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Dream Girl on star life, Wednesday 23d February 2022

Dream Girl Wednesday 23 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Ayesha talking to the panel. Sania thinks where is this Laxmi. Ayesha comes to Laxmi in washroom and laughs seeing her lops turned red and rashy. Ayesha taunts her and says she has seen her hearing her tips like thief and she knows the rules now, once she goes out, her dream will be broken. Ayesha leaves. Laxmi cries. Ayesha asks the panel to choose any one of 4, I don’t think Laxmi will come. They say they can wait for some time. Ayesha says why should we wait, look at her star attitude before becoming the star. They agree and are about to give the decision. Laxmi comes and says one min. She cups her mouth and comes there.

She says sorry I came late. Ayesha asks her to show her face , as its lipstick ad. Laxmi shows her face and everyone is shocked. They laugh saying it looks a fake show. Ayesha says don’t know what experiment she did with her face, and insults her. Laxmi leaves. Sania is declared the winner and Ayesha says congrats. She gets Manav’s call and he asks how is it going on. She says Laxmi disappointed me, I m worried for her.

Manav scolds Karan and says he is irresponsible man. Ayesha says whats Karan’s mistake in this, if Laxmi eats medicine, what will Karan do. Manav says but if anything happens, who is responsible, I m firing you from this project. Karan is shocked. Manav says you are good for nothing. Ayesha says Manav can’t change his decision now, I told you but you did not trust me and trusted that clever Laxmi, she is no one’s, what did she do, she has used you so that you support her and bring her in top 5, you risked your career on her, does she know your sacrifice, she has no worries, and I told Manav to make you director, Laxmi has ruined you.

Laxmi comes home and Samar sees her lips, and laughs. He asks what did she do. She scolds him. Laxmi sends him and cries, saying why did she listen to Ayesha, she lost the first chance to become Dream Girl. Karan recalls Manav’s words and washes his face. His inner self tells him to see his fate, he is a loser, who can’t win in life. Ayesha has done a lot for him and gave lifestyle, luxury and hope, and what did Laxmi do for you, she has fooled you. Karan recalls Laxmi’s words and thinks she has snatched everything from him.

Karan says he will ruin Laxmi’s career, Ayesha is right about such poor people, what should I do, I will make Laxmi realize her status, I have to do something that she does not come to Mumbai again, but what. Samar comes to Laxmi and brings some herbs. She asks him to go away and pushes him. He says listen to me and holds her hands. She says I don’t need you, just go. He says this is Neem leaves and can make the infection get away. He applies it to her.

Samar cares for her and asks how did this happen, she should have taken his advice after saying yes to his proposal and becoming his GF. He says she still has time to say yes and she smiles. He holds her hand and blows on her lips. She looks at him. Do nainon ki kaisi judugari……………plays……………. Sania comes and asks how is Laxmi. Samar says she is fine, will be better till tomorrow. He leaves. Sania asks why did she do all this and sees her lips. She says she got selected. Laxmi says congrats. Sania says I m sorry. Laxmi says you deserve this.

Sania says Manav has fired Karan, as he has given him the responsibility, and blames him for this. Laxmi says but its not Karan’s mistake. Sania says Ayesha was there and she did nothing. Karan calls Nidhi and asks for Laxmi’s Jodhpur address. with Manava talking to Ayesha about Laxmi. She says Laxmi did not ask her anything, even when she is given them grooming time. Manav says he has expectations from Laxmi. Samar drops Laxmi there. Manav blames Karan for this. Laxmi says no Sir, he has guided her a lot and takes all the blame on herself. Manav says she can be removed from this contest for harming it. She asks him to get Karan back. He says her dreams can end here, and asks her to leave. Ayesha smiles. Laxmi leaves. Manav says stop Laxmi, and asks what did she say, she has to keep her hope alive, which is this film’s dialogue.

She says she will leave from dream girl contest. Prem asks what does her dad do. She says he is professor. Prem says here, people blame others and use them as stairs, dad has chosen you for talent, she did not get clever and is honest. Laxmi taunts Ayesha and thanks Manav and Prem. Manav says good luck, she is still in the contest. Laxmi leaves and Karan does not see her. Karan comes there and returns the contest files. Manav talks sweet to him. He says he did a mistake, sometimes he overeacts, he is sorry, he will manage the project and leaves with Prem. Karan says all this…. Ayesha says she has done this for him, she has convinced Manav and Prem.

She says she told Manav that she will not be a part of this contest if he removes you, and he agreed. He says fine, why did Laxmi come. She says she came with fake tears and has put all the blame on you. She acts sweet to him and he apologizes to him. She says she will manage Laxmi and take revenge for what all she did with him.
Laxmi comes home and tells Bua ji that Manav has accepted her apology and everything is fine. Bua ji says thanks to Raj, who took you there. She says your lips got fine, swelling is gone. Laxmi checks in mirror and says I speak to Raj badly and he always helps. Bua ji says yes, people invest hearts where there is profit. Laxmi says she won’t wish to lose him. Bua ji says he did not make you feel bad and asks her to cook food for him. Laxmi says she will cook his fav food.

Samar comes with Sania and look closer and smiling. Laxmi says you guys together and says she cooked food for him. Samar says they have eaten food outside of Sania’s wish, and taunts her. Laxmi gets angry and jealous. Sania says they went to Juhu beach and she has seen sea for the first time, its beautiful.

Samar sees Laxmi angry and Laxmi taunts him. Samar asks her to say what is she saying. Laxmi says food is waste, and shows her jealousy. He smiles and asks what did she cook, it smells nice. He asks her to give food and says nothing can be good than her hand made food. Music plays………..

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