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Dream Girl on star life, Monday 7th February 2022

Dream Girl Monday 7 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Laxmi signing the form. Ayesha smiles and says congrats, you are our permanent employee now. She is about to slip and Laxmi holds her. Ayesha says she did not have food and Laxmi asks her to rest, she will arrange the food. Bua ji asks Samar to cook and eat, she is going. Samar asks how can I make, and sits to order food. He recalls Laxmi’s words and says no, samosa wala can’t order, I will cook something by asking mom. He says no, she will say some fancy dish and it won’t be cooked till night, I will call Laxmi. Ayesha thanks Laxmi and says she has much pain, she can’t eat. Laxmi asks can she make her eat if she does not have any problem. Ayesha agrees.

She gets Samar’s call and thinks why is he calling now. She shows Daal Baati Choorma. Ayesha says did the maids get this day to send this. Laxmi says it need to be mixed, I will make you have it, I know its strange, but my hands are clean, I will wash again. Ayesha says no, I m shocked that you are ready to make me have by your hands, I m touched. Laxmi says I m your PA. Ayesha says no, younger sister. Laxmi smiles and makes her have it.


Ayesha bites her finger and says sorry. Laxmi says its fine. Ayesha does it again, and says she does not habit to eat by someone’s hand, she was very young and her mum passed away. Laxmi gets hurt and says its ok. She closes her eyes. Ayesha says enough, I m good now, thanks. Laxmi says she will send medicines for her. Ayesha says you will cry till evening and curse the moment you came to Navrang. Laxmi calls Samar. He asks for some recipe. She says I will just call and sits to have lunch. Ayesha calls her and she goes.


Ayesha shows the fishes and says nits very valuable to me, its Papa ji’s gift, I change the water, once I asked staff and three fishes dies by carelessness, the water is to be changed in one hour, I can’t change by this broken hand, I m sure I will make you do this work, these fishes are like my babies, this is chance for you to show everyone that they did big mistake to vote you out, all the best. Laxmi thanks her and gets glad.


She starts cleaning the fish bowl. Samar calls her again and asks what to make of potatoes. Laxmi tells him how to cook and guides him. She says she is very busy and ends call. Everyone look on. They think who voted for Laxmi and Karan asks everyone to be back to work. Samar calls again and Laxmi goes. Karan adds glass pieces in the marbles. Laxmi is busy on call with Samar. Karan asks Laxmi not to take call else fishes will die. Laxmi hurries up and ends call. She holds the marbles and her hands get hurt by the glass pieces. She sees them smiling and says they did this, they don’t want me to win Ayesha’s trust.


She says she will not fail, she will prove to Ayesha that she is right. Laxmi puts the marbles even if her hand bleeds. Ayesha comes there to see her, and asks is she doing it. Laxmi says yes, I changed water, not I have to shift fishes. Ayesha asks what, and asks Hasmukh to get salt. She says she just trusts her, and he gives her the salt. She asks her to use right hand, using left hand is abshagun. Laxmi says yes and gets hurt. She adds the salt. Ayesha says well done, carry on. She leaves. Karan says fishes will be hungry, work fast. Laxmi says I forgot to put their food. She asks Nidhi and she sends her to store room. Karan makes some plan and tells Nidhi. Laxmi gets the fish food and sees the fishes are gone. She asks Nidhi about the fish tank. Nidhi says we do not know. Karan says its your responsibility, is it lost. She asks everyone. Laxmi sees the fish tank on the top of the slid and goes to take it. The tank slides down and she gets tensed. Everyone smile making fun of her. Laxmi catches the fish tank and gets it down. Amrita asks whats going on and bumps into her. The fish tank falls and they get worried. with Karan leaving rats in cabin and saying now it will be fun. Laxmi arranges the cold drink glasses. Samar comes there dressed as Sardar ji and brings samosas to sell there. He changes his voice and talks to peon, saying he came to sell samosas and deliver in cafeteria. Samar says he knows, as his owner told him everything. Laxmi takes the drinks and leaves, and Samar does not see her. She walks past him and Samar bumps into Karan. Karan looks at him. Samar asks what is he seeing like this. Karan says I m seeing, oh hero are you blind, wear specs. Samar laughs and says sorry, I m samosa man, going in cafeteria.



Karan says why don’t Manav make servant passage, dirt came in his sight, and asks him to go. Samar says I did not know Karan’s attitude towards poor, I thought he is cool, but he is fool. Laxmi shouts seeing the rats in cabin. Karan comes and asks what happened, from where did the rats come. She says I don’t know. He says do something, use some rat poison, make sure rats are not here. He calls her a problem and unlucky girl. He scolds her and leaves.


She asks the rats to go, else she will fall in problem. She says I will show them Jodhpur magic to this rats. Samar thinks of Manav sees him, it will be problem. Hasmukh asks him to take samosas back as no one eats samosas here, and Samar worries as he wants the contract from them. Laxmi tries to catch the rats. Samar tells Hasmukh that samosas are nice and if he can’t sell here, then he will lose his job. Hasmukh asks him to go. Laxmi thinks what to do. She uses cheese and panics as the statue falls. Samar sees his staff’s true face and thinks how they treat poor people, he will not be able to sell samosas.


Laxm hides the broken statue from Karan and sends him. She goes to canteen and takes the samosas. Samar sees the samosas gone and gets glad. Laxmi asks the rats to have the desi spicy samosas. Hasmukh asks Samar to get more samosas thinking the staff took the samosas. The rats eat samosas and she asks them to come out by putting the food to bring them out.


Ayesha and Karan look on and thinks how did she make rats run and the statue is still broken. She smiles. Ayesha welcomes the Japanese delegates. Laxmi gets the idea seeing the makeup room. Ayesha asks where is Laxmi. They see the statue fine and does not guess its Laxmi. The clients like the statue. Laxmi thinks how to stand without blinking. They start the presentation and Amrita gives it. Ayesha sees a rat and turns to see the statue feet moving. She is shocked seeing its Laxmi. Ayesha seeing the statue is Laxmi. She smiles and tells Karan that it will be big fun. The rat goes on Laxmi and she shouts. The clients scold Ayesha for making fun of their gift and cancel the deal. They all leave. Ayesha gets angry and says how dare you Laxmi, get out. Laxmi says sorry and cries. She says I tried a lot, rats came and I tried to make them out. Karan says shut up, who told you to use your stupid mind. Amrita too scolds her. Ayesha says disgusting and leaves. Karan scolds her and they all leave. Laxmi cries and runs out. Her dad calls her and asks is she fine, he was worrying for her and thought to call and ask. She says she is fine. He asks sure. She says yes.



She washes her face and cries. Amrita tells Ayesha that she is relaxed after the Japanese deal got cancelled. Ayesha says I did not wish it, they wanted high commission, I did not want it, I did not had to say no, and when Manav knows, Laxmi will be blamed, she will go to Jodhpur. Amrita says she is crying. Ayesha says so go to her and convince her, what if she cries now, what will she do next, I have many plans for her. They smile. Laxmi comes and sees everyone wearing masks. She asks Hasmukh to give one to her. She sees Ayesha and stops her.


She apologizes and says I did not know how did this happen. Ayesha asks do you know meaning of sorry, it means no mistake again, you can’t be trusted now, if my employees get hurt, I get hurt. She called pest control so they gave masks, but she does not need and she will be given injections, maybe she got bitten. Laxmi says she is scared of injections. Ayesha says stop the drama. Samar comes home and thinks to try his look test on family and see whether they identify him or not.


He asks the guard will he have samosas. The guard scolds him and asks him to go. He says did I woke up today to get insulted by my staff. He sees Mithi and asks her will she have samosas. She agrees and the guard sends him inside. Sona does not recognize Samar. Manav comes and says samosa party. Samar says lets see Manav identifies me or not. Prem also joins and they all have the samosas. Manav recalls Samar and their childhood moments.


He asks we used to sing songs and recalls which one was it. They bet on the song. Samar also tells the song and they look at him. Manav laughs and says see him. Samar sits down. Manav says sit Samar Sareen. Sona says I did not recognize him and hugs him. Prem says but director did not miss to identify him. Samar hugs Manav and asks him how did he know. Manav says I saw you cleaning hands with tissue. Prem says you will pass when Manav does not recognize you. Manav says then your launch, and did he come to take their test. Samar says no, I had to sell samosas and I can’t say the secret.


Laxmi is hurt. Amrita and Karan smile seeing her and talk to make her hear. She says Ayesha is very sad, she has to participate tomorrow but she can’t go with broken hand. She says Laxmi. Karan says no, she does disasters. Amrita says I was thinking if she did this well, Ayesha’s anger can go. Karan says no way, she will make things worse. Amrita says yes, Ayesha can be annoyed with us and they leave. Laxmi thinks.


Laxmi comes home and Bua ji asks why is she hurt. Samar comes home and says his day was good, and he got the cake. Laxmi tells everything goes wrong when she tries to do good with boss. He says I proved myself to my boss, you will also get that one chance. She says she got the chance, there is something tomorrow and if she does, maybe boss will be happy. He says he has something for her, and gives her gift. She opens it and sees mirror. She asks why.


He says to see yourself, we run after dreams and forget why we saw the dream, how much strength we have that we could win any fight, I m sure when you used to smile in Jodhpur, you would not think anyone can come in between your dreams, who is stopping you now, so remind yourself where did your dream start and your courage, I saw your mirror broke and thought to gift this. She says thanks Raj. He says our fate is like mirror, if we smile, it will smile, if we get sad, it will get sad. She says she needed his words a lot. She recalls the new chance and thinks to go for it. She thinks she has to prove myself.


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