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I do on Zee world, Sunday 19th December 2021

I do Sunday 19 December 2021 updates: Scene 1: Location: Asad’s residence Asad is startled at zoya’s mention of a second news to be given, but is relieved when zoya says that mariam didnt get married. Asad says that she wont know if her relatives dont tell her and therefore they shouldnt also. Zoya offers to serve but he refuses and gets up from the table. Dilshad and nazma enter, saying that they had gotten worried since they werent able to get through their phones. Dilshad asks about the marriage, asad replies lifelessly that everything was okay. Sensing his mood, she asks if everything is okay and they dont respond. Dilshad points out the irony of fate that zoya and asad again ended up together, after swearing that they wouldnt see each other for 3 days. Asad says that he didnt be with her, due to fate but due to zoya’s foolishness. Asad tells dilshad that if zoya hadnt been in mangalpur, life would have been easier for him. When dilshad demands to know what happened, as she’s noticing a difference in zoya and him too since they returned from mangalpur. While zoya is listening to all this from behind the door, asad says that nothing unusual happened as just like zoya is a trouble here, she proved to be trouble for him there too. Dilshad tells that ayn had come thinking that asad was in trouble in mangalpur. asad thinks to himself that he cant meet ayan, but he would still find a place for ayan in his prayers. Dilshad notices asad’s hand thats wounded and asks how it happened. Asad remembers how he had hurt himself in the woods. Zoya is making a paste for asad’s wounds while nazma comes to watch her. As nazma asks why is she showing so much concern for asad all of a sudden. She makes up a story that she was with him while he got hurt, Therefore, she doesnt want that he might get an infection due to this dupatta. Zoya asks nazma why is she sounding so chirpy today. She tells zoya about the grnd finale of SA RE GA MA PA that she is awaiting for this sunday, as she wants jasraj, her fav contestant to win. she then leaves, as bubbly, while zoya watches her. Scene 2: Location: Ayan’s residence A dressed up ayan, asks nikhat about imran’s arrival and is told that he would soon come. She trips and a box falls out of razia’s hand revealingan engagement ring. She asks about it but razia refuses to say anything. Humaira has a terrible premonition that she’s planning humaira’s engagewment after all and tells razia that she would soon come from her room after taking her meds, and excuses herself from there. Ayan is asked by the priest if he’s ready for the speacial day and advises him to take his responsibility that he would take today, with great caution and care. As the priest is taken aside by someone else, ayan is wondering as to what the priest was talking about. As shirin comes to take rashid for the ceremony, rashid questions if their descision is right. Shirin says that what razis has decided is okay and for the benefit of their child. Rasahid has a doubt, what if the children refuse. shirin says that there would be no refusal, since razia has already decided and they would definitely want it. As they leave, humaira is stunned aftre hearing the whole conversation from the side window. Ayan asks rashid as to what the priest is doing in today’s feast and is told by razia, who comes in saying that they have decided for ayan’s engagement with humaira today. Ayan is shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, in her room, humaira is in a dilemma that what she had forver wanted has finally happened, but should she go with it, if ayan is not ready for it with his heart. she thinks that she shouldnt, but then is in a dilemma again as to how to bring this truth in front of people, as if she tells everybody, then razia would never forgive her. she then thinks of an idea, that she would send the video in her laptop to nikhat’s phone. Ayan says that they cant force him for this. Razia says that before saying anything, he should look at imran’s family who has just arrived. She tells him, that if he created a drama today in front of them, then they would definitely break off their relation with nikhat. Therefore, she asks him to make his descision with great thinking, as if he refuses, then not only would they lose their reputation, but nikhat would be rendered incapable of ever landing a groom ever again and his parents wouldnt ever be able to show face in the society. Ayan is speechless to hear this. Ayan approaches mamu but stops seeing his parents. He is standing disturbed. haseena asks for humaira to be brought down. She says that she was surprised to hear about sudden arrangements for their engagement, and was wondering if there was some problem. razia clarifies saying that the kids told the family that they liked each other, and hence wanted to get engaged fast. Razia says that she thought that a double wedding fo nikhat and imran, and ayan and humaiar would be fantastic. saying so, she leaves to get humaira. As razia approaches humaira’s room, she is busy uploading th video to nikhat’s cellphone. when razia enters the room, she is surprised to find humaira working on the laptop. Humaira too is scared to see her like this. Humaira reprimands her for lying to her and says that she knows that she was behind all this. Razia says that she’s doing it for her benefit and takes her forcibly. She leaves, while her laptop is still busy with uploading. Much to ayan and humaira’s disgust, the engagement starts but rashid looks around for his mother. Shirin offers to go look for her, but a tensed razia says that she must have gone for resting in her room. when rashid goes to find out, razia repirmands him thta they should finish the ritual first, as the priest is in a hurry. rashid is left speechless. Ayan thinks that if he could talk to asad, then he would definitely be saved from this forced marriage. razia gives them the rings and asks humaira to put the ring on ayan’s finger. Ayan apologizes to humaira for this. As she approaches to put the ring on his finger, nikhat sees the video that she just received from humaira’s laptop and is shocked. The screen freezes on her shocked face.Scene 1: Location: Ayan’s residence Just as humaira is about to put the ring on ayan’s finger, nikhat, shocked after seeing the video, looks at razia’s happy face asking humaiar to put the ring, stops ayan from extending her finger, much to everybody’s amazement. razia reprimands her for such audacity to stop the engagement. Haseena asks if everything is alright. Razia cites it as childish behaviour. Razia asks ayan to put the ring on humaira’s finger. rashid asks nikhat whats the matter and if she wants to say anything. She says if they could talk inside. Shirin and mamu say that its indecent to leave from here, in the middle of the ritual, and that they can talk about whatever she wants to in fron tof the family. Razia asks her to step back sternly. Ayan too stands up saying that she shouldnt fear anything as he’s with her. Haseena says that her doubt was right that something is wrong, therefore the hasty engagement. Razia comes up saying that she’s very disappointed in her behaviour and takes her forcibly inside. Nikhat breaks down saying that she can prove that nothing happened between ayan and humaira. Eveerybody is shocked. Rashid’s mother too breaks down the glass window to come out of the locked room. Razia tries to forcibly take her inside, but nikhat continues that she’s absolutely fine and tries to show the video proving ayan and humaira’s innocenec. In the commotion, the phoen flies off from nikhat’s hand and rashid grabs it and sees the video, while razia tries to keep telling him to keep the video aside and start the engagement. Rashid’s mother too comes out of the room. Shirin and rashid are relieved to find that their children are pure after all, and nothing happened between them and asks razia if she isnt happy to find that. Razia says that they shouldnt create a drama in front of the guests as the video has nothing to do with this engagement. Rashid says that there indeed is a relation between them as they wewre forced to get into this relation due to this only, and that now it wouldnt happen. Razia tries to repimand rashid for making such a joke. Rashid’s mother says that not rashid, but she’s the one who played a joke on everyone int his family. Mamu is angry as to whats happening in the house, which is making them the butt of jokes, when they used to be the most respected in the whole of bhopal. He reprimands nikhat for creating such a drama. But rashid’s mother says that nikhat is not the one to be blamed, but his own wife, razia. She says that this whole plan is by razia. Razia pretends to feign ignorance and horror to at her accusation, but rashid’s mother tries to put light on what had actually happened. unable to take it any longer, mamu asks rashid’s mother to tell them everything clearly. She tells mamu as to how razia had concocted this plan all along, and feigned to have saved her daughter’s respect by tainting it herself by her evil plan to get the engagement done, and she had locked her in the old storage so that she wouldnt try and interfere in what she wanted for humaira. Scene 2: Location: Asad’s residence Asad looks lost on the roof. zoya joins him to give him the paste. zoya says that she thanked but didnt get a chance to say sorry since mangalpur. When asad asks what is she sorry about, she says that she’s sorry for everything and most of all for the fact that he wanted to spend some time alone without her, but she didnt allow that too. She is also sorry for everything else that makes him irritated at her. She tells him that she’s got a paste for him for healing his wounds. Asad refuses for her paste. They therefore spark off into a verbal arguement, again about who is orthodox and who is modern and what is the definition for the two terms. While zoya accuses him of being traditional, asad says that she’s modern in just her clothes. Asad and zoya again get into one of their petty fights, wherein asad asks her to leave his house as soon as possible and not think about making this her own. Zoay retorts back saying that she only puts her name on things that are actually hers, and not like him, who goes around engraving her name on his hand, pointing out to the cut in his hand, that looks like a Z, the initial letter of Zoya. She says that she would leave the house as soon as she can, and till then she would try and stay away from him, asad too thanks her for that because for him, that meant he’s staying away from trouble. Zoay goes down in frustration. zoya is being reprimanded for having lost her i card, cell phone , atm etc by her brother in law. She assures him that she owuld get them back soon. Just then, asad too enters and is given coffee by nazma. After the call, zoya tells naazma that she’s going out and that she should tell dilshad about this. Nazma is a bit worrie that she’s going out so late but zoya tells her that she would come home soon and that she shouldnt worry. After she leaves, asad is very worried. Scene 3: Location:Ayan’s residence Razia still preteneds to be ignorant, but rashid’s mother says that she wouldnt bear with her drama anymore like all the years that she has done already, since its the question of her grandson after all. Mamu says that though its clear that ayan and humaira are innocent but why does she resist this relation so much, when everybody agrees to it. Rashid’s mother says that only the two children dont agree to this relation. Mamu says that now she’s crossing the line by mentioning that humaira doesnt agree to this relation, since she tried to give her life when ayan said no. rashid’s mother clears that she gave up her life because she coudlnt bear what her mother had done. Razia again pretends to be shocked to see that she’s being accused for leading her daughter to suicide. Finally shirin interferes saying that they should ask humaira only as to whats her opinion on this and if she wants to get married to ayan. Humaira remembers ayan’s words to her and razia’s threats too. while the whole family waits for her to answer, she is highly tensed as to what to say. The screen freezes on her tensed face.


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