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Dream Girl on star life, Saturday 19th February 2022

Dream Girl Saturday 19 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Samar and Laxmi having pillow fight. Zara zara ye faasle……….plays……………. He gets close to her and holds her hand. She says Raj and moves back. Bua ji asks Laxmi to help in kitchen. Laxmi leaves. Samar thinks whats happening to me, Laxmi and me, no. They find Samar doing weird things, and think he is in tension. He ees Laxmi smiling at him and sees her everywhere. Laxmi says he is strange. Samar gets up and sits seeing her. Bua ji and Laxmi think what happened to him. Bua ji asks Raj to say how many rotis will he have. Samar says no, I m going to have air.

Manav sits worried for Meera. Ayesha comes to him and massages his head. She asks is he worried. He says no, I m fine. She pacifies him. He says he has forgotten to teach relations at home, and got busy with films. She says this happens in this age, I can protect Meera in any way, but Nandini should have not done this. Manav says he is feeling low. She asks him to talk to Samar, he will feel good. She calls Samar.

Manav talks to Samar and says he was missing him and old days. Samar sounds strange. Manav asks is he fine. Samar says he is seeing him everywhere, he is missing him. Manav says I will come to meet you, but will my brother meet me or Raj. Samar answers him well. Manav ends call. Its morning, Karan talks to Ayesha. She says speed is necessary in life, she has habit and addiction to win, she can’t let anyone take over, I made Nandini leave the home, and no one should compete with me in Dream Girl contest.

Manav meets Samar in park and finds him lost in thoughts. They have a funny talk. Manav asks how is he. Samar says I m fine. Laxmi talks to herself and smiles seeing her beauty. Karan comes to her. She asks you. He asks how is she. She says fine, how did you come here. He gives the rules papers and recorder. He asks does she stay alone. She says Bua ji lives with me. He says he came to give, as Ayesha would have seen her. He says he met Ayesha in morning, I have seen passion in her eyes, as she won over all heroines, she will not spare you, the real test begins now, winning is her passion.

Manav asks Samar what is the matter. Samar says he learnt to stay in less money. Samar stumbles. Manav asks why is he confused, and understands its some heart matter. He says lets go home, no need to study here. Manav says no, if I go, then what about La… Manav smiles and asks who is this La…. Samar gets tensed.

He says there is no one. Manav says he knows it, as its on his face, does she stay here, lets meet her. Samar says no, it maybe infatuation. Manav says he has a simple test to know its love or infatuation, put four buckets of cold water, if he feels cold, then its infatuation, else its true love if coldness does not affect him. He says it works and goes. Karan asks Laxmi to touch hearts and gives her tips. He says Ayesha is Dream Girl because of ordinary people, she also has this thing, he has seen Ayesha’s journey.

Samar walks to home and does not see Samar. He goes to washroom and puts water on himself. Karan asks whats this sound. with Samar putting water on himself. Karan hears the sound and asks who is there. Laxmi lies and says some neighbor, who comes to clean the bathroom, he is very good. Samar does not feel cold. Manav calls him and asks did he take the challenge. Samar says yes. Manav says stupid, the one who takes this test means he is definitely in love. Samar says he did not feel cold. Manav says he is madly in love. Samar gets worried. Karan asks Laxmi to come before Ayesha comes. Karan leaves. Laxmi sees water on the floor and asks Raj what is he doing, did he fall.

He opens the door and comes out. She asks why is he wet. He looks at her and smiles. She asks is he fine. He slips and she holds him. He says he has put water and he is not feeling cold. She asks what happened to him. She checks his fever and says there is no fever, but it will happen, sit here, and asks him to dry his hair. She dries his hair and says he will know when he gets fever. Samar smiles seeing her.

Laxmi asks whats wrong with him. She says people will think you are mad, and no girl will marry him, he will be alone all his life. He says no, I was feeling hot so I went to have bath, I m not mad. She says you became strange. She says Bua ji went to prepare, Karan came to tell me, he gave form and recorder. Samar asks Karan came here? Who is this Karan Sir? She says he came to give camera, by which I have to shoot video and impress audience. She says she needs his help.

She asks what will he like to see, as Raj Samosewala. He says you, I mean what all you like. He says he wants to see simple story, who has good morals, but light casual. She gets an idea and smiles. Manav smiles coming home and says when they all know Samar is in love, what will be their reaction. He says Ayesha, you know what happened. He asks her and Prem what happened. Prem says we were waiting for you.

Manav asks what. Prem says anyone can do mistake, but its family, forgive Nandini. Manav says I m sorry. Ayesha says Manav. Manav says how many times, she does mistakes again, its her traits, how can she do this with Meera, disgusting. Prem says she was doing suicide. Meera comes and says what. Prem says she is fine, had fracture, you scolded her a lot, she was doing this for you. Manav says this does not mean… where is she. Prem says she is here, I got her here.

Meera gets worried for her. The nurse brings Nandini. Nandini says I m fine. Prem says I decided Nandini will stay here till she gets fine. Nandini says no, I m fine, nurse is with me, I don’t want to hurt anyone here. Prem says no, you have to stay here. She says I will stay in hospital. Manav says its ok, you can stay here till you get fine. Ayesha says yes, if you have family, why will you stay in hospital. She says Nandini is my responsibility, I will take care of her and smiles. Nandini gets worried.

Laxmi gets ready as a bride and asks Samar to record. He gets mesmerized seeing her. She asks what happened. He says she looks different. She says I know and asks him to shoot. He says I will manage. She asks him to record in one go. He records her. She starts acting and smiles. Zara zara hone lage………………..plays…………….. He says your beauty is captured in this camera Laxmi, wow, I just wish to keep staring at you, win this round Laxmi, I will do anything and tell you my heart out, that I love you a lot and can do anything to get you. Sochun ke keh bhi dun tumse mai…………….plays………………

She asks is he ready. He thinks was camera on and records again. Ayesha does a ad and her makeup artist comes. They tell about audition shoot of Dream Girl contest. He says about a girl, who is great and acts very well. She thinks is she one Prem liked a lot and whose audition we did not see. Everyone come and like Laxmi’s audition. They all laugh and enjoy her act. Laxmi covers her face by the saree pallu. Ayesha walks there in burqa, hiding her face to see who is the girl.

She sees everyone laughing and audition pack up. She misses to see Laxmi and hears everyone praising her. She hears her driver praising the girl and asks him who is the girl. He says I don’t know name, but does good acting, and describes her. Ayesha recalls Laxmi. The driver goes to get the car. Ayesha calls office to know about Laxmi. She comes to office and asks about Laxmi. The girl says she does not know, she did not see Laxmi since morning.


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