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I do on Zee world, Thursday 16th December 2021

I do Thursday 16 December 2021 updates: Scene 1: Location: In mangalpur village Asad is going along with a lady who has covered her face with a sheet in the tractor. The lady comes upto asad and takes support on his shoulder. He shoves her away but she keeps leaning on him. When the tractor stops at the destination, mangalpur. Zoya and asad are shocked to see each other in the tractor. Asad asks what is she doing in the tractor, she starts to say that she can do anything that she feels like, and then realisation dawns on her that she didnt get down where she was supposed to. She scolds the driver for not preinforming her, While asad smirks at her. they again get into a verbal arguement saying that they dont feel like watching each other’s faces. while they are fighting, asad’s kins arrive and they take them to their home. On their way to the house of function, Asad and zoya start bickering on each other as usual. Scene 2: Location: Ayan’s residence While the family decides to cancel their plan, razia says that she’s fine and would take her meds. also that now ayan wouldnt be alone. Rashid’s mother understands what razia is upto. Razia sends humaira to look after ayan. After they are gone, she takes out a bottle containing some powder. Razia mixes the powder in two glasses of milk. while humaira is trying to get ayan to eat something in vain, razia gets them milk so that he can drink as he wants them to do. Humaira gives her the meds. while he drinks, razia watches with cruel glee. she gives humaira too while ayan already starts getting dizzy due to the medicine that razia put in it. She puts ayan to sleep. when humaira asks, razia cites an excuse saying he was tired and asks her to drink it too. while she complies, razia thinks that very soon the medicine would work on humaira too and that she is doing all this only for getting ayan to marry humaira. Scene 3: Location: On the road Rashid’s mother talks to ishtar on the phone, when she tells rashid’s mother that razia had told in the morning only that she wouldnt come. She is surprised and tensed to wondering what is razia’s evil mind upto. Scene 4: Location: Ayan’s residence while razia tries to go to ayan’s room, to check if her trick worked. she is surprised to find her family return. Rashid’s mother taunts sarcastically that when she was not well, therefore they decided that they wouldnt go to the function and instead head for home. razia is tensed that now her plan would not be successful in the presence of her family. Scene 5: Location: At asad’s relative in mangalpur while they greet asad, they look at scorn on zoya’s sense of dressing. When asked if asad has brought zoya along, he refuses saying that she’s waiting for bhopal bus to arrive, much to zoya’s surprise. while she tries to confront asad for saying that he didnt know her, asad clearly says that he doesnt want her at this wedding and that she should leave by the first bus to bhopal. Scene 6: Location: Ayan’s residence razia comes in humaira’s room to find humaira getting dizzy and thinsk that the medicines are not working. Shirin and rashid’s mother are thinking that ayan wouldnt eat anything since he’s asleep, while she tries to control humaira from drowsing off. when rashid’s mother asks why, razia makes an excuse saying that she has studied too much and should go to her room now. Razia takes everybody out of the room in haste, citing that ayan shouldnt be disturbed. razia closes the door before humaira can walk out. She dozes off on ayan’s bed, seeing which razia thinks that now that would happen that she had thought for them all along. Scene 6: Location: At asad’s relative in mangalpur The girls at this house, are very surprised to find out zoya’s drastically changed style of clothing and lifestyle. They ask her to stay for the wedding, but she says that asad wont let her stay for the wedding. They say that they have a way through which they can make her attend the wedding too and asad not recognizing her also. While asad is thankful that she’s gone, the girls take zoya secretively behind his back, inside the house. When zoya is introduced to the girl getting married, she compliments the girl on looking so beautiful. But zoya is very surprised when the girls say that its an arranged marriage where their sister hasnt even seen her groom’s face let alone talk to him. A lady announces outside that the function is about to start. when zoya and the girls find out that zoya cant go out in the clothes that she’s wearing since that would be highly inappropriate for this village. While zoya is disappointed since she was really looking forward to seeing the festivities, the girls come up with an idea to make her attend the function safely.Scene 1: Location: At asad’s relative in mangalpur The guests are seated in the shamiana and zoya is brought down by the girls veiled under a dupatta so that asad cant see her. In her veil, zoya arranges asad’s plate to his liking and gives her food, which puzzles him. Zoya’s duppata is caught in asad’s sleeve and while she is scared, he removes the dupatta from her sleeve. Asad calls dilshad and tells her of the happenings and also about zoya that she was here and he has sent her off to bhopal. Just then, zoya crosses asad’s side dropping his phone, and emits out her famous talk line, ALLAH MIA and asad knows the veiled girl is after all zoya and is angry. While the function starts amidst dancing and fun, asad’s attention is caught at zoya draped over her face by a veil. But when he begins to approach her, he is stopped by the dancers who begin to engage him in having fun with them. the dancers involve zoya too in dancing while asad watches her in anger. Asad catches her by the sleeve and she looks at him in surprise. He takes her from there and taking her to an isolated location, asks why is she still here even after him telling her to leave. but she says that she might be uninvited but not unwelcome since the girls themselves have invited her. He says that wherever she goes, there’s a problem even if she doesn’t want and asks her to leave the first thing in the morning and culminates the conversation and leaves while zoya is frustrated at his behavior. Scene 2: Location: Ayan’s residence Razia arranging humaira and ayan in an embrace and pulling the sheets on them, thinks that this would seal their marriage but nobody should hav ea doubt that she’s deliberately after this. Hearing a knock on the door, she ducks behind while rashid’s mother come in and finding ayan asleep alone as humaira is ducked under the sheets by her mother, is happy and leaves. The next morning, razia is about to enter ayan’s room but then deciding otherwise so that no doubt is cast on her to be behind all this, leaves the door open as she finds mamujaan approaching Ayan’s room. Mamujaan crosses the room without paying attention. To draw his attention, razia throws a bangle at Ayan’s door to catch his attention. Mamu finally sees both of them sleeping together in ayan’s bed and is flaming with rage at seeing such vulgarity in his own house. Razia is happy to see her plan going to a success. Scene 3: Location: At asad’s relative in mangalpur while zoya gets ready to leave, the girls are sad that she is leaving them. Getting busy in the preparations, they ask zoya to bid her goodbye to the bride. Inside, the bride secretly resisting the marriage, decides to burn herself afire while zoya is fastly approaching her room. Zoya knocks on the door but doesnt get any response. She breaks inside and is shocked to find the girl like that. Zoya reprimands her for doing such stupidity. Mariam breaks down in front of her that she finds it better to die other than get married to her groom. Zoya says that she should talk to her parents if she didn’t wish to get married. Mariam says that she had tried but her parents want their prestige more than the love of their daughter. She breaks down saying that she very well knows the guy she’s getting married to, as he had raped her and now her parents are forcing her top get married to that monster. She says that her brother could have saved but he’s not here only. While zoya thinks that person should get punished instead of being celebrated. mariam says that her family would hold her responsible if this news is out in the village. Zoya says that she shouldn’t punish herself for something that she didn’t commit and therefore she shouldn’t die, instead that monster should die. While mariam says that its too late and she would get anytime married now, whenever the groom arrives, zoya says that nobody could make mariam marry someone who she doesnt want to and who has done so wrong with her and she would personally see to it that mariam’s wish is restored and she wouldn’t get married. Mariam says that she wont run away as suggested by zoya. But zoya convinces that no one would find her but until later when it would be too late. when mariam is still not convinced, zoya says that she has two options, either she marries off that monster of a person or runs away and lives her life as she wants. just then, they hear mariam’s relative ladies barging in to find if mariam is ready. They enter to find a girl dressed as a bride and convinced that she’s mariam, take her down to commence the marriage. As the groom’s side arrives, the supposed bride is brought down, while asad discreetly watches her. Zoya calls up and asks asad to look at the bride. Asad is confused but looks at the bride anyway and zoya lifts her veil and asad is shocked to find zoya dressed as the bride. The screen freezes on asad’s shocked out of his wits face.


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