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Dream Girl on star life, Friday 11th February 2022

Dream Girl Friday 11 February 2022 updates: The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Laxmi will she become her body double, as her hand is hurt, its not easy role, and there should not be any mistake, you wanted to be like me, so I thought you would like to work. Laxmi is glad and says I will do it. Ayesha says I will call them and say. Laxmi thinks shall I touch her feet, she is like my Lord and Guru, I will face camera like Ayesha Sareen. Laxmi gets the makeup done and recalls the childhood scene.

The action director of the film John meets Laxmi and says she has to break the wooden plank by her head. She is shocked and says how. He says don’t worry, I will say this. He says its thermocool made, and looks wooden and shows her. She smiles. He says be careful, break it well and shot should be good. She says I have talent in me, I m from Jodhpur and this shot will be good. He says best of luck. He tells Ayesha that he explained Laxmi, but that head stunt was not in film. Ayesha says its not done till now in any film by heroine. He says nice and leaves.

Karan says Laxmi does not know her life is going to be sensational. Ayesha says her mouth will be broken now and he says he is going to do his work now. Laxmi thinks she is Ayesha’s body double now and then she will be with her in scene. They cover her face. Karan replaces the plank with real wooden one. They ask her to come for the shot. Laxmi says I m not seen. The media comes and asks Karan about the shoot.

Karan says they can cover shoot, but not disturb the actor. Ayesha looks on and smiles. The media thinks its Ayesha and ask how will she do stunt without any body double. John asks Laxmi to do as kung fu master says, and she knows its fake so break it by head. Laxmi sees it and he asks her to be ready for the shot.

She does not know its wooden. The media praises Ayesha’s dedication. Laxmi sits there. Ayesha says go for it Laxmi, when big dreams break, it hurts a lot. Laxmi hits it with her head and gets hurt. Ayesha smiles seeing her. Laxmi thinks I think someone has kept the real one here by mistake. Karan signs the master. He asks her to go ahead of her fears and says go. John says what is he saying, this was not in script. Karan says he is improvising, scene will be good. John says fine.

Laxmi sits again to break it and thinks its last chance to win Ayesha’s trust, this wooden plank will break today. She hits it with her head again and falls down. The media think its tough task, she has fainted by the tough task and rush to her. Ayesha calls Karan and ask him to get Laxmi inside and media should not see her. Karan asks media to move back.

They take Laxmi inside. A reporter sees its not Ayesha Sareen, it means they are getting publicity by making body double work on Ayesha’s name. He clicks the pics and says this is cheat by Ayesha, its jackpot that I got the pic. The doctor checks Laxmi and says she will be mine. Ayesha asks Nidhi to not let media meet doctor. Karan asks Ayesha is this not too much. Aysha says was she agreeing. He says she could have gone in coma. She says but she did not, she will not face any camera now, her dreams will turn into fear.

He says there is a problem, a news reporter took her pics. She says what, go fast, no photo should be leaked. The reporter calls someone and says Ayesha Sareen is fooling others by using the body double, she is talented and beautiful, I took the pics, she can become new dream girl. Karan comes and asks for pics. The reporter says why, you should promote that girl. Ayesha takes his camera. Laxmi wakes up and says I fainted and shooting might be stopped, I have annoyed Ayesha, I also try again.

Ayesha takes the memory card and Laxmi is stunned seeing her hand fine and no fracture. The man says give me memory card back. Ayesha breaks it. The man asks what did you do, the girl is talented. She says what talent, she is just junior artist, she is not talented, no one can get talent to become dream girl. Laxmi is shocked and cries. Ayesha says its just one dream girl Ayesha Sareen. She scolds Karan to tell them that she will buy the pics, Laxmi’s pics should not be public. Karan says I got it, but I m saying…. She says send my makeup man to my room and leaves. Laxmi cries seeing her real face and her lies. She recalls how Ayesha has troubled her. She thinks she acted to show love for me, she hates me so much.

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying the media that there is just one dream girl that’s her, shoot could not complete and we need to plan, I m not feeling well. Laxmi looks on and gets angry. Ayesha asks Nidhi to take care of media and leaves. Laxmi sees Ayesha’s pic and touches it. She hits the pic and goes to washroom. Laxmi hears Karan paying money to the peons, saying Ayesha gave them bonus, now Laxmi will leave, you guys enjoy.

Nandini tries getting details of Dhruv by his mobile number. Laxmi walks on the road and cries, recalling of her dad and family. She recalls how she has worshipped Ayesha and got cheated by her. Samar comes in the small party and dances. Laxmi walks blindly on the road and comes near the roadside small party going on. She gets angry and scolds Samar. She asks is this his true face, and why is he dancing here, you do all this and kept us as maid, what will you do.

Bua ji looks on and takes Laxmi. Laxmi says all of them are cheaters. Nandini tells Manav that it will be good if she is with Meera. Sona asks Manav to have dinner. Nandini asks him to sit with Meera and holds his hand to insist, and reminds their past. He says I remember and says I will have dinner with Ayesha. He asks Meera to come for photos. Meera gets sad. Nandini asks what happened. Meera says relax, and let dad also relax.

She gets the call and asks the man did he get details. The man says Dhruv’s number is registered on Ayesha’s name. Nandini is shocked. Bua ji brings Laxmi home. Laxmi cries and says everyone is same. Bua ji says calm down. Laxmi says you don’t know anything. Bua ji says I will get water. Laxmi says its all a lie. Bua ji gives her water and asks how did she get hurt. She asks her did Ayesha say anything, she is elder, she has right to say, she takes care of you, you can neglect if she scolded you, everything will be fine.

Laxmi cries and tells how Ayesha cheated her, now nothing will be fine. She says Ayesha is double faced, she planned all this, its all lie. Samar comes home. Laxmi tells everything to Bua ji. Samar walks to them. Bua ji says enough, why did you bear all this, why did you not say me. Laxmi says I thought you will say dad and he will call me back, I felt its my mistake always and wanted to make things fine. Bua ji asks her to resign, I m with you.

Samar hears this and thinks he will talk to Manav and get help for her, as Laxmi had problem with her boss. Ayesha messages Meera. Nandini looks on and thinks to expose Ayesha infront of Manav, but if she is proved wrong, she can’t come again in this house. Nandini asks Manav to see Meera is busy. Ayesha taunts her and says new things got place of old things. Nandini sees Ayesha’s phone and sees old drama. She thinks what to do and keeps it back, thinking she will change the trap on her side.

Laxmi says yes, I will resign tomorrow. Bua ji asks her to apologize to Raj. Laxmi says Raj… Samar says thanks Laxmi. She says I told a lot. He says I hope its enough that you spoke your heart out, don’t say sorry now to end the friendship you always kept. She smiles.

Samar says you scolded me with rights and I felt glad that there is someone who wants to be my friend. He asks her to recall the filmi lines. She says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. She looks at him and smiles. Bua ji comes and says don’t make her cry again. Laxmi says I won’t cry, I got a friend, who is one faced, as of now. Bua ji says no, he will be one faced always. Samar gets tensed. Bua ji hugs them and they smile.


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