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I do on Zee world, Monday 20th December 2021

I do Monday 20 December 2021 updates: Location: Asad’s residence On receiving a call on the landline, asad gets up to take the call, but nzma intercepts in between. When asad asks who it was, she said it was for someone’s delivery. Asad is anxiously strutting around.When zoya arrives, asad calls her and gives her the parcel for her cell phone that she hd reported stolen. As he goes away, zoya confronts asad saying that she knows he thinks that she’s helpless. He says that he doesnt but yes he does feel sorry for what happened at mangalpur to her for which he was partly to be blamed and that this act could lessen his guilt a little. As he leaves, zoya thinks to herself that asad can be really manipulative and insensitive to others feeling, and remembers how he had ridiculed her on several occassions. She thinks that asad wants everyone to just listen to him quietly. She goes to his room and decides to refuse to accept the phone that he had given her. She is shocked to find that asad didnt put up a much of a fight against her, as is normally the case. While going out, she trips over and finds herself in asad’s arms who grabs her to stop her from falling. She composes herself and walks out, leaving asad thinking that he has to stay away from zoya to avoid any trouble. Asad comes out of his room and is shocked to find mariam’s relatives but is relieved when he knows that they havent told dilshad anything. As she goes to attend to a call, mariam’s faather asks asad to look out for mariam, as she’s headed this way to bhopal. He also says that though he had saved zoya, and they dont have a problem with that but they are after mariam. He says that they have the faith that he wont help mariam but have a doubt that the foreign retruened zoya would. Telling asad to look out for maraiam and tell them anything that he knows, thy take asad’s and dilshads’ leave. Asad finds zoya coming out of the room, and having already told mariam’s relatives that she’s gone, he grbs her behind a pillar and puts a hand on zoya’s mouth to stop her from speaking. After they have left, while zoya continues to keep demanding for the reason for such behaviour, he goes in his room without answering. Zoya asks dilsha who had just entered the room after leaving off the guests, that asad needs mental treatment and if he evere thought of that. Then she goes into asad’s room and demands to know the reason for his behaviour. Asd tells him everyhting and she is very scared remembering her experience in mangalpur. He tells her that thye have come looking for mariam and asks her if she has any contact wiht her. when she denies that she doesnt, asad asks her not to get into touch with that girl and endanger her own life too. Zoya again comments on the absurdity and audacity of the way asad behaves with her. Scene 2: Location: Asad’s residence Razia tries to defend humaira saying that when ayan has profusely said no to the marriage, then how could humaira say no and what if she says yes, would the family agree for it then. Ayan asks razia to stop talking and let humaira speak for herself. Razia demands to know that if humaira said yes to the relation, would ayan marry her. ayan is left speechless but finally manages to say that humaira would never say no. Mamu asks ayan to give a direct answer. Ayan agrees that if humaira says yes, then he too wont have a problem. Shirin asks humaira not to be scared and give her answer. humaira remembers ayan’s flirting with her, but razia confronts her to say yes, as that is what she always wanted and that this is the chance to grab it. Humaira finally says yes, much to ayan and rashid’s mother’s horror and razia’s pleasure, but then completes her statement that she doesnt want to marry ayan, relieving him and his granny of their misery and shocking razia. In his room, ayan thanks nikhat for saving him from getting the punishment for a crime that he never committed. Rashid and his wife come in apologizing to him for their mistake and say that they would never prejudge him again. Rashid’s mother too comes in saying that it wont happen again since they would leave the house. Shirin asks her to forgive razia. But rashid’s mother is adamant that what razia did wasnt a mistake but a premeditated conspiracy, which made them doubt their own son and behave so badly to them. Ayan too says that they wouldnt suffer anymore due to mamujaan and leave the house definitely. all this while, rshid doesnt say anything but is in deep introspection. Scene 3: Location: Asad’s residence Finding somebody in the silhouette of the curtains, zoya assumes that it would be ayan. She again has an idea that in front of her, asad always criticised her for making him break off his promise to dilshad and decides to confront him today on his secret meetings still with ayan. She breaks into her famous poetry: Amir ka kehna hai nahi ho sakti, improved perfection.. Ab main Mr.Khan ko dikahungi unki asli reflection…!!! She goes out to the verandah and finds somebody hiding behind the bushes and assuming that it was ayan, begins to introduce herself to the person. She is shocked to find maraiam there and accidentally breaks the glass in shock, which makes asad wake up from his sleep. Zoya is shocked to see her there and asks the reason for her being there. She says that she didnt have a place to go to, and thought that asad and zoya would help her till she finds her brother. Zoya also shocks her by saying that her father came looking for her. Meanwhile, asad comes out into the verandah asking out for who it was. The screen freezes on asad’s face.

Scene 1:

Location: Asad’s residence

Zoya is shocked to find asad coming out of his room. As asad approaches zoya, she starts behaving crazily about falling stars in the sky. He leaves without saying anything. After he’s gone, she calls out to mariam, who says that she’s very hungry.



while mariam eats in the kitchen, zoya asks what would she do now. Mariam says that she has already talked to her brother who will take her to dubai. Zoya tells her that she should know that noone here knows mariam didnt get married or she was helped in running off by zoya. She also tells her that asad shouldnt know about this at all. When mariam asks for more food, zoya starts filling up her plate with rice. dilshad sees this and asks if she’s hungry. She says that yes she is, while mariam hides behind the fridge. dilshad is send off to her room by zoya in haste. After dilshad is gone, zoya gives mariam the food saying that she would have to hide in the store room till her brother comes to get her, and that asad shouldnt at all know that zoya’s helping her in this.


Asad cant get sleep remembering mariam’s dad’s words. As he stays awake, he finds the silhouette of two people from the curtains and is surprised.


Zoya hides mariam in the store room, apologizing that she doesnt have a better option for her to stay, since she just got a reminder from asad in the morning only. Mariam says that any place is better than the place her parents were sending her to. Zoya says that soon all this would be over and she would have a big house, where when zoya comes to meet her, would definitely come and stay in her store room


Asad asks zoya, standing outside the store room about the noise but is warded off by her, engaging him in pointless arguements, to go and sleep as its getting late. Just then mariam, hiding in the store room steps on the radio which starts blaring out music and much to zoya’s horror, asad notices it and demands to know what and who is playing the music. Mariam stops the music. When asad asks about the song, zoya pretends that she didnt hear anything. he begins to go the store room but zoya stops him saying that she didnt hear anything, and he must have due to excess stress and asking him to take rest, tells him to go and sleep. After he’s gone, zoya too leaves. As she leaves, asad again comes back to the store room.


Scene 2:

Location: Ayan’s residence

Nikhat says that she too feels very bad when rashid has to listen to mamu quietly with bowed heads. Shirin tries to explain that they too are a part of family. But rashid’s mother says that mamu has just done a compromise with them and not considered them as family. She tells rashid to go and tell their descision to mamu.


Rashid goes to razia’s room to talk to her. Razia says that she knows what he wants to taalk about and what would be her response at that. She says that he cant leave this house even if he wants to. Rashid says that he wants to just live with his family in peace. Razia says that a person may desire anything, but gets only whats in his fate, that which is written by himself as he has done. She says that now if he leaves, then he wouldnt live in peace but rot in jail and leaves it on him to decide. Rashid says that he has given 17 years of his life to them and their business, and asks her to free him now. Razia says that he’s free till he’s in the house. And that if he tries to leave, then she would also have to take the required step, saying that she hopes he understands. As rashid leaves disgusted, razia thinks that he’s trapped in her conspiracy, and she cant let him leave, since if he does, then the world will know that he may have committed the crime, but also that she herself was the mastermind behind the crime and she can never risk that.


Ayan says to humaira that they might be getting seperated due to his going from the house, but they would forever be together. he thanks her for what she did today by saying no. She asks what if she said yes. Ayan jokingly says that then he would have faced this punishment with her wholeheartedly. Humaira too says jokingly that she’s not an idiot to marry him. After he leaves, she is in tears and is surprised to find nikhat watching him. She tries to make stories about ayan’s flirty nature. But nikhat asks him point blank about her love for humaira saying taht she can lie to the whole world but not her as she knows that she loves him dearly, so much that she was willing to give her life for him. Humaira breaks down saying that she might, but he doesnt love her back. nikhat offers to talk to ayan, but humaira stops her saying that she can live like this, but never accept her love in front of ayan and that her first love would always be incomplete.


Scene 3:

Location: On the road.

Rashid, driving his car on the road, in the rain, remembers his family’s anguish against razia and razia’s threat to him. He shouts out in desperation.


Scene 4:

Location: Asad’s residence

Asad is surprised to find a radio, when he opens the store room’s door. He enters the store room and approaches the radio, while mariam is hiding behind a draped curtain. She tries to be as meek as possible. Asad, searching around is surprised as his eyes find something. The screen freezes on his face.



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