up again. But she is embarassed when he says that he understoos that she was chjatting with nadeem thinking him to be ayan but she didnt understand why she went out for a date thinking it was with him. She is flushed and shy and before she can answer, nuzrat and nikhat walk in and disturb them by asking about the evening party’s arrangement. He tells thaat everything’s ready and that he would take care of it. they just need to get her downstairs all dressed up. They take ayan’s leave. When humaira too tries to go, he stops her by holding her hand and asks her the same question that she had left unanswered. She again blushes while he again gets down to his casual flirting with her. She is still smiling when he leaves. Scene 4: Location: At the cafe Asad reaches at the cafe and is told by one of the waiters that he saw a guy named akram who took a girl along with other guys and went away. asad is disturbed hearing this. Just then he gets a call telling him the location that the call was placed from. Scene 5: Location: Ayan’s residence Nuzrat and nikhat are making up excuses for getting her to get dressed. Dejcted that noone remembers her anniversary, shirin agrees to get dressed while nuzrat and nikhat go out to dress up themselves. shirin wonders to herself that it really isnt a special day today. Scene 6: Location: At the isolated place A dishevelled semi conscious beaten up, bruised zoya is brought down by akram for the nikah. The priest refuses to marry her to akram in such a condition. But when, akram’s friend, threatens him for life, he starts the nikah. Akram gives his consent. Then they ask zoya for her consent. She avoids the first two times, then the third time while akram is waiting impatiently, she is about to say QUBOOL HAI when asad comes in says QUBOOL NAHI HAI. The screen freezes on asad’s stern face.

Zoya is about to forcefully say Qubool Hain when Asad comes and says qubool nahin hain. Akram & zoya both shocked seeing him.Asad looks furiously at akram when asad says this wedding is not legal as you are not a man since you do not respect women. One of akram’s relative asks Asad to leave when asad says he wont go without Zoya. Mitwa song in background when Asad takes Zoya in his arms and leaves. He comes out of the cottage when the goons stop him,Asad makes zoya sit on a bench and waits for them while the goons attack him.Asad beats each of them black & blue and is the process gets hurt on his eyebrow. Zoya gains conscious and looks at Asad when a goon comes to attack her and zoya trying to save herself injures her hands . Asad then beats the goon while Zoya looses conscious.Asad brings zoya home,makes her lie down on the bed, she is unconscious, asad removes his hand from under her head,zoya flinches as her hand pains, asad carefully keeps her hand aside. Tu jahhan main wahaan song in background.Asad turns to leave when Zoya calls him and stretches her hand which asad grips and zoya says how akram forced her to marry but she falls asleep,asad looks at her for some moments and leaves.He comes out of zoya’s room and wipes the blood stains and remembers how he thought zoya always creates some trouble… how zoya had told she will go and meet akram.Asad finds Zoya’s earring in his sleeve and keeps looking at it.uzzat is taking care of all arrangements and checks with Rashid as to what time he will come home as its shireen’s bday today, Rashid rues that he forgot when nuzzat says they have arranged a surprise party and asks him to collect the cake while coming home.Rasia tells her hubby that she has spoken about humeira & ayan wedding and rashid shireen seem to have accepted it, They both feel happy that humeira will remain in the house even after wedding.Shireen comes to them when power goes off and they get franctic just then all wish and sing happy birthday, shireen is excited and happy that no one forgot her bday. Nikhat says we were trying to make it a suprise for you, rasia and her hubby bless shireen. Ayaan tells all this arrangement was done by Rashid abbu, shireen feels elated.A doctor treats zoya and tells asad that she is physically fine but maybe mentally disturbed and asks asad to take care of her.Dilshad & najma are furious at asad not talking to him and dilshad tells najma to give soup to zoya .


Episode ends on split screen of Zoya and Asad.


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