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Dream Girl on star life, Sunday 20th February 2022

Dream Girl Sunday 20 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Ayesha looking for Laxmi. Karan comes to know that Ayesha is finding Laxmi and gets worried. Ayesha sees everywhere and does not find her. She is about to leave and Laxmi greets her. She says Karan ask her to sit in this unclean place and she was here replying to her fan mails. She says she was working since morning and lies. Ayesha asks with shut computer. Karan comes and scolds her asking what is she replying to fans, and hides the CD. He says she wrote 150 long mails, I told her to just write thanks.

He says Ayesha does not reply stories, and scolds her. He asks Ayesha to fire her. Ayesha says let her be and leaves. Karan asks Laxmi is she mad, till when will he save or hide her, Ayesha doubts on her, she came office so late. She shows the audition CD. Karan takes the CD and asks her to go and change. Samar calls her and she says she gave the CD. He says fine, I will do my work now, I will promote the audition in between common people.

Karan meets the people and says everyone of you are special. Samar dressed as Sardar and attends the event. Nidhi says sorry, I did not see Laxmi so I thought she did not come. Ayesha scolds her. The people give their votes and say about the contestants they like. They all say Laxmi/contestant number 10 is good. Samar influences them. Ayesha asks who is this number 10. Nidhi says I did not see CD, but she is very popular. Ayesha says fine and asks Karan about number 10. Karan says votes are not counted. Ayesha says arrange a meeting with her. Karan says whats the need. She says Prem liked her, I heard lot about her, lets see who is she. Karan says fine and gets worried.

He thinks what to do now and gets Laxmi’s call. Laxmi says I m leaving from office, did voting result come. He says everything is over, Ayesha wants to meet you, there is no way, I got a lot from Ayesha, I lied to her, she will never forgive me, now you have to meet her and everything will be over, my career and your dream. He ends the call. Karan comes to Ayesha. She asks about meeting fixing? He says actually. She asks whats the problem.

She gets a call that number 10 is waiting for her in conference room. She asks why did he fix meeting in office when she said no one should know. She leaves. Karan says Laxmi is mad. Ayesha goes to conference room with Karan. She asks where is she. Manav says here. Ayesha asks you here. Manav asks Karan to close the door and asks Ayesha to sit. He says this is contestant number 10 and shows the video to them. Ayesha is shocked seeing her. Karan says Laxmi…. Ayesha thinks she knows this voice. Laxmi’s full face is not shown. Manav laughs and claps for her.

She says superb performance. Ayesha says her face is not seen. Manav says she made video without showing her face and said message beautifully, she impressed me, she is a superstar. Karan laughs. Manav asks him not to help Ayesha by showing videos to her. Karan says yes and leaves. Manav says you are looking like you came on set for the first time, nervous and afraid, and everyone felt she can’t perform, but she proved them wrong, and some fear is needed to improve yourself, no girl can easily compete with her. Ayesha thinks this voice is of Laxmi.

Karan talks to Laxmi. She says I knew Ayesha will see and I called her, and did not show face in video, what did Manav say. Karan says he liked you, once you come in top 5 and infront of Manav, Ayesha can’t make you leave. She says thanks. He asks her to return the camera. She says fine, I will return tomorrow. She smiles. Samar comes to her and dries his clothes. He moves her away and she asks whats happening. He says thank you. She says mention not. He says you should tell me thanks, I will say mention not. She asks why.

He says he made her clear round 1. She asks how. He says he did favor and he made the common people vote for her. She says thanks. He says mention not. They smile. She asks how did he do this. He says marketing is everything, and told everyone to say number 10. She says she won by her talent, not marketing. They look at each other and smile. with Laxmi saying her dreams and also planning big for Raj. He smiles and says you are thinking so much for me. She says you are my first best friend in Mumbai, person thinks about loved ones. She leaves. He smiles and says she cares for me, it means she loves me. Ayesha recalls the audition and thinks can it be Laxmi. She says but Karan would have told me, but the voice has matched her, I feel everyone is snatching from me. Nandini tries to take the sweets. Ayesha says everyone knows to snatch, but no one can snatch anything from me.

Nandini gets hurt and everyone come. Ayesha asks why did she not tell her if she needed anything, she was there. Nandini says they can’t bear her, she saw kheer and wanted to have it. Ayesha serves her the kheer. Nandini says I can’t have this, I can’t eat raisins, Sona would have removed them. Ayesha says I will remove them, as I took your responsibility. Prem praises Ayesha for forgiving Nandini and says she is indeed a dream girl. They leave. Nandini says I m really impressed, and taunts her. Ayesha recalls how she made Laxmi work for her, and now she is working for Nandini.

She says sweets are not good for you. She hurts Ayesha’s hand and says sorry. Ayesha recalls how she troubled Laxmi. Laxmi shows the audition to Bua ji and they hear Raj praising her beauty and he wishes to just see her, and he will tell her all the truth and his feelings, that he loves her a lot and can do anything to get her. Laxmi says when did he record this and recalls. Laxmi and Bua ji are stunned by his love confession. Laxmi recalls some moments spent between them.

Bua ji says Raj loves you. Laxmi gets angry. Bua ji says if he loves you, he can’t help, maybe he has hit button by mistake. Laxmi says how can he love. Bua ji says he loves you as you wanted everyone to love you, he is also a common man, tell him tomorrow that this can’t be a match, refuse to him by love, else his heart can get hurt. She makes her sleep. Laxmi dreams that she became the new Dream Girl, and people are cheering for Laxmi Mathur.

She waves to everyone and wears the Dream Girl title tag. Raj comes and holds her hand. He says Dream Girl Laxmi Mathur, shall we go and shows his samosa box cycle, saying its him, her Raj Samosewala. She wakes up and says no. The dream continues. Laxmi asks raj where is he. He says I m here. She goes to him and he turns, saying I m not Raj, I m Samar, your Samar Sareen. She gets glad and asks her does she accept his love. She says she is very happy, she just wanted this, I love you Samar. He says I love you Laxmi and falls down, and his dream breaks.

Ayesha is disturbed in her sleep and dreams that contestant no. 10 is actually Laxmi. She gets up. Laxmi says whats this match, Dream Girl and Samosa wala. Samar says its best match, Samar Sareen and Laxmi. Ayesha says it can’t be Laxmi. Samar asks Laxmi to know her heart, she will know she loves her. Laxmi says she can’t love Raj, she has to become Samar’s dream girl. Ayesha says you can never become Dream Girl Laxmi, I will not let you, I have to find who is this number 10.

Its morning, Manav says results will come any day. Prem asks will that day be in top 5, she is strong contender. Ayesha worries. Manav asks is she ok. She says yes. She says she has seen everyone’s auditions and did not see number 10. Manav says I heard everyone praising her. Karan comes and greets them. He says contest results came and we got top 5. Manav says great, call them here.

Manav asks him to inform the unselected people to leave and not reveal the selected one’s identity to media. Ayesha asks about number 10, is she short listed. Karan says no, I m sorry, she is also in top 5, I forgot. Ayesha worries. Karan does the arrangements. Prem says the top 5 will come and sit on dream girl chair one day. Karan calls the girls and Ayesha waits nervously. Karan calls the last one, who got the maximum votes, contestant number 10. Laxmi walks in from the darkness. Ayesha looks at her and worries. Laxmi comes in light and Ayesha is stunned seeing her.


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