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I Do February Teasers 2022 Zee World

I Do February Teasers 2022 Zee World: Zoya wants Tanveer to leave. Assad refuses to marry Zoya to fulfill her fetal obligations with Tambia and explains his decision to marry Tambia. Zoya slaps Tambia because of her filthy wickedness.


I Do February Teasers 2022 Zee World

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Episode 70

Haseena has to cancel Nikhat’s wedding. A angry Shireen tosses Ayaan out for destroying Nikhat’s wedding. In another scene, Zoya rebukes Asad for making her look like a fool. Furthermore, Zoya gives Rashid the knife to check for fingerprints.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 71

Zoya finds out that Tanveer has blindness with her left eye. Ayaan is furious and puts the automobile Imraan received as Nikhat’s gift in flames, unaware that Imraan is in the car. Another time, Zoya reveals to Asad the burns that resulted from the fire that her mother’s body was killed in.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 72

Zoya faces Tanveer. Tanveer discloses her true self to Zoya. Tanveer is adamant Zoya that Asad will fall in love with her. In another place, Razia shows Ayaan a video of him setting his car on the fire.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 73

Ayaan accepts to be engaged to Humeira to ensure the happiness of Nikhat. Haseena Bi apologizes for her actions. On the other hand Tanveer cautions Zoya about the’mehndi which is that is laced with acid.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 74

Despite Badi Bi’s plans Ayaan and Humeira are engaged. Dilshad as well Asad are both irritated by the burning on Zoya’s hands however she claims they are due to an allergic reaction. Razia is considered to be mentally unstable, and she is pulled out with Humeira’s assistance.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 75

Asad and Zoya remember their journey from hate to love and realize that they’re in love. Tanveer hopes to have an intimate relation with Asad. Ayaan, Nikhat, Nuzzhat and Humeira felicitate Asad at his nuptials. Tanveer offers to assist Razia escape from the asylum.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 76

Tanveer is naked and drunk Asad. Zoya discovers a t-shirtless Asad in the arms of Tanveer and believes that he has committed a shady affair with her. Zoya does not believe the Asad’s story as she accuses him having cheated on her.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Episode 77

Humeira insists that she knows she knows if Ayaan is in love with her. Ayaan admits that he is concerned to Humeira as a friend , but has never been a lover to her. In another scene, Asad realises that Zoya has gone missing with her possessions and for that Zeenat is blamed by Asad.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Episode 78

Asad is afflicted by the memory of Zoya. Asad is worried about the whereabouts of Zoya’s family, while Zoya helps out in an orphanage. Tanveer is unable to purchase medications in her pregnancy. Additionally, Humeira remains missing for one month.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 79

Razia is able to knock Badi Bi out when she threats the public with exposing Razia. Razia locks a weak Badi Bi up in the storeroom. In another location, Asad finds Zoya at the orphanage and finds out the way she’s been punishing herself for her treachery.

Friday 11 February 2022

Episode 80

Humeira returns to her home, but does not remember who she was. Then, Asad visits the shrine in Ajmer to find comfort and beg for Zoya’s return but is unaware Zoya is just one or two feet away.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Episode 81

Zoya believes that Asad’s confession is too late , and his deceit inexplicably wrong. Humeira’s actions further complicate the mystery surrounding her erroneous identity. In another scene, Zoya realises that Asad is innocent and has been taken in by Tanveer. Tanveer finds out it is Zoya has returned.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Episode 82

Tanveer is a tyrant to Zoya and stops Zoya from being able to see Asad. Zoya confronts Tanveer over drugging Asad. In another scene, Humeira gets upset by Shireen’s stubbornness in telling her Rajni. Furthermore, Tanveer pulls Zoya over a rock, threatening to take her life.

Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 83

Zoya has a goal to go back to Asad and take on Tanveer. Imraan wears the letter ‘N’ in a chain around his neck. In another area, an insanity-ridden Zoya imagines she is dances with Asad. In the next scene, Razia hides an inert Badi Bi in an unused wardrobe.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Episode 84

Zoya is requesting that Tanveer leave. Asad to perform his obligation to his child who is not born with Tanveer, he refuses to marry Zoya and announces his decision to get married to Tanveer. Zoya hits Tanveer with a slap for her foul slander.


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