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I do on Zee world, Saturday 18th December 2021

I do Saturday 18 December 2021 updates: Scene 1: Location: In the woods in mangalpur Arti, yash and arti are shocked to find zoya’s hand buried in the ground. They keep digging and finally get zoya out of the ground, but she has gone lifeless and stays limp in asad’s arms while he tries to get her back to breathe. He screams out in rage and terrible sadness. Asad places her on the ground. He warms her hands and tries to pump her heart, but to no avail. Yash and arti too are horrified to see zoya like this and asad all broken down over her. Asad doesnt give up and continues stroking her, addressing her to get up. Yash and arti try to comfort asad. He places her on the rgound again, and is filled with an overwhelming guilt of having caused her death, and sinks in the ground himself. He gets up and remembers all the times when he had mistreated and talked rudely to her. In his anguish, he hurts his own hands with a thorny branch. Just then, arti finds zoya breathing low, but breathing yet and informs asad and yash. Aasd rushes upto him and takes her in his arms and kisses her on the forehead, overwhelmed with emotions while yash and arti look on joyously. Zoya opens her eyes, to find herself in asad’s arms and him crying over her, and is surprised. Arti too comforts her and asad, disbelieving what he just witnessed, gets up and starts retreating. Yash follows him and says that he took a long time to tell arti what he felt for her, and he hopes that asad too wouldnt do the same mistake. Arti too advises the same to zoya, describing asad’s tension while she was buried. Zoya tells arti what she saw. arti says that she knows who did all this, and breaks down into tears. Yash comforts her and zoya asks them to leave soon to rescue their son from prashant. They leave. Zoya then looks at asad, who is at a loss of words himself. He comes upto her while she lowers her gaze. He kneels down beside her, and places a reassuring hand on her shoulder and teary eyed, picks her up while she’s still dozing in and out of consciousness. He carries her in his arms and leaves from there. Scene 2: Location: Ayan’s residence Humaira wakes up to find ayan mocking her of being a coward. he tries to cheer her up, while jokingly mocking her that since didnt have the courage to face her family to say no to the marriage and cut off her wrists to escape the scene. He smilingly reprimands her that if she ever tries to do such stupidity ever again, he might change his mind and actually marry him. He is finally able to get a feeble smile on her face. Razia and mamu, sitting beside humaira’s bed, discuss why she had to do this and didnt event hink about her family. He reprimands himself for being so strict on her, while razia says that he did what he had to, as a father. he says that he would take care now, that he doesnt say anything that might force her to take a step like this ever again. Razia again tries to join humaira’s happiness to ayan’s presenc in her life and instigates mamu to do something regarding that. He leaves thinking deep. After he leaves, humaira, who wasnt sleeping, calls out to razia, who is angry and sad too that she did something so stupid. Humaira is sorry but says that she couldnt see herself and ayan, falsely accused and being forced into a marriage that they dont want. Razia in a nonthreatening tone, tells humaira that they both are too young to realise what they want, hence the descisions should be left on the elders. She firmly tells her daughter not to do anything so stupid ever again and leaves. Rashid, along with his family, too is discussing the recent turns, the events have taken. Rashid’s mother tries to talk sense into rashid to think about what prompted humaira to take a step like this. Razia barges in saying that her daughter had to take this step due to ayan. she again goes on about her false story of that night and to top it all behaving so rude, the next day, and saying that this is what prompted her to take such a fatal step. Rashid’s mother tries to defy saying that nothing happened between them. Shirin says that she also tried to talk to humaira but she keeps asking for apology. Rashid’s mother says that she might be apologizing for something else. But razia pretends to be shocked that she is scandalized that she could suggest something like that and says that it might be because she is not the mother to a daughter and hence cant empathise with the pain that she’s going through right now. Rashid’s mother again tries to speak but rashid asks her to stop arguing about this anymore. Razia asks rashid to inform his mother on what have they decided for tomorrow. When she asks what, rashid begins to tell her, while razia starts walking towards the door. Razia,wiping her crocodile tears, is listening to the mother-son conversation intently with a victorious look on her face. The screen freezes on her face.Scene 1: Location: On a bullock cart Asad and zoya are taking ride in the carriage of a bullock cart. While, on their way back to bhopal in a bullock cart, zoya in her dizzyness, keeps falling on asad’s shoulders. Finally, Asad lends a caring support with his hand so that she can sleep peacefully on his shoulder, while all the way back to bhopal. Zoya gets conscious after a while and takes off her head from his shoulders. she remembers asad’s reaction on seeing her buried. Asad gets her some water to drink. Zoya, while drinking, notices that asad’s watching, which makes him turn his eyes away. She drinks some more and then gives the bottle to him. He wipes off dirt from her face with his handkerchief, while she looks at him with mixed emotions and a tear escapes her eyes. Scene 2: Location: Ayan’s residence Nikhat tells ayan and razia tells humaira about some rituals to take place today where imran too is coming with his family. They both try to get ayan and humaira to dress up for the occassion, in the best of clothes. Humaira questions why is she dressing up as a bride, when its for nikhat’s ritual. As razia evades the question, and begins to leave, humaira asks if it actually is nikhat’s ritual after all. She assures humaira and asks her to dress up fast. After razia leaves, humaira still has a doubt in her mind about the ritual to happen today. Razia asks mamu why is he so tensed when his daughter is getting engaged and he had been imagining for this day for so long. He says that he had been thinking, but never thought it would come like this because his daughter would do something like this, that would make them marry her in haste. Razia asks him to forget the past and move on. Just then the priest comes, and mamu greets them with respect. Rashid’s mother asks shirin whats happening here, and why are there priests in the house. Shirin keeps fumbling unable to tell her. Then razia cmes in saying that this is a feast for the priests and guests, as it didnt happen after nikhat’s sudden enegagement. Shirin tries to tell her about the engagement of ayan and humaira, but razia nudges and signals her to stop. Rashid’s mother leaves without saying anything. razia thinks to herself that rashid’s mother would definitely create a problem today unless she took care of her. Razia tries to clarify herself going after rashid’s mother, citing that she has come to her to ask her to get the silver cutlery out for the special feast for nikhat’s engagement feast. Razia pretends that she forgot a very important work and takes her permission to leave her ther to get the vessels. Razia moves out of the room and bolts it from outside, thinking that she would have to stay locked till her work isnt done, as she is the biggest trouble in ensuring her daughter’s happiness. Meanwhile, rashid’s mother tries to open the door, wondering who closed it and starts screaming for someone to open it. But her screams are doused in the noise of the instruments that razia asks, the orchestra players gathered there, to play. Scene 3: Location: Asad’s residence Asad takes zoya’s hand and makes her enter their house. Zoya asks about dilshad and nazma. Asad is about to go for them, but zoya’s dupatta gets stuck in his sleeve, reminding him of how she had fallen last night on him. Asad findsa note saying that they have gone for meeting some relatives. He proposes to call for the doctor, but she says that she’s fine and he should instead see the doctor for his hand thas wounded. Asad leaves for changing and asks zoya too to do the same. They both start walking parallel towards their rooms. Asad remembers how he had cared for zoya when in mangalpur. They look at each other but dont say anything. They then go their own ways towards their rooms. In his room, asad is very tensed and restless remembering the increasing proximity between him and zoya since the horrific incident in mangalpur. Meanwhile, zoya too is going through a similar dilemma. Zoya comes to asad, who’s eating at the dining table and sitting beside him, asks how and what do they tell dilshad and nazma about this. Zoya tries to say that he cant pretend nothing happened, when their lives were at stake. Asad says that they dont have to tell them anything and unnecessarily bother them. when zoya asks what about the second thing, asad throws a questioning look at her wanting to know what is she talking about. The screen freezes on his face.


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