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Dream Girl on star life, Monday 14th February 2022

Dream Girl Monday 14 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Laxmi asking is this a dream. Samar holds her hand and puts it on candle. She says its really happening, its not a dream. He says its true, you should tell me this, as you work in Navrang, I got this to make your mood fine and you talk to me. She asks where did he get this. He says its everywhere in city. She says don’t joke. He says its on every news channel and switches on the TV. They see Manav’s statement about the contest. She dances happily. Bua ji comes and Laxmi says she will become Samar Sareen’s heroine, dream girl and shows the pamphlet.

She recalls Ayesha’s words. She gets sad and says I will lose even after coming so close, my dream will never get fulfilled, this chance is not for me, I failed. She tears the pamphlet. Samar says the filmi lines and asks her not to lose hope so soon. Laxmi says you don’t know Ayesha, she will not let me take part in this contest. Samar says maybe she did not understand her right, person is not like she looks, maybe she is right, but contest is open, did you not hear brother… and changes his words.

Samar says the winner will get 15 lakhs. Bua ji asks her to have hope and she will win. Laxmi says Raj, I… Samar says don’t think anything now. He holds her hand and says I promise Laxmi, you will become my dream girl. She says yours? He says mine means all those guy’s dream girls, I will tell the world she is my friend and I will whistle on your scenes. She smiles. She asks him to help her for auditions. He says always and she hugs him. Music plays…………..

Ayesha is worried thinking of Manav’s words. Its morning, Hasmukh comes to meet Laxmi and says Ayesha has sent this, she wants you to go and collect good wines, and sends her out of Mumbai. She gets tensed. He says you have to go and taste the best wine and come back. Samar asks is she not going. Laxmi shows the task and Samar thinks Manav is not leaving any stone unturned. Laxmi asks what will I know about wine. Samar says wine is tasted to know its quality, you have to drink and check. She says will I drink wine now, I think its Ayesha’s plan to show me down infront of Manav.

He asks her to go. She asks did he drink wine before. He says yes, I mean its for rich, I had sometimes. She says I would have made Bua ji beat you for this. She asks him to help her and taste wine. He says great, even I have work. She says you said you can do anything for me. He says fine, I will change and come. She asks him to wear good clothes and come. He says fine. She comes and sees him in suit and jeans, looking dashing. She says great, how did you get this bike. He says its rented. She says you look good. They smile and leave.

Samar brings Laxmi to the beach and she screams seeing water. He says nothing will happen, the waves will scare at first, if you love them, they will also love you. He makes her stand in water. She smiles and thanks him for bringing her here. She says she did not see sea before. Samar says yes, we don’t value sea as we pass by daily, thanks I came here because of you. She says she will become dream girl one day. He says someone is saying something, best female debut goes to Laxmi Mathur, the new dream girl and asks her for a speech. She says I want to thank everyone who helped me to come here, and also names Ayesha to break her courage and make her much strong. He says lets go and they leave.

Samar and Laxmi come in the function. He thinks if anyone identifies him, then. Laxmi asks what is he saying. She asks him to taste wine soon and manage. She says its bad, why do they make grapes rotten and drink, why don’t they just eat grapes. He checks the wine. She asks is it stinking, do the work soon. He says wait for a min and drinks it. She asks what is he doing. He says its not aged, no color change. She says whats in this, its just red. She pulls him and asks him to hurry up, she has to go back in some time. He says fine.

Ayesha smiles seeing the girls who don’t have any looks and talent like her and thinks just Laxmi should not come in this contest, she should not come before 5pm. Laxmi making Samar have plenty of wine asking him to hurry up. Ayesha smiles and says 15 wine bottles, she will get drunk by tasting it and not wake up till tomorrow. Samar coughs and she takes some food for him, as he is hungry. She sees he has gone and looks for him. She bumps into him. He says all bottles are complete. She says he got drunk and says she will leave now, and asks the man to send to the address. She says lets go Raj. He says I will see everything, and support you always, trust me, lets go. He falls down and she thinks they can’t go by bike now.

She thinks how to take him home and asks is he fine. He says I had fun, I did not have such fun even in US. She says don’t know what he is saying. He says I drank many times with friends in college. Ayesha sees the line of the girls and says if Laxmi comes now, she can’t reach to the door till 5pm, not she can just dream to be dream girl. Laxmi thinks what to do, as time is passing.

Samar asks her not to worry, he is with her, no one can stop her from becoming dream girl. He holds her hand and says he will say her a secret, don’t say anyone, I m not Raj Samose wala, I m Samar Sareen. She is stunned. He says I will make you my dream girl, my future heroine, I m taking training to become Raj Samose wala. She asks really, then I m Sridevi. He says don’t you believe me, this is not fair. She says he heard it so many times from me, no need to become Samar Sareen.

He asks her to see the small Samar and Laxmi’s pic. He takes a selfie with her and falls. She holds him and says lets go now. He says its such a good place, beach and this place, lets dance. He says dream girl’s Laxmi Mathur’s first dance performance. She asks what is he doing. He dances with her. Socho ke keh bhi dun tumse mai…………..plays………. He says I always wanted to dance with you like this. He says you know what else I wanted to do. She says please stay in limit.

He smiles and says listen to me what I want to say. He falls on her and she takes him. She tries taking lift. Samar says it was so much fun. She says no car is stopping, my career will end because of you. He says call my driver, why are you asking the lift and says the number. She says lets call for helicopter. He says you don’t believe me, call Ayesha Bhabhi, battery off, you will have boss number. She says sit quiet. He says she will come to take me. Laxmi stops a car and asks for lift.

The lady leaves seeing Samar drunk. Laxmi takes lift and a man helps them. Ayesha says its 4.45 and Laxmi did not fill form till now. Manav comes to her and gives the forms. He says he is going tomorrow and she can choose the final shortlisted girls to compete with her, and we was thinking about Karan and Akshay to direct the movie. She gets glad and he says lets meet at home in evening. He leaves. She says Karan is my brother and knows a lot about me, I have to keep him happy.

She asks Karan why is he sitting alone, why is he not celebrating his birthday, he knows Manav considered him for film director. Karan says its not final, Akshay will get it. She says he is ungrateful, she has convinced Manav to consider him. She says she knows how to make and ruin anyone’s career, think before blackmailing me, and tells about Laxmi, she could not come and fill the forms, she will be somewhere lying drunk. She says it happens what I want. She turns and sees Laxmi smiling and hearing them. Laxmi taunts Ayesha saying the one who compromises with values, does so being doubtful of their talent, she does not drink wine and got all wine bottles. Ayesha says about dreamk girl contest and she lost the chance, her form is not submitted. She leaves.

Laxmi sees Karan and thinks in FB that she has to go and submit the form. Karan helps Laxmi.


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